For beginners Bake the most delicious strawberry cake yourself – recipe and instructions / Strawberry Cake Ideas

For beginners Bake the most delicious strawberry cake yourself – recipe and instructions / Strawberry Cake


Today I’ll show you a classic strawberry cake. You can prepare the cake the day before. It suits all sorts of occasions I …
Hello my dears! Today there is a classic strawberry cake .. that is a cake that always works. And this time I also thought about it. I make it as simple as possible so that everyone can imitate it !. We’re going to make the base now and that’s not my classic sponge cake base. as you might have expected now. Because the sponge cake base is, in my opinion. also easy to do if you pay attention to every step, but it’s just that you can. separates the egg white and opens it separately and and and, Hamza even knows the procedure .. (H: * proud * yeah!). and today I thought to myself: we do it so that we bake a miracle cake .. it works like this: I now have my food processor here. and first of all put eggs in there. You don’t have to separate them, once completely pure .. then of course I have sugar here, which I also add directly with pure .. vanilla extract for the taste and then we beat the whole thing for 8 minutes at maximum speed. really nice light and creamy .. now the egg and sugar mixture is light and creamy and next we stir our liquid ingredients very briefly. with under. That would be milk and rapeseed oil. Instead of rapeseed oil, you could also use sunflower oil .. but what you must not use under any circumstances is olive oil, for example because it tastes too intense. so this is not suitable for baking in this case. So, just go in and you can see from the. packaging and bottles: of course I went shopping at Kaufland again .. and this video was also made in cooperation with my favorite supermarket Kaufland .. so and now I stir it in for a moment, just a few seconds. and then I stir flour and baking powder together .. then sift the dry ingredients in and stir in for 10 seconds. and then we fill the dough into our springform pan – I have a 24cm springform pan -. Line the base with baking paper and spread it a bit smooth .. and now we bake our base at 180 ° C top and bottom heat – in a preheated oven. this is very important – for about 40 minutes and then cover it and let it cool down completely .. while the base cools down, I take care of the strawberry cream, which is delicious and very, very fresh. because mashed strawberries were added later. But first about the whipped cream: it should come out of the fridge very cold. I just have a bowl too. and whisk attachment in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. then nothing can go wrong for you either. Fill it in once and then I slowly propose it. and then I go faster and faster and let the cream solid trickle in until it is completely stiff .. so, now the cream is stiff. It only comes to the side for a short time, now I stir the remaining ingredients. here in my bowl. There I have our trio again, namely mascarpone, low-fat quark and cream .. you can also use double cream cheese instead of mascarpone or if you say you want it. leave out completely, then I have a tip for you: then you replace the amount half and half with cream and low-fat quark. I’ll write that exactly again in the video description. if it should be too confusing now .. so, just put everything in .. lean quark also with it .. and then I have already pureed strawberries and now I sieve them too. so that I don’t have these little bits in there .. add powdered sugar and vanilla extract for the sweetness and taste. and now I take my whisk and stir it … and then I fold in the cream with a spatula … so and a little insider tip: now I have to add a little food coloring !. (H: * whispers * yes, don’t talk so loud, yes?). yes, that’s an insider tip, that’s why I speak so softly! So that it looks nice too .. (H: * whispers * Ahhhh! What a great tip, ey!). (H: But it looks really nice!).

our cream is ready, I cut the bottoms twice so that I get 3 bottoms. and now we just have to layer everything … I’ll take a cake platter for that. So I always like to place my cakes directly. on the cake platters so that I no longer have the transport later. So and there I now give the first. Put the bottom once on it, stretch a cake ring around it and then I’ll start. with a few tablespoons of the cream. And whatever else I do – because I really want to. the concentrated load of strawberries – I’ll put fresh, finely chopped strawberries in between … and when we get to the top, I’ll tell you how to go on … now apply a thin layer of cream to the surface of the cake so that it doesn’t dry out .. and then we put them in the fridge for 30 minutes so that everything sits nicely, gets nice and tight. and we can remove the cake ring. To do this, grab the baking mold remover. go there once along the edge and then you lift the cake ring. and then we still have some cream left over, I’ve already prepared everything. that you don’t have to mix a new cream. That means you still have a lot left. and then we need that again to cover everything all around .. this is a magical moment !. (H: Yes! Whoooooo!). okay, this is going to be a naked cake .. (H: That’s going to be awesome.) It’s going to be a naked cake! it looks so beautiful !. (H: It looks really nice, I would like to leave it the same now!). No, now I’ve made up my mind, now I’ll paint it all over .. (H: You will now paint it out again?) Yes, completely! (H: Ah, okay!). so, now I divide the cake into 16 pieces and then decorate it with the rest of the cream. by using a rose spout .. and of course there are also strawberries on the surface, of course! I always think strawberry cakes just look pretty, just because of the color and the fruit … if you want, you can put a little shredded coconut over them, I have them right now. spontaneously taken out of the cupboard and sprinkled a little over it .. and now the cake is ready! Please make sure to cool until the cut, this is always very important. with cream cakes. And otherwise just enjoy it! It’s extremely tasty, fluffy. So the bottom is very juicy and the cream is very fluffy and it just goes together perfectly !. As always, I’ll write the exact quantities in the video description below. and then hopefully we’ll see each other for my next recipe! Leave a free subscription. so that you don’t miss that and then I would say: Until next time! Bye, your Kiki! And the Hamza !. (H: * in a high voice * And the Hamza!).


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