For beginners +2 Lio’s birthday CAKE – When man bakes 😂 Ideas

For beginners +2 Lio’s birthday CAKE – When man bakes 😂


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good day and warm. welcome tsum to a new video. we thought that we would use the format. one uses baking times demonstrating when. men pack and when men pack. In any case, we will be the post today. expo the left who is allowed to be back there. that of course get that that we give them. what we do here above all. we get what he does and we wanted it. do the same as it used to be. have done quickly and now. a red carpet from the bi. optimally and there is the recipe. inside. this recipe or respectively the. Ingredients we would look at for 30 seconds. long look 30 seconds only 30 seconds so otherwise I should say that. no more from above markets from below. hit is less noticeable to us. but also places ready to go. we have something here for you. I would see them that way too, the mountains. I then said whether one would take place. only seven will go now you have me. leave and first. otherwise I will have autumn immediately at apple. again coffee was 2 860 mhz standard. go for it and fail. whether he’ll be back to back next April. oops with me determined about this site. if not i swear it is often bad. as we can we see what’s missing. would have been ok without adding that. really the 180 km down from the top. year old hat was a tablespoon. baking powder quark with one that’s three. large banana is the suggestion rapeseed oil. pinch of salt than is the most incredible. finalist is okay with the bananas people. we just talked to the baby. she said three tires were missing. and we can watch the bananas. otherwise we won’t pack that the. The most important part is we make it. now we only have 15 seconds. time to us that the procedure. be tried on but take out the sheet. the climber is a hero 3 2 1 going. okay after a tour with the.

hand who likes can. so I climb upside down with it. I’ve read the step on heating. rockers should now equip quite a lot. you have to separate pretty ones. if you have a star is a good one. fabric from malta me what are you stupid 60th meter so let’s leave that. look how much that’s done roughly. so ne yo first do that 30 something. then I at all ages with it 15 seconds to bid. I talked about the baking powder. ballade media probably. okay who misses you demand his something. a tablespoon so it knows it is. really a bag because nobody knows. dressed video also to distribute the. half then I would be one. tablespoon 1 tablespoon is itself that. whole pack. that’s not a food soup spoon. age after the cut 180 degrees. and now it will show. . every crisis is not a crisis. there doesn’t come now somehow. sentence in front of him knows that they are too. openings. It is unimportant to be in a crisis. projects knead well these are absolute. your companion. what must we be printing somewhere. the empty moment no are you blood. you can’t with it so sorry. I need you white again care moment represents the apple laux. others have already been able to eat. they all want it here. somehow noticed how we did it at the same time. oven never bake how many degrees and. so most likely to pakistan. guys i have a surprise. prepared i don’t know the time. i know the city 170 degrees. okay, so afl piece in it scratches it. means we still have it now. somehow get everything so writes. I have my comments. next format a market with or without.

should be applauded you will find him. so yes sympathetic can be with or leather. direct type. but speak a few sales and you. that he continues to speak in the glass. that means we will like it now. well pour his in, we made them. camera is so many beautiful and that i. little more expensive. yes, because i hope you can open the dough. I think something is wrong if you. not even with the additions like it. looks we have all is we will. put it in the oven now. into the tube and then look but. will somehow continue to be called for a long time. man of the hour not too long you have. two hours said that I am on it. here that not all have themselves. with good ones or we will watch that. and i thought such a cool teeth like. her cell phone is already in the oven. . and funny and has the 170 later in an hour and a half. an hour later an hour room. there is this coming is now. look that the authority will comply with. should stand in an hour. up to now a little cooler camera or fighter. to place the wak right here. risen. the hit is first submerged. that causes if this then find. what do you say what do you say optical note. well, I should have another one myself. look higher, yes I want to. you fall off the stretcher believingly like. kinked myself, I just want them. chamber keep us there must be a disadvantage. was. look this is my husband is on the 4th photo effect only on the 28th no. oh my god love me right economy mega rock the musical or. for an industry, however, there is sugar in it. that many fruits in there that one early. text and why do you think you might. according to the first meaning.

a real one we actually have. optics on 1 update a bit. better what that was your video thumb. therefore it should definitely be with those with me. one that I have with my parish at all. don’t know what at raffael too. not just an absolute one yet. surprise. see you next time have a good time. and see you then.


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