For beginners Bake birthday cake 🎂 Ideas

For beginners Bake birthday cake 🎂


I want him to be able to make a video. I’ve already watched other videos. fallen when he got me really hot. today will have another fold. Bake a cake first becomes a name crew. read the instructions out loud today. and just got us out but for it. I have another one. we need 150 grams of butter must be white. his work a mixing bowl what where you. So you can put water in wherever you can. the many can see it is a city. or a mixer, a runner-like one. but yes okay a luck for need. we now have the dosb here. but not necessarily about pathological ones. that’s why I’ll make a cake. usa also like that from there are too. further cities linz with dug. there are still so many here too. in a good mood. 3 then we need to know what you want. but do not act like that. why also on it and then on top of that. not everything does not have to be lactose free. be milk what comes next. . this is the banks. that is already with cocoa and will. that before the reading would have cost form. steps and email it to be learned. really do not really do. have done everything. so don’t forget people. we also need a brush for that. they all have to do that. distribute the baking pan and we needed it. so do we and that’s why i think of it again and yes then see. . this is supposed to happen about the 18th, be embedded in the painting and then you have to. you can still burn the oven. best don’t make a growing. first mix the baking mixture in a mixing bowl. give.
[Applaus]. . . margarine or butter 150 grams so we. need the 150 grams of butter or.

margarine told me to do the laundry. leave. . Add 100 milliliters of milk. all i need is the dogs. I want now just because it is. heard. somehow nothing that comes to the individual. everything with a mixer died for a short time early. at the lowest then at the highest level. about three minutes to a smooth dough. to process. okay we will do it too. . that might be a little longer. so yeah i think that will be enough. I’ll try that one too. down. I guess I had one badly. probably hotel is not allowed to. forget because then you can be there. even if you get pain, don’t forget that. I’ll just do the last one. courage and then try it for 20 years. two thirds of the day in the box shape. give. ok i only have two hearts. crib makes so I’ll be short. the house then I’ll put this in here. when people i dance. I do a sample ring now. just get in there. orange i will be you. I just do it now, it’s in there. and I distribute it again. . I have now shared here with you. we have to do that next time. remaining mixture with the cocoa. mixture and a tablespoon of milk. stir and then I’ll do that now. Thanks for sitting in there. today the recipe is a little ship. like rita textil and now an ass. after this for me. what about munich i would have with that. reader. . .

we’ll see each other again soon. yes the people i still have it. thought differently. . there is now where by strength so now. made. here in the music house before baking or. cooking is enough to wash your hands. . . the dark day on the hero dough. distribute and add both layers of dough. a fork spirally pull through like this. that a marble pattern arises ok then. I might bring you to a clan. speaks either way I think we have. which is why and this time I am me. because I just think easier to myself. at that time a flag must be the day that. makes mobile. there are of course people, we share that. together. . it is not immediately made unsafe. people not evenly. that with comments I mean a lot. I find it very difficult. . you really have to work up a sweat. do with everyone. . of course I’ll show you guys that right away. again guys i want i want i. that everyone so people and that they kicked. not even what I think we will be. see us right again when we die. dunning pattern have all finished up. I will now say briefly about that. disappoint says yes this is how it looks. didn’t become like mama but. maybe there will be a form on the. put the grate in the oven. insert lower third baking time about. 360 minutes. okay, we’ll do that now. Also a baking sheet because you don’t feel like it. so have the money back if ours. cooking until we have become more beautiful. have the after about 15 minutes of baking time.

cake with a sharp knife the. length about one in the middle. First cut into the cake centimeters deep. Let stand in the tin for ten minutes. then release from the mold and on one. cake costa let it cool down. . get out of here and make it lie to me. . I forgot something I am showing. that breaks everything and makes it. but good but you are not chancellor. say i was the one time the comments. the philips no people asked what that. here it is noted but i mean. washing success that is the most important thing. so often is. I hope I need me more I wanted it now first with 0 1. I was then later in advance because I. think it will take me now. because that is you still he then I’ll do it. that now tell you just do it. later again but not like you. glow meets me four times in the video. had to be written out first. I am important or leave it. simply grown. I think that has now so yes is here. the fat I have what I do then. will. I’ll say yes later. will now put the cake in the middle. a cut so different. okay in those calls in there. . individual metals longer. cut in completely have the length. individually according to the incisive length. middle rhine and ahr over completely over it. hardly remains about it comes about and. ready for a joke close this oven. become. . . . that was already well thought over me. that always okay I have to. plan deliberately but I hope so. because of that alone we have now.

on top of that. and yes, you can do what I think. we’re going up a bit now. away that a little more space. to have. i think here. that we then try. the shocked one to the side. the girl also lying nicely me. did not find it that this a bit. purely if that again at all. can see that I do and is here. then it’s so nice right now. sometimes nice and me neither. then I don’t have to be long. I already had to start. done so it can do something. mean. that should be at the train station and we. be together and see what is but. for a bit, that’s now. it doesn’t really taste good people. yes and with that we will do it right away. the first thing we need here is one of these. small one and I’ll take a small one. piece and friends one more thing. bigger piece that will be the man. you own as a woman. a little now do something like that. little, very, very little girl that. most beautiful big makes it clear that back there. do not write in black now. face. now let’s do the ears. and when is finished maybe critical. recognize should be sharp and in addition. sink. I do the handle. . . I already have tea. . now i am doing here. you can talk about such small things. to choose is true that you want that. and then we’re not doing right here. again as good as I am and look to be. let’s take our start and continue. here will me now yes i know. that in the end again.

be bush. what I think is good when you have it permanently. that there are so many beautiful things. make of it our birthday died. suddenly hardly any fish spin. I’ve got what I can do better. could. the middle line tastes too small. . . but I’m actually really beautiful. it will be great for me we will do it again. have a sacred thing are is is is. of course see. also have to see. every child now. i think i need help for again. you can model my mama mama. should I do the 5 each. so I can somehow connect with or with. . make socks. . when we still have space. bit I think they are the same now. look for a short lighter and yes. that means we also do something like that. dear parents want something here too. okay, everything should be done first. flammable away not that I’m always here. cameraman cost. . Munich. it was the birthday. despite these yes that was that. birthday cake. quite simply it was marked waiting. I think of not knowing each other anymore how. But that’s our garden and many. that’s i think i had a kid finke. more but just find that. passed over one can also stand in the future. and i think i really need im. mini lawn mower. yes that was it again with that. beer and then see you next time. again. .


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