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hi everyone welcome to Einfach Amigurumi Herstellung we discuss about amigurumi sphere love and warm today I would like to share my secrets to make cuter amigurumi do you know even when two people use the same pattern the results can be fairly different look at this two doors this gentleman Rose are both made using the same pattern but they look different right there is no right or wrong here but I just want to share my secret technique that I used to make my doors look cuter before we begin these tips are based on my experience in making amigurumi doors that would be used for display

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not for keychain back charm or baby toys this is because for them we need different kind of techniques to ensure its safety and durability first step always use the right type of yarn there are a lot of type of yarn that you can find either from online store or offline store here are some of yours that I have on me the top line is the fancy yarn this yarn include fill fail yarn and for yarn I barely use them and to be honest I don’t really like to crochet using them because it’s a bit hard to see the stickers the second line is cotton yarn

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I think if you wanted to make your doll as a keychain or bed charm kathyayan could be a good choice it is quite durable even if they are not the strongest yarn sometimes I use them too if I am crocheting doll that would be carried around as a keychain or bag charm not own yarn has tough texture so when you create with the cotton yarn you might find it a little bit painful in your fingers next is acrylic yarn acrylic yarn has a soft texture and quite hairy the resulting doll using this yarn is fluffy and soft my favorite yarn is the mixture between cotton yarn and acrylic or wool or milk

amigurumi anleitung


fibre I love making amigurumi with this type of yarn it is very comfortable and your fingers and the result is neat and it has a lot of variance of vibrant colors second tip use a smaller hook then suggested in the yarn level all right this is a milk cut onion my favorite yarn into reply suggested hook for this yarn is number three or four in in Japanese terms are two point two millimeter until two point five millimeter I always use the smallest hook suggested or even smaller than that this is useful to get a neat and tightly stitched dose
next step make a type gauge or tension if you have watched my tutorials on YouTube you may notice that whenever I made a stitch I would pull the yarn tightly with my left hand you can have your own way to make tight pension according to your comfort it might take longer time to finish the dog when you apply the attention but the resulting dough will look much more need and cuter for tip use yarn under technique though there is crocheted with yarn and your technique will look more rigid type and meet the yarn-over method produces fin shape stitches while the yonder method
produces accepts it stitches to be honest I seldom use this method as well because it requires more effort and make my hands can be quickly fifth tip stuff the doll until it’s fully filled my stitches are tied that’s why I have to fill the doll maximum amount of fiber fails the type stickers would prevent the fiberfill to Rasul face on the doll skin if there is space I will keep pushing fibers into it / something no will be fair and solid you six tip join your doll parts seamlessly there are a few ways to assemble amigurumi parts together I’m mostly

using a seamless joining method if you see my lettuce pattern the Dino sad the buddy and that they are soon with this technique it’s resulting doll will look sleeker and neat seventh and final tip placing the face on final step many people use safety eyes and put them before the head is stuffed I don’t use this technique simply because sometimes they had partly button up when it’s filled and the face positions and proportion will change therefore I always place the face pass on the last step this helps me to see and adjust it
according to the proportion of the face and make it cute there we have a seven tips to make your an economy dolls cuter do you agree with me do you have some tips of yours to share please let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to click like and subscribe if you like my video bye