For beginners Birthday cake to go with Stampin` UP! Ideas

For beginners Birthday cake to go with Stampin` UP! Ideas

Hello my dears!! Today I have a small gift box for you in which you can take your birthday cake with you. I wish you a lot of fun with …
. hi dear ones today i want to join tinker with you a packaging and that. I have baptized the birthday cake. to go because from the outside it looks like. a normal box closed. I have the one with a banderole and. if you open that you have in here. matches a candle and here is missing. the cake already fits in there. little book for example about the purple cow. I guess you know which ones are there. my how you tinker this packaging. and what you would need for it. now i’m not going to say that. I guess you all find it like always. also on my homepage. first you need cardboard me. have now taken sahara sand in 27 times. 16 you need a for the inner piece. pieces in 15 by 10. the banderole is three centimeters and. a din a4 length is 29.7. then i have a little piece. for the sign on top in sahara sand that is 95 x 51 in Fürst that it is 8.5 x 5. then we need designer paper. now i have the color rococo pink. taken. that’s the new designer paper and. the new basement color the piece is 95. x 85 then we have three pieces in the. 9,5 x 2 5 and 4 pieces in 85 x 25 but. as I said all measured. you can also find it on my homepage. I already got myself with our star. shimmer flash paper four times with the. 4 2 punched out we’ll take that. just for decoration. but we start to touch and. although we begin with the big piece. We’ll put that first with the long one. side on and fold at 3 cm. I’ll put that to the right now then. I turn the whole thing around and then go. it continues at 12 at 15 and again at 24 so either. now at 24 or on the right again at 3. then we insert it upright and. fold once right and left at 3 cm. so turn once by 180 degrees and.

again at 3 cm. that was the big piece the piece in 15. times 10 folds so we succeed for a long time. side on and then if me once at 5. then it goes on at 8. and again at 11 that’s it from. price ago. so let’s fold the small piece. we have folded that from this side. Right, we set things as normal as we do. always do that and the two short ones. I’ll do it that way. This is how it is set up and glued in afterwards. then we had the big piece again. then we have to do a little more. cut and I times all the squares. at 123456 because we get stuck. I always cut upright now. up to the coming if one and weird. something to me when I cut with it. only now to the right of the palatinate and. obliquely me that on this and on the other. side we cut to the left of the palatinate. and bevel that and here then again. right of the case so that the. rectangles are cut straight here. do the same on the other side. we cut on the left also with the first one. put off a bit from the palatinate and in. the middle then again to the right of. the vehicles and then the next. tee off again on the left and one last. once more from the right and put off. then had everything. tailored. that comes to the side as. next we glue the designer. on paper and we have it there once. the big piece that doesn’t matter whether you stick it to the right or left then. we just have to pay attention to it right away. we managed to get to the box. glue together. the long ones come to the right in the. middle and left and the shorter ones come. each to the outside. I just glued everything on. and then I’ll be right back like that. everything glued to the side where we glued the big designer paper.

that will be the lid. that means these four have to stick. now on the ground i’m starting now. on this side and stuck it to the ground. speaks a class and then inside. make sure that it is flush. then we do the other. side and also here that is nice and flush. you can still enjoy the good things about the raffle. Slide a little and take it now. we leave these two and glue them. I sometimes say that to this side. So we have the ground here and follow. these two have to leave now. here and there. and always stick beautifully flush. could fit on edge and so better. namely then the lid. before we now glue the lid. I take a whole one more. the smallest circle we started in. moment still have half an inch and. I am doing this in the middle by eye. don’t want that now you can do that. you can also measure a small one. intervene and then I make the beg. once to. yes that’s good and then we can. glue that too. I’ll put this down for me now. flat and put the glue on me now. flap here on the side and fold it. the big rectangle just around the same. I do the same on the other side. I also put on the glue. the page should now of course at. archway be careful that you. doesn’t spill on the side because then. click the box completely and then. I’ll get that over too. and then we can open it and. press against it again from the inside and. so the box itself would be almost. finished, we now have the other piece and what is up here. this is how it looks when you folded it. have and this triangle that we clarify. together now. i fill one side with turbo.

it just works around and then if. when about it and when you do that now. so you have a short and. a slightly wider side is the short one. comes to the front of the box so. does that come in there. whether you stick that on now. You can decide for yourself, I’ll do it. me just a little tombo on it. it doesn’t take much an is important. keep the short side in front. because that is the subject where. the matches and candles come in. if you are different now and stick. it’s not that bad then you have. the cake in front and the matches. and the candle in the back. that wouldn’t be that bad either. then I press it properly. close it again and then it can. first to the side. then we still have a piece in. saharasand red whisper white then take. I now punch more enchantingly. you get trailers in a bundle with the. stamp set enjoyable size then. let’s use the saying right away. down here I wish you one. enjoyable birthday and herewith. Now let’s punch the piece for ourselves. in sahara sand beautiful on both sides. in the middle and through to the back. we do the same with the slide. piece in whisper white also from both. and then you can get off you can. already to the side. the throwing was itself on the piece. We are now stamping ourselves in whisper white. still the saying in memento schwaben. it is best not to grip the ink pad. so he should now with me on it. goes so brade and then I take myself. a second battery block and that. then take an ink pad in rococo pink. I’m just a little bit of color now. now and then I take one of ours. with pens from the local paper now I’ll take it. me just with the pen. bit of color and struck me here. these sprinkles from the stamp imprint.

so get the stamp imprint right away. a little bit of color and I have that. color now simply chosen to match the. designer paper there you can of course. also take any other color and if so. you are done stroking your pen. just look out and that’s how it looks. he can still get out of that as to that. side next let’s go now. the banderole i imagine the box. on top and lies the color cardboard for me. just brushing around the box pushes it. that’s a little bit in the eye now. I now have no measure for I have. now just the whole length of sharp. cardboard taken by adina many. living in such a way that then close. we all pay attention to it. glue so that it is not glued too tightly. So it’s going to be a bit vice. play and then let’s turn it on. one side at the edge above a bit. tomic from the outside and on the other side. a little bit from the inside that’s enough. does not need to be. here is in front and then we lie down. that’s why it’s best flush so that that. here in the mythical flush. lies on top of each other. then we can open it once. sometimes after pressing and then you can. we’ll look soon. that’s fine now, not too easy. too tight then comes the big one. label the clip I flat I do it. me now just here between them. both score a little bit of tombo that. I now lay down nicely in the middle of the. box. then comes our punched out. I now glue four branches to myself too. just go with a bit of tombo. and i have fingers look again. before tom buhrow the 40th click on the white with the. benefits people. 4. Since of course now make sure that you have the right to hook the saying we have.

here at the front and it’s coming now. just add it up here and now. I sit there in rococo pink. two stones drive each on the. holes then let’s take them. huge. my claim is not quite central. well that’s hand-made, isn’t it so that. others come back to the front. I’ll open it up again. so as I said here is the cake. but that was my project for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you a lot of fun watching and. when re-tinkering if you have any questions. or order the products from stamp. I would like you can you guys with me. report until the next time.


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Stamping Paper Toppers is the perfect way to add some color and texture to your traditional birthday cake. You can find these stamps at art supply stores and online. When using Stamping Paper Toppers, you can choose from a variety of different patterns, including heart, star, birthday, floral, butterflies or just about anything else you can imagine. They are usually used to decorate cakes but can also be used for other special occasions.


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