for beginners Baby jacket in raglan knitting for beginners part 2 İdeas

for beginners Baby jacket in raglan knitting for beginners part 2


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so we are now in row 40. or in row 1 40 the small one. flag with lid not a bit. distracted and I have to go again. forget the rhine counter 1 to continue. press so believe me we are in. row 1 40 and this row will be the. sleeve stitches on the clips. shut down so you’re stuck until. note first stitches. . . yours will have arrived. I have markers in this case. not necessarily taken with you. required if you have a sample. then you should continue to pursue the. mark between front part and. sleeves or sleeves and back are made. but as I said, leave it at. this route is not absolutely necessary. so you just talk the 52 stitches too. then I notice that we are in row 41. are okay so you are missing the one. 250 stitches on the safety pin. It takes a little while now. . . . so and now we are close to that. mark and this closes the bracket. so that nothing is lost. it’s a bit peaceful about that. Job. but that will work. ten do not ask now with it not. such a large gap arises. don’t worry at the beginning. in any case under the sleeves. armpit area have a small gap. but that is definitely entangled. after sex pure like that and then becomes. again diligently and knitted up. mark next. . . . si. . so now we are on the next sleeve. arrived and here too we will.

52 sleeve stitches on the. shut down the safety pin. yes i’m trying a little more. to hear more. and as you can see it is not easy. because the video will not search now. I tell you now how you will then. you can continue to knit the sleeve stitch. not shut down and you are stuck. just continue right up to the 43rd row from row 44. strictly you left so that means from the. row 44 is tricking duals into it. all patterns purely right and all. back space on the left so you can get this sheet. right pattern gets up to now have yes. knitted in garter stitch but from row 44th that will change. again in row 44 everyone is down. purely right knitted all back area. knitted on the left forgets the buttons. not the next one is in ryan 49 though. you wrote that down. before I forget to say that. there is no more increase. hence increases that are now over. just tricking into rain either. right in or left in then you can. you please write down that you do that. can you write it down oh sooo exactly. that you are up to the 84th strictly from this row onwards everyone is pure. again only knitted in garter stitch. right. no matter whether there is a series or the return journey. are knitted on the right so that you get a. nice graduation have a nice one. strauss right and you get that was off. row 84 in row 980 comes that. Don’t forget knobloch and in the. row 93 you will then be yours. Tip off the knitted jacket and we’ll work. the heat in rounds with the with the. needle play on. . .


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