for beginners "Affected" A short film by Arion Kidd-Weeks | Beats Black Futures İdeas

for beginners "Affected" A short film by Arion Kidd-Weeks |  Beats Black Futures


“My movie Knitting is about acceptance – it’s about peace – but it’s about the fact that peace is a product of action.” – Arion Kidd-Weeks, Morehouse College …
Development of news at this hour. MS Taylor, a technician in the emergency room. Medical assistance was refused. after she was shot dead by numerous police officers. You may have thought plans like that. that were eradicated with brown versus. Education Committee. a typically rare phenomenon known as dry. Lightning. is. . uh waiting. no no no no please stop you can’t. look this is gonna sound crazy I screamed and looked up. and it hit me. I was struck by lightning. You come to get me, what do we do what? let’s do what we do just pretend we’re here. Okay, hey, um. We can hear you somehow. in order to. Hey hello there good afternoon. We already have insurance or something. otherwise you may or may not have to. Offer. So goodbye, thank you. I hate to cause you inconvenience. We all need to talk. for a little bit. Oh they come to get me, no they have. us. literally all you had to do was be calm. really no reason, all you had to do was be. calm. You were just as loud as me. something. Yeah, it was you damn it. I’m sorry, did I scare you? You hit all along. is good. Silence. What is happening a lot right now. is a mysterious global phenomenon. act like us. speaking citizens are hit by. Lightning. more than 300 times this week alone. The.

of normal annual incidents have occurred. African Americans survive. disproportionately. 100 percent in fact and some to do. pretty interesting things. after that and what does it do to us? well a lot. You see, we’ve done some tests and. found that the neurological activity. was inside the pineal gland of Tai. even higher than our strongest. previous topics. about 900 times as high as with normal function. to be exact. funny that. yours is a thousand. We don’t often hit two birds. with one stone though. here we are with two victims. and one blow oh. and um, we’re in a neurological area too. So Faraday cage. Don’t try anything because you won’t. success. please oh that’s too much that’s too much. I’m sorry I yelled at. They. I should never meet my powers. People. I wish I were never the bad leftovers. Sitting outside in the fridge because I knew. The. Hello. Hey remember me Who you are and what’s going on again. I am an agent. ex and. I am Alpha Professor x. You are wondering why you are here. Well, we are your superiors. and we’re ending this program. you shouldn’t speak of that day again. and. They will sleep like babies now. I’m sorry baby I thought you were thinking. I’m crazy. Look, it all happened, in the end all was well. I do not want to talk about it. Let’s just forget what happened today. See I know you’re upset, no, I’m not upset.

upset. not upset that you lied to me. everything is great i just want to sit. Here. and clear my mind. and what happened the last time you tried to do this. It doesn’t work the way you do. are affected and. Without peace there is no peace. Action I just want a minute that we can’t. Escape. Imagine what we could do with what you saw. it. see if you wanted it or not God gave. You something. It would be selfish of you not to use yours. Gifts to contribute to the world. . Citizens are struck by lightning. 300 times as much as a normal yearbook. Incidents have occurred. Imagine what we could do with what you saw. it. I ask for the strength to accept mine. Responsibilities. the courage to live a life in action. and tell voice to guide others in that. right direction. . . . . They.


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