for beginners Chatting with the pictures: A photo of a cold Texas and the heat about a power outage İdeas

for beginners Chatting with the pictures: A photo of a cold Texas and the heat about a power outage


Welcome to chatting the pictures. Every two weeks we present a short, lively video discussion between Michael Shaw, Editor of Reading the Pictures, and …
. Welcome to chat the pictures. My name is Cara Finnegan and I am a. Writer teacher and historian of. Photography. and i’m michael shaw, i’m a writer a. Psychologist and also editor of. Read pictures. last week texas fell into a crisis. according to historical. Cold weather system left a lot of that. State without water or electricity. the extent of the disaster that was. widely attributed to climate change. exposed the politics of the state. Independence and excessive dependence on. fossil fuel. walking around this photo with a lot of guilt. was taken by Tamir Khalifa for the new. York times. In the picture we can see downtown Austin in the background and a dark suburb in the foreground. hit by rolling power outages that you know. we usually like to read. left to right but one of the things. That’s so interesting about this picture. is that it requires us to read correctly. On the left our eyes are drawn first. to this skyline to this area of ​​more. Light in the city. and then we are pulled from this row to the left. of cars in the foreground. and then we finally land on it. Pinprick of light. these are these people in this car and all. In this way the photo tells only one kind of story of what happened. by the way it moves your eyes. This photo is similar to. others from austin as well as from. Dallas and Houston too that were. posted on social media which the. Lights on the city center. while the other areas sat in the dark and it is understandable that. The citizens would be frustrated and angry. about the rolling blackouts. Load that the electricity was. unfairly distributed. it represents a kind of separation in

Texas. about how much they have deregulated theirs. Energy. How much did you decide to go it alone? So you are not associated with any. national or regional power grids. Governor accused. Wind power if indeed their climate. Denial obscures the fact that. Climate change had a huge role in creating an event. So you know what we are. look is. really where much of the blame fell on it. but was misdirected. People just felt that way. literally left out in the cold. Yeah, it’s just hard not to see that. Photo as a microcosm. for all that right the big versus. little light against darkness. all these visual juxtapositions. really serve as a microcosm. for the chaos that Texas power is the. Complex of elements in the picture really. Talk to the news storyteller. Photography these days. from the radiant skyline to the. darkened house. against this darkened light pole. the sky and to these two people. Retreat to the car like a shelter. A kind of mechanized campfire. the images about fragmentation and. Isolation and handover to the. dark and the cold of what is supposed to be. be modern civilization. and instead we almost get that. apocalyptic image that ultimately is. so ironic because the texas credo is everything. Over. Freedom and rugged individualism and that. ultimate message here. lack of heat electricity or even running. Water you are on your own friend.


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