For beginners +2 Birthday cake (suitable for toddlers and daycare birthdays): D – Doğum günü pastası Ideas

For beginners +2 Birthday cake (suitable for toddlers and daycare birthdays): D – Doğum günü pastası


Halloooooo you out there !!! For the cake you need ….. Ingredients: Dough 200 g butter 200 g sugar 1 package vanilla sugar 4 eggs 320 g flour ½ package baking powder …
halloween shoot yes nice that you. back since I’m a bit out of the. exercise that is take 2000 but it doesn’t matter. there is a birthday cake today. and i have it for my birthday. my daughter prepared it but it is. also quite normal for adults. birthdays thought accordingly. you should simply decorate it nicely. so that it has the birthday of that person. I really like it, of course. The colorful ones will also be designed for you. Photos can be attached to the back of the video. so that you could thank them. maybe we also have a few ideas. the whole can decorate yes that is. a very tasty and light cake and. I think it’s beautiful and yes, let it be. you like it try it on everyone. fail and write to me in the below. comments how you feel and yes if you. I would subscribe to me. of course also be happy but no need to. there bye. needs sugar and eggs and. Flour. he makes soft butter vanilla sugar. and baking powder and some lemon juice. now he puts the eggs in a large one. bowl and give the sugar with yours. vanilla sugar on it and the whole thing on there. the whole thing is now small. sliced ​​butter with the mixer can. you then nice and foamy and smooth. stir when the whole thing look at me and. in the end it is just plain. nor the measured mail with the. baking powder on top of it all. Quantities are always given in the infobox at the bottom. if it’s nice and smooth. you can move at the very end. put your lemon juice on it and have it. a nice smooth and fresh one. dough which you now on a sheet with. You can distribute baking paper laid out. and you have to unpack and you can bake it out. the whole thing at 200 degrees. for 20 minutes I would. in between have a look at me. 10 20 minutes a bit too much during the day.

you distribute yourselves nicely evenly. the shape it is a bit tough because of that. needs patience. but I think you can do that. but as always, the work is worth it. when it comes to delicious cakes you are. can use the entire sheet. theoretically as a cake base. I have it differently for myself now. chosen because I transport the cake. wanted and also wanted something cooled. one day it was relatively warm. the cake a bit smaller but the. whole quantities given below in the. Infobox are enough for that. complete for a complete sheet now. do we need cookies and such a flexible one. metal molds so that I can make the cake. can zoom out and on into this. I give my biscuits to metal molds. I’ve now thought about sex biscuit four times. and then I adjust accordingly. my shapes. after i placed all the biscuits. have and then fix the whole thing I have. now for fixing just completely. simple tesa a very simple tesa film. thought up more. I have to say that it held up well. the amount of cookies you have then yes. you can already do that. we put the mission aside. decorate. now i’m making pudding for the pudding. I just use that. package instructions as it is there. used two packs per think and. sweet the whole time for once. stevia maybe I’ll do that too. more often than I found the pollinger beautiful. sweet but no bad sugar in it. but only herbal sweetener. the milk cooks normally after her. instructions. but before that she gives a little something in. the powder and works all year round. the whole smooth and then you can. Cooking a normal pudding is therefore quite normal. also stands. when the cake looks like this with me.

can even be built a bit. then cut out the shape. As you can see, I’m scratching here now. a little too brown just. down and put the whole cake and. careful without him too much. break on my shape so that I can. also get transported well afterwards. I’m giving up the hot pudding now. the cold day on the home-baked ones. cold. yes cake and then distribute the pudding. really nice in all corners and cracks. and then give them for the. the rest of the day that is now in the morning what can be seen very much here in the. fridge and read it through nicely. you can cool it once over the. night or the whole day. just let it cool down. and if you have that then we can. now just start the cookies. you need a lot to decorate for that. deco material there you just look for yourself. the things you are good at. taste. I now have lemon juice and. powdered sugar and just got me like that. Color bought in the supermarket and with a. a little lemon juice now. icing sugar smooth and then there would be. a bit of color to my taste. i have a lot of red color now. selected and some money so that I do so. nice to do for yourself in the end and me. has van der vaart and quite a bit too. liked. now that defends nicely on that. biscuits and let that in. little bit so get the whole. the decoration material does not simply bead. thereby says a little bit. Sticking to the surface remains told. yes, a bit like me. the whole decoration would have names and numbers. we then always a little harder. but with a little patience it looks great and here it is. cake cools down nicely. now get out of the refrigerator and the.

whipped cream with something. vanilla sugar defends me on it. I only have two creams now, so 400 milliliters of cream in one pack. change sugar taken because that’s for. this amount is completely sufficient like 3. packs are then more for the. completely the complete sheet thought the. You distributed biscuits that you decorated. you see you doing with us there. a lot of fingers because all of that. find exciting. and this cake 4 was now for them. grandparents thought that’s why he thinks. I am relatively discreet although he is like that. is colorful and you can see it is. actually one for one. children’s birthday is intended. You can of course also have a chocolate kiss. use and the whole very classic. I have placed or very much covenant. I did it for kindergarten. I’ll show you in one. boat. and yes i hope you like the cake. and you copy them and send them to me. lots of photos so that I know how. you succeeded and wish yourselves. Enjoy your meal.


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