For beginners Birthday cake Rubik’s Rubik’s Cube cube birthday cake cake Ideas

For beginners Birthday cake Rubik’s Rubik’s Cube cube birthday cake cake


Here is a Rubiks Rubik’s Cube made from marble cake The recipe for this is: 250 g margarine, 200g sugar 1Pä vanilla sugar 6 eggs 400g flour 1Pä baking powder …
so hello here silke but i’m participating. you today such a cake and that. rubik’s cube cake is a magic cube. and I also have myself for the topic. just decided because I thought so. is also a neutral topic. maybe times for adults looks quite. looking nice is actually relatively easy. also to do and everything else like that. step by step explanations that exist. now its the following video i wish. have fun watching. so now i have for it now. first baked two mum cakes. then I have enough soil and myself. now there my shape and everything. to cut out the ones I need and. then of course that goes first. Tailoring going on so i have so good now. how it went just cut the floors. I have more ground here now. so cut to about 20 to 20 and. me now just three items. cut with 10 18 and the height so. about 3.3 everything else I do now. a bit more uneven have that. I will then now with one. brush off as i am right now. along with my individual parts of the mara cake. to strike. I have an icing there now. made and actually wanted black. color but people don’t have a chance. couldn’t she be black initially. districts also matched color liquid. used color and then actually did. with my colleague today. discussed and. and said again, actually. you would need for something really beautiful. the black when you retract it like that. really want activated carbon we would need them. present on the internet of course. now it is simply submitted in gray. and brothers with black still with mine. trouble was after and then I did too. black quarrel was only once a now. my items just now. first but wondered if there was a way. but they are a little too small for me. ugly and for the reason i do.

now just like that and then I bet. hold me on top of each other for now. how it should be then and jumps. which is then with black color from that. probably the easiest option now. and I hope it works then. imagine even so meadows as one. it should still be relatively feasible. and keep the bar simplified. too time-consuming, I’ll just do that now. just as I said then to for racing can. I’ll give you the recipe again below. clean the infobox and also. for norma kuchen, that’s exactly how it will be. now handled and set with me. here. how do i do now. yes I put that a little bit offset. dice that he looks so moved. and then mean the last one. part. . so i have here now of course. all colors and fondant. cut out and I’m just here now. still sticking to the individual. share i’m really only doing here now. I still have my outer parts now. above all six colors. white yellow orange red green and so. again white yellow orange red green and. blue exactly I always have to. focus when i’m doing it speech. so and now of course always one. a bit motley approached me. not that many colors always on one. put the dice so nicely customer reason. here i have now cut out like this. 2.5 to 2.5. directly. so that’s my finished one now. cake i have everything ready now. pasted with these parts. I hope you like it as much as I do. now have one here on the edge. little parts glued yes and if. it’s also a relatively neutral topic. sometimes for a cake when you sometimes. also with white or for adults.

and of course I wish you a lot. fun baking if you want something like that. want to do how is he now like it. goes. OK until next time.


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