For beginners +2 DANCE in front of various BIRTHDAY CAKES! (All 10 CAKES) | Fortnite Battle Royale Cruse Ideas

For beginners +2  DANCE in front of various BIRTHDAY CAKES!  (All 10 CAKES) |  Fortnite Battle Royale Cruse


Dance to different birthday cakes in Fortnite Battle Royale is today’s challenge! I’ll show you all the locations of the …
Immediately finished, Beck is mine. friends and today again with one. new solution to the new challenge dance. before ten different birthday cakes. fortnight we will probably notice. you have the new birthday event in. fort meade l’oreal at the start and there is. A new challenge thrower before dancing 10 different birthday cakes. need to get a new birthday cake. Unlock graffiti sprayer and me. would say we go right first. location is there are really only ten. locations you all have to visit them. so that the reign is first direct. here at press park and i would. let’s say right down with me. already heard is definitely. Also a new battle bozz music at the start, I think maybe that’s right. The new event is definitely fun. you get new challenges again and. yes i’m definitely looking forward to it. and i would say we fly straight here first a cake in glasses park. there are ten different ones like before. mentioned. and we can see is down there too. the cake key could already go. not see it yet but see it right away. there is the cake friends there goes here. just put yourself in front of you and have to. dance and that’s it. had the challenge i did. already visited five because it’s already there. streamed a bit before that though. just visit it, so to speak, 10 in total. and I’ll get you all ten now. locations show that’s why I would say. your last couple so friends we. you can already see it. second location he has to visit. here at flash factory and that on. this page from flash factory drop. just dance underneath for a moment and there. did you manage the challenge too? not displayed for me for that now. because I already have this challenge. So have visited these cakes. but for you it is definitely. this cake also very very important so.

my friends the next location die. your visit is definitely with. paradise right here on this page. is the next cake and that is. the third, so to speak, I think. or we now have the third one here. just go back and dance. a bit chilled of course. friends and that’s it. really say we’re going straight to the. next let’s go so friends the next. The location is definitely here in. riedrode you also have to chill out. dance so girlfriend the fifth and. next cake is right here. so when towers parted direction ludwig. you can see it on the map there you have to. also just go dancing for. each of these cakes so far easy. to dance. I have six out of ten you have now. so to speak when that finished 15. because I just made 1 more but. as I said I’ll show you anyway. whole locations and I would say we. now go on to the next let’s go. sexy location friends is huge here. big and there you have the cake. you know direction north, so to speak. and yes friend i would say you go. continue to the location so boys and girls. you almost made it to the challenge. we’re left here at lacie. a bit southeast of it there you have. You just have to have the cake here. little dancing friends and then got. I definitely do the challenge. done we come to the next one. location is directly in the. middle of felten pointed respectively. here a little north of vettel. is absent and if he is with this cake. arrived friends then you are. actually almost there. arrived and you see it is doing. many people will face the same challenge. say we still do the last two. or three places that we still have left. and then you definitely have them. challenge so people the penultimate one.

location that we still have today. definitely i’m near here. risk iris and of course we had. also as with every challenge completely. chilled and I would say we go. now really continue to the last then. you can finally do the challenge. complete and just chill out. go back they’ll get the graffiti. sprayers horny and can definitely. quick friends and the last location. that I want to show you today. the tenth of ten is here, so to speak. at lonely we have to do a bit. outside of Germany. and there you immediately see them. birthday cake if you have that too. still rattled friends then you are. finished with this challenge and. Congratulations you all have in any case. challenges or all of these cakes. challenge done and I would say. that’s it for today’s video. if you liked it then leave it. gladly light loads abo deactivates the. bell if no solutions in the future. and no interesting information. or all the latest things. wanted to experience overwhelmed by me and. I wish you friends now. nice day skin in until the next one. video aircruise georgia. .


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