for beginners CAPRICORN APRIL 2021 ♑️ They are grief stricken over losing You! KARMA!!! ♑️ Capricorn tarot reading İdeas

for beginners CAPRICORN APRIL 2021 ♑️ They are grief stricken over losing You! KARMA!!! ♑️ Capricorn tarot reading İdeas

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holy crap capricorn.
you're not gonna believe this one wow.
i'll tell you what.
somebody's gonna be grieving over losing.
but you're not turning back.
let's see where this is going hello.
capricorn welcome to your.
april 2021 tarot reading this will be a.
wall breed love comes in many forms it.
could be.
work related it could be.
romance it could be family it could be.
however it resonates if it resonates at.
which brings me to my next point this is.
not going to resonate with every.
but take what does leave the rest behind.
roles can be vice versa.
as well and also.
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okay without further ado we are going to.
go ahead and get into the energies.
holy spirit angels spirits and guides.

clarity messages and.
guidance please for my capricorns.
what are the messages for capricorns.
okay let's see what we have so far.
we have the page of wands.
tar uh pisces can't our aries leo.
sagittarius energy.
we have the seven of wands.
we have the eight of cups.
and we have the um.
queen of pentacles.
taurus virgo capricorn.
we have the nine of swords.
nine of cups whoa.
we have the um.
knight of cups in the reverse.
and we have the full card.
wow capricorn four more cards please.
spirit four more cards.
more page energy we have the page of.
we have the three of wands the gemini.
libra aquarius energy.
here two more.
we have the sun in the reverse.
allele energy and we have the eight of.
under the deck.
we have the chariot cancerian energy.
we have the knight of swords.
gemini libra aquarius and we have the.
six of cups.
wow wow wow wow wow okay.
and we have judgment.
i tell you what capricorn somebody wants.
a reconciliation.
somebody wants to reconcile they want to.
come in and set things right they want.
because they know that they cause some.
heartache and pain.
and you may be even holding on to that.
pain and that heartache that that person.
has caused.
and you might be making a decision.
that they're not gonna like anyhow let's.
see where this is going here.
okay we have an energy here that you.
there may have been some passionate.
or even some heated communication.

that was very overwhelming okay.
it was very overwhelming and you.
chose to be in your power you chose to.
to be do the practical thing.
you were cho you chose to be in your own.
and look out for your own interests and.
move on from this person.
because you just couldn't take it.
anymore you couldn't take the back and.
with this person okay and.
you decided to finally take the reins.
and take control.
okay you i felt like you were being.
pulled in multiple directions in two.
different directions with this person.
and it was just back and forth back and.
forth energy.
and it was just so overwhelming to you.
and it just didn't make sense for you to.
keep this up.
and you knew that you had to make a.
practical decision here you knew that.
you had to look out for your own.
interests and it feels like that this ex.
of yours.
was not it okay you you you kind of like.
gave up on any hope.
that this connection was going to come.
back together or this connection was.
going to work itself out.
so you decided okay i'm not gonna allow.
myself to be pulled.
in two directions anymore i'm not gonna.
allow myself to be torn apart.
i'm not gonna be weak about this anymore.
i'm gonna stand up i am gonna i i need.
to walk away i need to abandon this.
and have big and my victory lies with.
when i walk away from this that is the.
energy this could be.
recent past or this could be.
very very near future like on your.
okay and as you do this.
you're going through and following your.
wish fulfillment you're no longer.
worrying about this situation and you.
you want a new and you're going off on a.

new beginning a new path here.
okay and and as you go on that new path.
and take a risk.
a leap of faith in a new direction maybe.
even an in a new connection.
because i feel like somebody is rushing.
in towards you somebody new.
okay but i also feel as though that.
because we got two nights here.
okay we have two knights that are coming.
in towards you.
we have somebody new that's coming in.
with truth.
who is very focused who who wants to.
start something with you.
they're coming in and they're speaking.
their truth meanwhile we have this other.
night here that.
caused that heartache that caused that.
who wants to talk reconciliation with.
but at the same time.
it's like you're looking at this as.
being unrealistic.
because they hurt you in the past and.
you kind of dropped that burden.
now they are really worried about.
whether you are going to be open to.
taking them back or not.
they're worried about you starting over.
on this new beginning.
because i feel like you are making a.
judgment call.
that is best for you okay.
i feel like this person.
is definitely caught up in their head.
they're not sleeping.
they're very obsessed they're very then.
they got to get you back and.
it's when you move on that they realize.
what what did i do what you know.
how could i have lost my capricorn.
okay they and they don't expect it.
they don't expect somebody else to come.
rushing in onto the scene.
okay and then and i feel like coming up.
in april by the end of the month.
you're going to have to be faced with a.

