For beginners +2 We’re baking Leonard a birthday cake Ideas

For beginners +2 We’re baking Leonard a birthday cake


Happy Birthday Leo! The only question left is … who is Margarit ??? #Birthday #Cake #Baking #Chaos #Supreme Sliced ​​by: …
. cordial and today was more one. birthday cake because there is nobody else. I agree. you have no friends i’m just because of. of the animals we will just become one. Make chocolate cake and then become. we think about the passengers and turn back. stalkings then exactly we do ours. logo or exchange post. I have my scene mine will come across. a very homely that is ok in the kitchen. master chef tell me what i do. must be 160 hp those were just now. all ingredients come away pure i have. also see the cupboard for. opened up and we almost our own. beaten so relaxes back there. i’m on tour and which ones now. understandable and simply there the rehab. is okay xmb house mail white cap. hamas is important. You can also grate three tele. bitter chocolate is allowed to seek out. that’s ok first step springform. grease a diameter of 26 cm. the spring chance that here pleasant. butter and make the most greased. judge this is what we have here. parchment paper second step 220 g soft. butter and 160 grams of sugar and 1st packet of vanilla sugar a pinch of salt 5. 170 grams two tablespoons of cocoa powder. three titles for powder and 50 liters. milk. ok soft butter with soft butter. that means we have to warm up the 100th to 220 grams we just do unfair.
[Applaus]. . this is a really sad market. to make out. why they sadly know the subject. we this is our creation he saw something. Are you expecting soft mother with sugar. vanilla sugar and wondering the card. to see for the future there there there there there. there is still vanilla sugar today. baking powder how much baking powder film. even what I’m going to say about it. think about what I was trying to say.

is a great sad woman. hopefully the better ours again. creations that much better. do you think what do I think we at all. will die soft butter with sugar. vanilla sugar and salt was frothy. okay a person in my hand and. then i just do a lot better than. before. you make progress whip until frothy. now we have to find out what you guys. important. yes it is not the first time on st ich. hold on and kill i kill holy ones. mother maria jesus what am i you are. the holy mother do so here says. that disgusts me on so many levels. wise understand that i would have had it. nothing from the way. powder is taking part against lithuania. 6. Be clear. really tasty. right in front of his political opponents. good. get people says frothy. Beat little by little to give the eggs. before mix with cocoa and baking powder. . so i would say with cocoa first. and baking powder in an additional bowl. so that we have this mixture. you’re still bruised and then. we give milk alternately. that on this key there too. do. okay, we are professionals, we have that. under control. this is not a again. . it is. . how much powder two tablespoons aside. now do milk with purely direct moment. now there are also baking powder how much. We also already have Schild baking powder. previously done one although we didn’t. supposed to do. that will be things like a lot of milk anyway. we need 50 milliliters of the speaker.

that’s 50 to 300 then it’s there. about 50.. Klüpfel since Monday. just do that just a. little. now i think past okay that looks. have to look ultra good now. still chocolate that we know that that is at the table making. I can already believe it. no that goes right away if. you are unlucky then it breaks off and gets. under the fingernails and at the end of. x11 I’ll lose my house that too. Not. is forgotten and that there is now something. finally fill into the mold. smooth out and have to be 35.
[Applaus]. there is really little that is mostly dry. the first time plenty or the rest. war uses its skills as a. master i use my skills. as a master but it’s true now that one. that tastes good sooo good away from. another 35 to 40 minutes. therefore you have to turn away from it. . ok, let’s take the curves now. and then we’ll see you again in 35 to 40 minutes pizarro with this factor. would have been so the cake is now. finished here he stands and now take care of it. We care about the buttercream that we forget. do that a little we say. not that the art of cutting reinforces that. all on the cutting edge of art understanding that. you can also have for an old dog. worn out because I once stepped index. this one pack the two in this one. thing mother and hold but even. both go in the bucket like that. shot by this machine and then. comes or is even interrupted. no ball to turn this time. or even 250 grams. there are only two getting injected. that. I hope I go.

Yes. with success. and so yes we have to with it now. could participate. so we should do and with that he is. because next refused i want you. but sometimes with the spoon if you or something. similar to the situation you want knives. But if you can’t, you would say that there really are limits. worry makes yourself shot. the meaning of this cake with its. guests even that it is worth it, well it. there is also another sense than that. work in the camera department. you can see your camera correctly and. what is this camera for. I hate you as other circles. something for the exchange of knowledge. you can never do that to yourself either. to become I mean no it can’t. and I give a shit so no matter me a bit you know. you what the difference between man. and the merck robot too small for the fair. yes we need the other can score. you definitely want to join forces. So I still can’t do that. . there is vip operation of two and. maybe that will help us. I just want to be different. only see what is thinking here it can. try.
[Applaus]. I want to see you did you better. with and I haven’t even got it yet. the foreign minister can do it himself. the feeling if i would do that. you can do that and that’s what we are for. have already given a lot of effort to break it. that looks that looks good said. . ok then we already have the base and. whereupon she drove out violently. but just show that looks like that. looks as good as a cake and that. i don’t expect okay then we have. now the white one from after.

I would take care of it. let’s say now it’s about it may now yes. i am doing the book so well. yes yes yes said that is unbelievable too. that looks good to catch up this time. granted that will be that you please. it is not a fact police officers call everyone. looking for I think I’m at night too. . that I fill myself up. I don’t have the privilege of what you do. It probably fits better with what modules. he has this gap that I have here. you couldn’t use the white around. japan look further thought. do you want to do it in five cities. because that’s where she believes she is all about. machines that here and now red i touch. I am a fan of this idea that we. of course okay. . okay we carefully is black and. done and are pretty over the top. slices so for under the picture looked to me. comes we didn’t have now either. not coming home forever. yes not now market first dare. so i believe what i still do. could. it was difficult for both of them sometimes. to die high. here, for example, with the us. marines and the book. halver yes that with strange taste. well at least born. so you can change that if we do this. is not bad after we have some. are you can now there too. Scherbel are those who can vote. The research we do not only do that. managers want to talk to them. self-proclaimed has properly the. male days away i’m not now. survive because they are something that is easy. more on. that’s why we can still do that. but a little hidden. no said there is mr. baumann has himself. a hand on so weird is more right.

didn’t move at all so you did. want the money from you can i would. the poison nobody this someone sits. talk left. . he looks awesome, that’s it and. my goodness you’re nice. I can’t believe how good we did it for what we are. have and do especially the roof. here was a nightmare for an hour. we alone have this thing. that worked there I gave him 28. that’s just a curve two. minutes ten minutes 20 minutes two. hours so if you don’t know who. did that i did that. also did not do that he liked and that. he thought. . you have an intro that looks good. . and then comes the hateful one. as far as I’m concerned, it’s the way it is. for the course. . horror okay let’s go suite apart from. but tastes exaggerated slices. really good new york looks. you better than anything we did before. have made violent then we would. let me tell you with this video. drove on and then show us. definitely with a like with a. abo o2 package when the bells. commented on the video and partly with. reported back to your friends. . what do the people say. .


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