For beginners Birthday Cake Infinity Roses Rose Cake Mother’s Day Cake Valentine’s Day Cake Ideas

For beginners Birthday Cake Infinity Roses Rose Cake Mother’s Day Cake Valentine’s Day Cake


Hello everyone, Today there is an Infinity Rose Cake. I think these roses are simply beautiful and thought that it would also be something as a cake …
so hello today there is one from me. infiniti cake i call her now. simply too round birthday cake. based on these infinity roses. they are always there in these. to buy boxes and I find one. cool thing. and I like it very well and. the thing and now I have this way today. a cake made i think there is one too. good idea for soy mother’s day too. Occasions for valentine’s day or when you are. simply a neutral relative. neutral cake for a woman needs. so i sometimes find ingredients whole. handy because you have to be. not much think about what hobbies more. has or whatever so one. I would say giant cake always fits. and then I wish you a lot of fun. don’t forget about the video and that. May is of course I would be happy. if you just get me for free. subscribed or a thumb up there. I am always happy to read that, of course. so first have fun with the video. so for my mom I have cake. prepared 375 grams butter 300 grams. sugar 1 packet of vanilla sugar and one. pinch of salt then I have back here. measuring cup neuneier they already have. pitched. then I have 600 grams of flour. packet of baking powder and 150 milliliters. milk yes and then I stood there now. I now give together with mine. mother. but now give the first. vanilla sugar ryan thin times that. then also give the crisis salt. add sugar then I’ll leave that now. first beat until foamy that is yes. known that he is slowly ours. step even faster and then give in. and after doing the shares again now. clear and kept taking mine. line up. that is then beaten again and again. but we are now able to do that. well we have that now i have it. the danger that the crowd will eventually.

with and now go here afterwards too. even lower then also sometimes with. baking powder nation that I’m just one. get a smooth mass and then at the very end, stir in milk. and then it is already huge I let. now run down again to it. also again quickly that needs a. a bit of time everything in there and. then hell does it. finished. so I’ve already got two thirds here. my mass my bright what just here. a filled me still in the beginning. I just listened to it and it consists of 60 grams of cocoa, 75 grams of sugar and 150 milliliters of milk, and I’m giving that now. my last third of my measurements and. Romans that again well under because I. A chocolate mama wants so and so too. then I just use the fork. you do that again carefully. so now I have circular movements. in two baking molds because otherwise. too much mass in a ring. that always packs through nicely. or it just takes forever in the oven. that’s why I’m doing it. Now two things I know okay. then just say that for an hour. like normal life and needs it. exaggerated long yes then this comes now. an oven where we are now mine. baked mother bottoms i have now. over here, of course, like that. plan for the hump I cut now. from here with my saw knife and yes. little as possible, of course, as much as. necessary and it matters to the other. and then put them together or grimm. so here i have a butter stick. actually only from 250 grams of butter. French and now only does. very little because I actually want to. just put together and that too. paint I make relatively thin that I. then just have one shift. sticks for him but what I do now too. have taken are 20 centimeters. form diameter.

I sit on top of each other and then. I will be painting. summer lures sit 100 percent fits. if I have to or should I do it again. I, of course, all the way up to. cut right. but i think that is. so make it okay, yes, and delete it now. hold my band here that it then. almost a smooth pope on top of each other. So far so good. therefore now also black on the edge. it really isn’t anymore that it is now. lives there I do not operate now either. with the lane that he really only. bind to the crumbs and then the case. sticks so then do it now. my ruth box almost now. I got the black fondant. had rolled out so relatively well sized. that should actually work out pretty well now. I actually wanted to go to. up now I have again. inches more on that so I have now. diameter of 20 centimeters and me. got at a height of 10 cm and got mine. that you measure that it fits. that I still mean up here. Well, I have almost opened the box. Then I can do the roses or. so now I have another. centimeter tape that should now then yes. the lid was choked with anger. I’ll just do that again now. down here. now have a little water. stuck on and that is absolutely abroad. and then it’s time to make roses now. start with the big ones or I have. I’ve already started here now so. one slide like this one more office slide. cut open and have six of the same. loose pieces of content in its red. of the country does that to me with mine. my hand raises and then i start. to shape the pants when I start here. on the first page and let’s turn it. here and now I just put it. the other leaves against it. I do it so that I always do so.

the net has six leaves. becomes huge and always make sure that I am there. always close the lock next to it. covered and then you can see the leaves. yes also a bit of shaping. that it’s a bit natural yes. still looking out yes I’ll take here now. six sheets because I’m not like that now. wanted to make it very small and. Then I just write it down to me. That’s why I have the cake now. downstairs actually just one. a little buttercream. that’s just holding yeah and so. I’m working my way forward now. that down here always goes along with it. the two fingers here between the. I should point finger that you. Then copy below and then set. I put the cake on it back then. the outer circle group I’m doing right now. meaning and not one of those. large distance should be underneath. attract. yes and I still work it that way. so now mr 34 rosen on it so there. it was such a good hour now. busy and it was now too approx. 200 500 300 and now I still have mine. so deliberately I make the loose bites. and that’s not so easy when. there are so many mini dramas here. just his cell phone co. I have a little bit of it. cut out plastically. by making the marzipan simple and so. this year make democracy if. you just lie around a slide and. then stands out and then there I have. thinks about it, I’ll just do that now. little hearts on it two small ones and one. bigger one could of course now too. write something on the front. in love or whatever you prefer. or happy birthday or whatever you have to. always say that makes brand. write that it is often not at all like that. so maybe easy is best. They also write on signs. glue the edge, yes, i’m still doing it.

I’ll try a little more now. a bit nice to attach. 500 grams of russian models so there was. now also busy for an hour. have too much with me right now. I missed it because I thought it was good. it’s always the same now. again the good one for me now. as a splash of color cia and then I am. I think these infiniti roses do. I think it came relatively close. somehow a really cool idea if you. that now makes the pressure at all. not because of that, although I think so. I’m very nice and another eyecatcher. yes and then the cartridge is already ready. you see i got them in there of course. now even lame cake made so. even with the quantities that is real. take a good look. of course we can do any. cake take that to you of course. left but I have now. actually the idea is to do it that way. so okay then of course i wish. you all have fun baking and. would of course be nice if we were at. next time see you again or you. turns back on or free me. subscribed to that I would of course. so there was also happy so and now. I just cut with you too. that you see so now she must. of course my big up a bit. make page. it looks like this is not at all. right this money so that you. looks oh yes in the middle I still have. a little more buttercream on it. that it’s just a little bit. optically they gradually come up. big yes otherwise it’s just time. We had cake now. taste.


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