a head over heart decision i feel like.
that you are going to be speaking your.
truth here.
with this page of swords.
you're going to be speaking your truth.
you you are like making your plans for.
your future you was like.
you've made the decision that.
it's time to move forward.
and with the sun reversed here this per.
x this is an x here.
this x this person from your past.
is not going to be happy about it okay.
you know they're because they thought.
for sure they they had the confidence.
that you were gonna take them back no.
matter what and when.
and i feel like you're not taking them.
back i feel like you are putting your.
time your energy and your work into.
something new.
and your person from your past is not.
going to be very happy about that.
okay let's get some clarifiers here.
and i feel like that you are definitely.
moving towards success.
but somebody doesn't want to be.
forgotten and that's.
that's very plain as day.
and i just feel like they.
and they oh they are watching you move.
on and they're not happy.
okay spirit tell me about the page of.
wands please.
tell me about this page of wands.
tell me about the page of wands okay we.
have the tower moment.
this is definitely a situation where.
i think your ex caused a tower moment.
because they went up we got the six of.
here and two of swords okay.
i think that there is a tower moment.
because the ex could not get off the.
fence and make a decision.
okay i feel like that.
the conversations then going back and.

that was overwhelming to you and you.
deciding to walk away.
hit them like a ton.
of bricks it's like whoa.
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute.
wait a minute.
hold on capricorn what are you doing.
wait wait wait hold on.
because they have been just so.
okay yeah and even my dog is putting his.
two cents in.
saying capricorn keep on going.
right but i feel like you took that.
totally by surprise tell me about this.
seven of swords.
three seven ones reverse please seven.
and ones reverse i don't know why i said.
seven of swords maybe though.
it'll pop up okay seven of ones reversed.
is the three.
of cups yes.
your person your ex had a choice between.
your ex drew you into a third party.
that was just too much for you to handle.
it was just too.
overwhelming tell me about the eight of.
cups please.
tell me about the eight of cups.
eight of cups energy please eight of.
tell me about the eight of cups come on.
come on do your thing tell me about the.
eight of cups okay thank you.
okay we have the hereford you could be.
dealing with the taurus not saying.
but this definitely was this was a.
higher level commitment.
um either you were married.
or you lived as if you were married.
maybe you weren't married on paper but.
you used to refer to this person as your.
or your wife and vice versa.
okay this was like a very highly.

relationship that you chose to walk away.
because they drew you into a third party.
okay and they couldn't get off the fence.
and make a decision which one that they.
so now that you're walking away they're.
like whoa wait.
whoa hold on capricorn you know.
tell me about the queen of pentacles.
tell me okay we have the knight of.
swords okay.
so you made this decision on a dime um.
you know you know that old saying about.
turning on a dime.
sudden focused you know that's the.
energy i'm getting from you capricorn.
very focused you know once you made your.
mind up that you were gone.
you were focused you were going straight.
forward and you.
were not turning back.
tell me about the.
chariot please tell me about the chariot.
okay we've got aries energy here aries.
taurus energy with the emperor.
you know you took control you you've.
it's like this x of yours.
had total control of how the direction.
of this relationship.
and then you turned the tables on them.
you took control back and you were.
moving forward towards.
victory okay and.
that and you became your you became the.
and you and now it's you calling the.
shots and i think you're calling the.
shots and saying.
sorry see ya is what i'm getting.
tell me about the nine of swords please.
some yeah somebody's having sleepless.
nights somebody is.
deeply regretting the third party.
deeply regretting the third party.
they're remorseful they are feeling the.
loss they can't.
sleep over losing you i mean it's real.
they are grief stricken over losing you.

tell me about them get all the words up.
um the eight of rods with the nine of.
so this is telling me that you are.
moving forward very quickly.
towards your wish fulfillment because.
you're releasing.
this past here.
so that's what i'm getting here they.
are grief stricken.
over losing you and you are moving.
forward very quickly with your.
towards your wish fulfillment.
okay tell me about and they're regretful.
for their behavior for their cheating.
okay you know it's like unrealistic.
attitudes but i feel more like with this.
night of.
cups reverse when i see the knight of.
cups reverse i think of a cheater.
tell me about the knight of cups reverse.
tell me about the night of cups reversed.
you got the king of pentacles tara's.
virgo capricorn.
kind of funny we have the king and queen.
on the board so i do feel this was a.
soul tie.
i do feel that this was a true match.
even a soulmate connection.
because that's what it's like.
it was divinely guided it was meant to.
be but they screwed up.
they screwed it up right and now.
this knight of pentacles who was once.
loyal faithful great provider.
generous decided to give his cup to a.
third party.
and breadcrumb you and now he's.
regretting it and like i said it could.
be vice versa.
male female could be vice versa as well.
okay tell me about the full card please.
tell me about the full card.
okay we have the high priestess.
she talks about being she is divinely.
guided by her intuition.
and i feel as though you know.
you capricorn may be trying to keep.

