For beginners +2 Crochet cake tart with instructions I birthday cake I decoration I DIY own creations Ideas

For beginners +2 Crochet cake tart with instructions I birthday cake I decoration I DIY own creations


Crochet 3 tier cake. With rose decoration. Your Elfi Here you can download some descriptions for free.
. these three pieces of cake that want. I’ll show you how we do so for. have this cake with three floors. I want to take cotton now and. this wise is something he can do more stupidly. here is my guide so me. already looked at the tip finished that was the little little layer and the. I will show you the big ones, the middle ones. In principle, everything is going on in the same way. we need officers there. I have so big a certain here too. the time there was still homemade bread. let’s have a look at the cake. is done then let’s start her album the. so the first row is never a thread ring. Pick up finger flags and moor ten. solid mesh. 6. seven eight nine ten voted here. this cotton because it is nice and firm. so that the reverberation came nice and stable. is now the subject of the father went to so there. is like here. there in the middle now take one. contrast rides with it was afterwards. a little courage the sharks starts and. stops. now come the every solid mass 2 so. here the first is always one. heavy box goes there so that one. becomes. well, I just don’t feel like that. now we have one and will be the second. next villa 12. and so in each two single crochet stitches. Then the 20 are the culprits, we leave 20. Then in every second second the seventh remains and then comes. then this circle would be finished then comes. that with the that is lisa all dignified. pay here. this shows how this is done. now i have finished this top. and but here I still made two more dogs in the 89th row. because the name has to be short. top has what you have to see on it. can do a little now.

I do this one the cream. because I take a little thin what white. cook it and then I have it here. written with the wise I stand here. in the first one here he got us here. get a penalty of 2 in the innermost. urges don’t wrap him around. take off. always fetch him four times back then. again wiesen stäbchen 234. and now he’s pulling this through this one. first and then again here about the. father still had chopsticks and here the one. first get once twice. three times four times and then pull the. thread through the to 4 and then. above the 2nd and that is because the requirement is missing because. here. therefore I need to stand firm for afterwards. but that counts as fertilizer in everyone. fall firmly into the front loop four. chopsticks on a hedge and nail. pull through. So rest around the needle thread Hohenadel. once twice three times four times and so. we do the whole thing looks yes and then. we’ll have this anna ready afterwards. City I do now so now I have. I have finished taking this cream now. experienced wipe cut off now. namely the normal the main color here. this orange on it you come and now. is there the main colors in the back. loop from the white down into the. indy with the hair here so here the. back there we go stop take here. over there we have with the hall. take the claim taken by the behind. overslept with friends. drive through then test. urban here again the rear one. get the butt and so we pull them. so down here the back one. loop get the back loop here. the patient through. it’s easy when you look at it that way. because I also vote through here in the back. there is always two in the back. a thread somewhere and then it is.

a bit more stable there. so you can see under the back 100 rooms. through the fixed chopsticks and so on. we after if you tell me that now. I have here we have not then. let’s do the edge here and there i have. then ten to the 19th then I have the same and then. let’s do the one under the punch too. and the decoration. now i have mine looking so far. finished in three shifts and got here. ever the ground under this and. this tremble and because chocolates a. smaller now I’ll tell you how I did it. on the middle one and then. come laughing about it then coming. ornament. so I got it that way back then. done but it stands and falls in the ground. knew. and then you do here I have one. bit more some always cut like that. and in the second I have the mountain. gives cut away. so and so I did it. so one has first of all but I have. The times are high and then here. in and in between I have that. chocolates put in so now become one. cake so far ready now i want. this size the left for you. below. I made it myself this one. I bought this one but I have it. also made a video in such a way. videos i linked and i believe i. take this or he takes this one afterwards. on top of it and here I want that. numerous here so round to see then. about this and I keep to discount. askew because again the cdu must be exactly. look at what distance you do that now. here on it with the hot glue gun. that’s easy now and sticks. matheis glue gun and glue this. at the bottom. I’d turn that down here now. I glue to the upper part. because if he does that for a long time.

and also do superstition like that. so you see and now i’m alive now. all around it and this what you here. you don’t have to. you could absolutely rose up here. also stick a number on it if he. maybe 30 should be booked. or the first letter or that sees. you also go back through the first. russians stick so now have it done. did we do that because. better sees the steps because otherwise gladly. from above so ok you can do that now. black vary with different. stuff. and if you liked it, give it. thumbs up for us and it’s all over. but if we are happy until you are long. once. .


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