For beginners +2 birthday cake Ideas

For beginners +2 birthday cake


As described in the video, I did not record the baking process here. Just take a recipe that you like 😉 The rest is as always …
sweet greetings from my bakery. today I’ll show you a little one. birthday cake for once not. in a round shape but in one. square shape and then introduce yourself. yet before how to make the corners without them. tear discovered so the bake did. I saved myself again and see here. you also directly like me the corners or. the cakes and cover a blanket that. me a part of that torn off the belt. but I was able to mend that afterwards too. no problem. and in that sense cover up with the corners. is just like lapping cake. you always have to go back a little. press down a little pull on press. pull and then you have the corners. perfectly covered here i have printed out my logo in. hamburg because that. birthday child works for for them. free hanseatic city of hamburg and the pressures. I then just use a pencil. but not with one to point. pencil on the land or on the. paper on the tape by and can. then cut that out perfectly. because the birthday child has turned 50. Of course I have a few more. digits punched out and I have them like. you that in the opening picture of the. then saw the cake at the side of the. cake attached I have to say there. I have the numbers to thin. made that franz very strongly or I don’t have these dies to. I had to push hard because I had to. next time just a little. better take care so here came now. hamburg was a little trickier. very filigree you had to be very filigree. working properly here you can see in the. fast-forward just like me. also traced on the white of. country and then shows briefly. in the camera how it looks there. then you can see this whole line like. you can now see them pushing too. can. and then you just have to do a little. patience driving along a line.

and so you can actually do anything. apply any motif to the cake. look at you there don’t copy that. from the internet or from what. template also always from your book and. then just press it with one. pencil and pen carefully. through a paper on the fondant and. then it could just cut out like this. as I said that took about ten minutes. lasted in real time. cut out this whole but how. he sees it very filigree. here I still have one of the two. stars on two of the doors. are also attached again. cut out. now is also in case you have the. slightly frayed knew again. so a little refined with that. on this red fondant you would get this. See strangers very very much and that you just don’t see that then. a few more outlines controlled with. the black food coloring there must. you really have a very fine brush. take and have a steady hand. I had less of you my lord. therefore the lines are sometimes finer. times a few got small but in the end. looked good and here too is. just be patient, I like them. filigree actually work quite. with pleasure. and that’s why I’m actually doing there. Patience is rarely lost, of course. a little faster and then it is. now everything is open at the time. bring the cake. here i have to open hamburg first. the coat of arms bring what I already did at the beginning. from the video or. cut out. and then of course the two stars. I then press it lightly again. so that they don’t fall off either. now I’ll look again how it looks best, maybe where one. small cracks or bumps are not included. then can cover the coat of arms and then.

comes the actual coat of arms. I fixate on the cake and I think. that there is not so bad that there. that the water in which its black. is colored by the by the. food coloring because that’s how you see it. better where the water or is. it on sugar glue what what you prefer. used where you brushed it exactly. then I have the letters. I haven’t got that yet. filmed that’s just that. punch out individual letters as with. the digits that I bring to now. and that for them without unnecessarily owning them. Pull length and then if you have this shape. To switch off then that is too. only one little thing you just have to. make sure that the of thank you. it is evenly thick. the letters are evenly thick. and then at the end of the video. I hope I could see you guys again. show two interesting things. and yes I have another one. birthday cake for one person. maybe a friend knows that. from me it was in the 2014 season. both text participated and that. the crazy kari and yes the birthday. and since i have her this works. birthday cake baked and what should. I say. you can see that I have one. a little happy and show that. I then also within the. next two to three weeks like me. The cake was mainly made by him. cake is a rainbow cake. but more will not be revealed sugar sweetness. greet your gg.


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