For beginners Candy Drip Cake Strawberry Cake with COCONUT Surprise | Birthday cake simply cream cheese biscuit Ideas

For beginners  Candy Drip Cake Strawberry Cake with COCONUT Surprise |  Birthday cake simply cream cheese biscuit


Strawberry cake recipe with light cheese cream on Viennese sponge cake; disguised as a candy drip cake with a great coconut surprise 🙂 A great birthday cake in the …
hello dear ones today there is one. wonderfully delicious fluffy strawberry cake. which are perfect as 70 or even as. candy cache camouflaged the whole should. the birthday cake for mine. become sister-in-law and I had. no plan at all in my head what i do. I wanted to do exactly I knew it should. something with strawberries and best of all. with lots of sweets there. you can see it now in the. video first of all i prepare one. Surprise layer for on top. because I like the combination of coconut plus. strawberries I really like one. white ganache with desiccated coconut. I simply prepared for it. qualitative white chocolate with hot. Cream melted and poured over the cocoons. rast finds so everything whole sees it. whole thing should now cool down well. get a bit harder in the. in the meantime I’m already preparing one. very tasty fresh cheese and cream. Unfortunately for me the powdered sugar is missing. had i am just once. without further ado in one. food processor made taking it. of course not quite a report but. The whole thing was rather fine sugar. but still worked very well two. tablespoon of it in the saane to look for the whole thing and then give it. we of course add a salad or cream. stiff to it a little vanilla fitted and one. few drops of lemon aroma and the cream. is beaten stiff I touch at. small speed spoon for. spoon in the cream cheese and when the. creamy mass finished touches comes. Put them in the fridge for a while. In the meantime, I’ll get my bizkit. floors by cutting this I had. I already baked the evening before. Of course, I also link you in. the only difference is the right recipe. the recipe is that i added 50 grams of liquid butter. all the details and the exact ones. I am writing to you about quantities. of course, as always, in the infobox below.

before I put the cake together. I’ll cut another cake. cardboard so that I have this under. can lay the last biscuit. so you can see places very easily. transport to another plate. and the whole thing is just a little more stable. I fear the lowest biscuit too. some milk and then I’ll give one. good portion of strawberry. raspberry jam on top that is mine and ours. current favorite jam. for that I have to have you guys too. make a video it should be on everyone. fall a little sugar poor and. be fruity jams on this one. I then cream some of the cream cheese. spread the whole thing carefully that will. namely a little with the. Mix the jam and then I give. the second floor on it was something again. fresh cheese cream and then come. fresh strawberries for use these have. I cut into small pieces. so that they look good in the cake. distribute and you end up not like that. you don’t have huge pieces there. can cut through now I still press. the third soil well. then comes fresh cheese cream again. Of course, make sure that you always. roughly the same amount of cream. uses every layer evenly. is then delicious strawberries on it again. and the whole thing with the last floor closed. fold with the cream the leftover. I deny the edge of the cake. I leave the lid free because there comes. now our crocus on it. but the cake can still be used beforehand. a while in the refrigerator with it. cream becomes a little firmer and if possible. i always think about the cakes well beforehand. so that you do not have any odors from the. fridge assumes that I find us. not at all appetizing. if they then become somewhat more stable. I carefully give the cocoons. Channel on the lid of the biscuit can.

should tear pretty quickly because of it. very carefully painted the garage. for me there is such a thing. breakfast knife works best. I try the whole thing of course. to be spread evenly. and then the cake should be again for. in the refrigerator for a while. so that it can get pretty solid. and in the meantime I’m preparing the. chocolate sauce before which i’m equal for. I need the chip kate effect for it. I wait until the chocolate and something. butter melted in the microwave and. mix both ingredients until I get one. nice homogeneous mass get the. Chocolate sauce should of course be good. Be cool before we put them on the. give cake and the cake should be straight. comes out of the fridge on the internet. I read that you can do this. droplet effect works best. that you can, for example, with a latte macchiato. the spoon only begins at the edges. Let chocolate run down. so you have evenly at the cake. everywhere such droplets subsequently. Of course, you still cover the whole. surface and yes i have that now. not so beautiful but. I’m also not a professional cake. optics are concerned. for me, that always counts first. good taste. before the bombastic decoration on it. which is also an essential part of. this cake is i have the cake. put the sauce in the fridge for about a quarter of an hour. to get stuck on it easily. but can’t be absolutely bombproof because we. all the decorative items have to be. can impress and I have mine. also a bit of the melted one. chocolate which I then call. glue used for the candy. so that they really do not benefit from the. Pie falling down next to fresh ones. I have many different strawberries. sweets taken as decoration.

including pistachios and chocolate. cranberries chocolate biscuits small. sliced ​​caramels and before. especially focus chips with caramel. they were really delicious. I bought it the last time I was in France and it fits. of course on this cake like a fist. on the eye because I already have this. I made coconut the same way. It was a good selection of sweets. not an exaggerated amount so that the whole. was actually eaten on. of course I would like to have that. cake cut immediately resembles it. but on my birthday party. I took my sister-in-law with me. Of course not, but I have the camera. taken with you and yourself at. cutting the cake filmed with it yours. have an impression like the cake from the inside. unfortunately it looked so hectic. that I didn’t record a good one at all. could do but can assure you. that cake was eaten ratz fatz and. it tasted really great. I hope you could enjoy a delicious one. they usually give inspiration themselves. cake to bake for more delicious. Do not forget recipes and beautiful videos. subscribe to my channel and attract. activate then you always get. a notification when there is something new. from me I wish you a lot of fun. while baking and I hope we are with. a next video bit then again.


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