under the surface you might be trying to.
you're not revealing anything to any.
about this new beginning but i feel with.
this page of swords some.
this this person your ex is watching you.
and knows even no matter even if you're.
not to let that anybody else know what's.
going on with you.
because i feel like you don't want your.
ex to know what's going on in your life.
because you decide to close that door.
are jiggling that door knob and they're.
trying to open it.
they're looking through the peephole and.
to see what and spying on what you're.
and despite you trying to keep it hidden.
they kind of know okay.
um or else they find.
out when it's too late.
tell me about this knight of swords.
energy yeah somebody's rushing.
in with an offer something solid.
this is like an offer of a lifetime.
coming into coming towards you.
tell me about this page of swords.
we got the seven of pentacles so i think.
the conversation you are going to have.
with this ex is.
listen i'm sorry i've waited i was.
i waited and waited and waited for a.
long time with that three.
it could be three months it could be.
three years.
i'm feeling three years to be honest but.
it's like somebody saying i'm sorry.
uh you took too long.
i got tired of waiting i got tired of.
putting my life.
on hold and i am moving forward.
and they are not going to be happy about.
this okay.
tell me about the three of wands.
the king of rods so you might be dealing.
with an aries leo or sagittarius.
um i feel like that this is somebody.

else that's coming into your life.
you see your vision with somebody else.
not with the ex because they took too.
tell me about the sun in reverse.
and this new person is offering a lot of.
passion as well.
sun in reverse.
okay what we have we have the hermit.
virgo energy and we also have the three.
of swords.
okay so what i feel is that.
you know so i i hate to say this and i'm.
not saying this to make you feel bad for.
ex because really what they did to you.
you shouldn't feel bad but they're very.
they are going to be totally distraught.
and they're going to feel like the.
world's falling apart.
they're going to go into isolation mode.
they're going to be by themselves and.
they are going to be hurting.
that's plain and simple it's it's like.
the tightest turn the table has turned.
and almost.
you know i've i would almost expect.
well we do have judgment here i was.
gonna say justice.
but judgment is karma.
oh my god three of swords three of.
karma for the broken heart holy.
crap wow okay.
somebody's getting their karma for.
causing a broken heart.
somebody's getting their karma um.
okay tell me about this eight of.
pentacles please.
you got the hangman in reverse and you.
got the lovers in reverse.
wow this is saying you're you are you're.
blocking this person because aids can be.
blocks as well.
you are blocking this person and you're.
putting work into something new.
wow this relationship was broken they.
betrayed your trust here.

they kept you hanging on for so long.
while you waited for them to make the.
right decision and do what was right.
and they failed miserably and now you.
are bought i see you in the future.
blocking them completely.
and moving on in a new direction uh tell.
me about the six of cups.
six cups could also be representing as.
far as something new.
um something harmonious just saying.
okay we have them the moon card.
i feel i think you were going to try to.
yeah you're going to be blocking this.
person and trying everything to keep.
them in the dark.
they know that you're moving on with.
somebody else.
but i think you are going to mask it you.
are going to hide things you are not.
going to.
let them know one inkling of the.
progress of your relationship.
in the in your new relationship you.
don't want them to know jack.
it's what i'm getting it's like i didn't.
when you cheated on me when you chose a.
third party when you draw.
drew me in when you when you wrecked our.
like a wrecking ball you didn't care.
but now that i'm moving towards.
happiness and i'm getting my wish.
and things are moving in my direction.
and everything's going right for me now.
and now you want to come back and try to.
disrupt my life again.
hell no is what i'm getting i'm getting.
you saying hell no.
no no and and.
and just to keep trying to keep them at.
i think you're going to block them on.
social media you're going to block them.
on your phone.
maybe even unfriend and block people.

that they are associated with.
because you're the hell or high water.
you don't want that your ex to know.
what is going on in your life and.
we've got the nine of swords again you.
know and.
it's going to take strength and courage.
to do this.
but you're going to be leaving they're.
going to be worried.
and they are going to be caught up in.
their head they're going to be obsessed.
over you finding new love.
and you finding your power and you know.
what it's their justice.
justice is being served there's the.
justice card.
and they are going to get the justice.
that they exactly deserve.
wow wow wow what a freaking reading.
what a reading holy cow.
new love there you go capricorn you got.
new love.
absolutely you got new love.
because the universe recognized that you.
deserve it.
you did not deserve what your ex put you.
through you deserve true love.
because unrequited love is talking about.
something not being reciprocated and.
falseness you know it feels.
because they didn't you were.
breadcrumbed okay.
and in your mind you're saying if you.
loved me.
you would never have done this to me you.
would never have deceived me.
and i think oh the unrequited love could.
also be you saying.
i'm sorry i don't feel the same way.
they're trying to tell you that you and.
them are true love you two are meant to.
be together but i think you're telling.
that ex i'm sorry i don't feel the same.
way anymore i'm moving on.
i found new love i deserve true love.
wow heavy here.

i am so happy for you capricorn and i'm.
happy for myself because i'm a capricorn.
i'm a capricorn son and.
i get this.
going with the flow not fighting it you.
know you got this new love coming.
just going with it going with that flow.
because you have this inner knowing that.
this is your person.
and going with the flow and healing.
and you know being and you're going to.
be grateful.
thankful to the universe for delivering.
a wonderful future.
with somebody that deserves you.
okay well that's what i have for you.
capricorn i love you all.
and blessed be.


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