For beginners ♥ Birthday cake | Birthday cake | Children’s birthday ♥ Ideas

For beginners  ♥ Birthday cake |  Birthday cake |  Children’s birthday ♥


In this video I show you how I prepared the birthday cake for the 2nd birthday of my son, of course the cake can be …
hello my dear a few weeks ago. mine was already two years old with us. and the time for the really like flight. and of course i have the occasion. used and a delicious. birthday cake baked and then that. if we had filmed you what’s wrong with me. thought maybe needed one. or another one more idea for one. birthday cake the cake can. for any birthday, of course. Not only one is prepared. second birthday and now i would. we say start and I’ll show you those. ingredients for it. we have 450 grams of flour for the dough. 150 grams of starch 300 grams of sugar. 63 100 milliliters of milk and 300 milliliters of oil is the price of bug cacau 1. tablespoon of vanilla sugar 1 pinch of salt and. a packet of baking powder as I give. now the six in my mixing bowl. eggs vanilla sugar and the day are like that. and now i’m leaving the country beautifully. Whip until frothy. until a white, creamy mass emerged. is. . after about three to four minutes it is like this. a nice white creamy mass. emerged and I add my oil. and the milk and leave the whole thing on. lower level, stir briefly once. the oil with the milk is nice. mixed in and now they come. dry ingredients dog like that. I do this once 17. the flour with baking powder and the cocoa. and read through the whole thing once and then. I just use the dry ingredients. once a little nice day. originated. so the day is already finished and. we can fill our baking pan for you. I already have mine here. already prepared and I have. just another back foil rhein. given and my program and the gac. frames have set here also 30. by 40 centimeters and put in here. I now just do my part and.

then distributes the dough nicely evenly. in it as soon as it is then beautiful. this comes evenly distributed. now at 175 degrees upper and lower heat. in the preheated oven and needs. something like 30 to 40 minutes makes it easy. the chopsticks sample and soon nothing. more stuck is currently too. already finished we already have it now. first tomorrow and the cake was with. I’m about 30 minutes in the oven. cut through it once if possible. so that I then get two birds. . when i made the whole country. i get two make up and it all. But now I leave each other like that. lie and here I have one now. template prepared a 2 and the. I just put it here on the. cake on top and then cuts with it. a knife around the outside and cut. me a second one. . so mine are now finished. cut out from means 2 form and. I gave her the rest of the cake. you can use it to make cake pops, for example. your device just uses one. when different and so I put it. cake now just aside and. then I would have to prepare the filling. for the filling we need 400 milliliters of cold milk by the name like. much we need of it exactly write. I am all about the info box and I have. here two paradise cream in the. chocolate flavor in this one. I don’t have the shape of the tortoise yet. therefore I will prepare you all. Ingredients, of course, as always in the. give infobox on lists for the cream. I as it is renting a bowl. and they are still coming in here. two bags of bike to life. you can of course go revelation. use that you want i have that. now only used because i used the whole. just had it at home and that. The whole thing is going to be pretty crazy now.

two to three minutes to a nice. cream was created. . I’ll add another one to the cream. tablespoon special trip just that. the cream is a little firmer. you can also take the cream with you. to prepare whipped cream then she is on. in any case a bit more solid than with. milk so the cream is already. done and we can put them on ours. give cake. I have one of these here now. document prepared for. simply firmly took up the card. wrapped in aluminum foil and. on here because now I have my cake. but give and down I still give. something what paper so that with the. beautiful pad simply not. smeared and there I can. Just pull parchment paper out of it later. I have the cake here now. given the document and have practitioners. placed underneath and the second were. to the upper floor I have come here. laid so that the floor is now. can be beautiful. you have to be pretty careful. it’s best to be in pairs because of the. cake not really really juicy and. therefore, unfortunately, breaks very quickly. if you are not careful and therefore have. I just roast two wenda. help taken and then down here. given and now I take my now here. the cream and feels the floor here. and here I am using one of these now. angle palette and rises the whole. nice on it. . and when I put the cream on it. have now distributed the bananas to. insert and I just cut it. in slices and she puts me here. thereon. . and as soon as I take over his. nice spread on it comes now. just put the lid back on.

as soon as the blanket is on top then give. I now put some cream in the gaps. so in here on the side and. caresses nice and smooth and so constantly. the cake now with the. fridge for about 30 to 40 minutes. until the filling has set nicely. and then we can move on. the cake was there for an hour. fridge and now it is already. nicely carried out the 400 grams. consequently profiteers melted and the. is now a bit like handball. she’s no longer called it and has it here. i write smarties and kitkat i write. you exactly in the infobox how many. exactly needed I will be here with you. start the kit kat and i will. simply with the shape of your door on the. Glue the pages and now I look. first how the kids cups need. and mark this for me with the knife. and then I cut all of them. kids cup right now when i’m now. smear the edges here with the. overture and then I’ll take it. own kit kat and sticks here. just stick to it and it just makes it. with the complete kipp pope up to you. around here for once. . I have the kitkat all around the outside. given and now I’m giving the. couverture on it and rant the smarties. stick on it. . . so the deed is now complete with. smarties covered and now i can get those. Carefully pull out the parchment paper. this is how the cake looks finished and. I’ll give you another one right now. hang some pictures on the back like you. also in the section except and then would. I now say I wish you thanks. have fun after packing and then. enjoy. . so I mean I’m already driving with him. video and of course with the recipe hope.

I mean that you liked it and that. You can also try it. Of course, wait for the cake as you like. let out cocoa replace the bananas. through another fruit and then would. now super happy if you give me. leave a comment like this. wishes and if not yet in the channel. but with hair should then do it. now in super doesn’t fit any videos. more from me. see you next time too.


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