For beginners +2 BIRTHDAY CAKE BARBIE Cake [per bambine] by ItalianCakes Ideas

For beginners +2 BIRTHDAY CAKE BARBIE Cake [per bambine] by ItalianCakes


1. Assemble the structure 00:00:00 2. Decoration 00:01:43 What do you think? A beautiful cake design tutorial perfect for those who want to learn how to make cakes …
In today’s tutorial we want to show you how to make a cake in the form of. barbie with sac à poche and cream vegetables. we made two cakes in a pan spain filled with pudding. we have used these columns of Wilton to carry the weight of the. Cake on the second floor instead of the classic pegs give us these pillars. more stability than we insert the pillars in the cake that. it will be the base, then we use the filling to distribute on our cake. so that the vegetable cream does not come into direct contact with the sponge cake. if we don’t do this procedure, if we go after the rest period. necessary for the cake to be the Our cake we will find. the cream will split.We adjust the columns correctly. so they are good on our side cake, after which we can place. on the second floor we put a card once between one floor and another. we’ve assembled our two cakes. we go on to the preparatory phase. We spread the whipped cream and with. with this spatula we dip a regular in boiling water. let’s go and rub the vegetable cream so that the surface is well even. here we want to spread ourselves out with a spatula. on our cake. so that it doesn’t even represent a defect. in this case we used one real doll. this is obviously just one example of decoration, if we will. use a real doll that we can wrap it with some film. transparent so that it does not enter contact. or our cake. as you can see to make this possible preparation in the way. simple is absolute The use of the plate is necessary. turning we always leave whenever possible to decorate on the side. back from our barbie. let’s put these little flowers with saccà bosh and really relax. you can follow this link to see the film how these are realized. flowers linging real lassa. all these decorations made with saccà bosh can also be made. Always have the buttercream to prepare the cake with cream. Vegetables can then be decorated with the bag à a few buttercream with the cream of. butter the decorations are sure to be more defined and therefore the aesthetic impact. it will be better attention, although the buttercream suffers from the warmer. compared to the vegetable cream, which then has a good temperature resistance. especially in the hot season. The buttercream must not be. a good choice. and our barbie is ready we invite her to subscribe to our ItalianCakes channel. to keep updated videos that we will post. every week thanks for the attention e goodbye from ItalianCakes ..


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