audi a3 welcher motor ist der beste

this is the new audi a3 and it’s a little bit like a burberry polo shirt being a small family hatchback it’s as ubiquitous as a polo shirt but the design is just a little bit sharp it’s got some snazzy detailing here and there and of course the brand is desirable as a result it is a little bit more expensive than your run-of-the-mill hatchback so it starts from 23 000 pounds though you can save an average of 1200 pounds off on through car wag now if you click on the pop out banner up there you can download the car wow app it’s completely free

and you can use it to research which car to buy and to see what offers you can get back from our trusted dealers if you’re not looking for a car yourself right now tell your friends about car wow because we could save them a ton of cash on their next car buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one stop car buying comparison site let’s start this video by talking about the design audi’s press office was very keen to tell me how this is the largest roof spoiler fitted to any a3 ever
in fact it’s twice the size as a spoiler on the old a3 who knew and who cared really wow now if you get the s-line model which this car is then you get a sportier rear bumper which i do like the look of but you then get these fake exhaust pipes as exposed by the car wow twig of truth it’s a bit of a shame really because otherwise i think this is a really cool looking rear end down the sides this car has been inspired by two of the vehicles so the back part here with the haunches are supposed to be like those on the audi quattro now the rest of it
like the surfacing on the doors apparently have been influenced by the lamborghini countach i’m not really seeing that to tell you the truth now as standard the range kicks off with 16-inch alloy wheels which will look terrible but they go all the way up to 19s at the front depending on which model you get the light design is ever so slightly different this part here the graphic on it changes quite like that feature yet again being the s line you get a sportier front bumper than normal but all cars get the big audi grill of course and if you’re in america
you don’t have to have a number plate so it looks much cooler it’s really good i like the design of this car actually but once again look a bit of fakery there you only get on the s line though don’t know what it is with audi they’re trying to outdo mercedes now for the fakery shane because i think this looks really smart it’s instantly recognizable as an a3 just looks more modern cooler than the old car hopefully it’s the same story inside well it certainly looks new though i actually think i prefer the design of the old car it’s just a bit
more classy now i do actually like this part of the dash the bit that the passenger gets to see well apart from this bit here before you ask someone vandalized the dash by slashing it and then now they have to quickly stitch it up before they sent the cart out to us this is a design feature i think this has been inspired by frankenstein’s head [Music] while this area apparently has been inspired by yet another lamborghini the urus the way the vents are up there i don’t think it works just looks a bit odd another thing that’s annoying is that depending on where you have the
steering wheel the top of the wheel can cut off the top of the dials which is very peugeot-esque now there is plenty of adjustment in the driving position so you can sort of like work your way around it by jiggery pokery with the steering wheel and the seat but really you shouldn’t have to do that and it’s quite an unusual thing on a german car quality is a bit unusual as well so the bits feel really nice then there’s bits that are a bit cheaper and then down here it’s all a bit scratchy and yet again the old car seemed a little
bit more premium with its materials it’s


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