For beginners All Birthday Cake Locations 🎂 Dance Before Birthday Cake Fortnite Season 9 Ideas

For beginners All Birthday Cake Locations 🎂 Dance Before Birthday Cake Fortnite Season 9


Dance all locations in Fortnite before birthday cake! ○ Subscribe for free ○ Thumbs up if you liked it ♥ ○ + …
halli hello my dear women and warm. welcome to the birthday. Challenge. from now on you are my loved ones. In the end, you only need four. do things then you get this. monster cool pickaxe last year. there was that beck klink I also show it. ten more match degrees. is relatively easy to imagine whole. different birthday cakes ten. piece I will all of you in a moment. game show otherwise live longer than. I think 500 opponents are also feasible for. the spray and for the small fashion. get conditions or signs from. corsas cake. in the end this can be achieved with the. dance combine though these ten. birthday cakes are that i tell you. now again in game du people. I think it starts best when I was good. that you have a very good starting position though. definitely a subscription now. rows of buttons if you are in these ten. don’t want to miss anything activity. glocker so you always on the. ongoing to be kept yes and over. I would like myself as always anyway. so happy the cake at blood lake. is pretty much at the back of here. this lonely little island. then of course this comes along. as good as possible. namely down here you can already see before. just dancing you can see. here are the bits. just make cake rum into fashion. then you could collect them and have them too. everything else you do for it. always needs more of these things. simply collect then you can too. the same conditions collect mine. You will find loved ones in the tank. Taxes are pretty much in the middle. here with the big trucks, i mean one. knows that landing right here. always just had to briefly and then. can you already make a fountain then. then you’ve already made it who. Whatever the case, all his people are standing here.

has and from it could also be about to. press park or third is then in. end effect your class park the same. next to the house. yes if you are not tolerated you can. yes, three women again. so is a bit too annoying with these. all people then I’ll show you now. once a playground oops one. The playground is the closest to chef die. shades is right here in front. the closest to the trucks is. then at vettel stopped right next to that. my house. so the sachsen is then at. lonely lodge as I said abo and like. I can not forget at the point. just say thank you for that. up here on the mountain you have. you the good ones so the seventh is here. the race track above paradise. up here on these little balls. the little one pretends to be the eighth is here. in front of all that spring jump is here. this one house there is the bunker and. right before that is the eighth cake. so you can see the ninth is boy. near the viking village and right here. at the back of the long house there is therefore the. old cake above number nine gates. number 10 hides briefly calls. john wick again with these two sonal. penis solar panels that are here. in between it just lounges. this way. that is ultimately the tenth. cake my life as I said about a. subscription you also have to buy a free subscription. I would be very happy to say about that. activate the bell if you don’t have one. challenge in these ten and. nothing to see we wanted to miss and. yes, I’m happy about like anyway. always many thanks for it makes you feel good. purely.


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