For beginners +2 [Rezept] Lemon 3D Birthday Cake – 3-tier | DANATO Ideas

For beginners +2 [Rezept] Lemon 3D Birthday Cake – 3-tier |  DANATO


In this video I show you how you can make this delicious and easy birthday cake yourself. Have fun watching and baking!
hi Guys. today I’ll show you how to do this. spring-like birthday cake. conjure up for the cake batter you give. simply egg flour baking powder sugar. butter, lemon flavor and peel in one. bowl. then you miss everything with one. Mixer to make a smooth dough and. then fill this into the cake pan. bake at 160 degrees for about 50 minutes. then you leave the cake in the. then rest for about ten minutes. you remove it from the mold and leave it. cool it on a cake rack for. frosting the butter for a couple. minutes with a hand mixer or. Beat a food processor until soft. lower level, continue stirring. Now gradually add the powdered sugar. as soon as this is good with the butter. you still give the salt that is mixed up. milk and the flavors in it. depending on how much milk you use. you can the consistency of your postings. influence. as soon as the cake has cooled completely. you can already do it with the. start decorating let yours. creativity just run free. Enjoy your meal. I hope you enjoyed the video. all links to the recipe and so on. you can find it in the infobox, as always. I wish you a nice one. weekend bye.


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