For beginners Children’s birthday cake insanely simple & delicious 🎂 Ideas

For beginners Children’s birthday cake insanely simple & delicious 🎂


Hello, today I am making a cake for a children’s birthday party, this is easy to make and totally delicious. Ingredients for the filling: 100 g sugar 600 ml cream …
hello today i’m packing as one. kids birthday cake. it is very simple, however. Sweet as sugar and you don’t need many. ingredients yes then i want fun. watch and wagon. . for this we need a discrete floor. how I made it but I link it. you guys up here I only have that. Ingredients halls picture as there is a small one. cake should be. the cake ring to 18 centimeters. asked and at the end a half. packet of confetti stirred that. were about 50 grams. and we need these ingredients for. fill up and to dispute the cake. 100 grams of sugar 600 milliliters of cream. 600 grams of cream cheese three packets. vanilla sugar a packet of salad and. food color will be pink first. the cream stiff with a little salad. beaten then I present them briefly. side and interrogate the cream cheese. sugar and the vanilla sugar. together. . and now the cream is great too. I used a larger cream. bowl overfilled. so now comes the rest of the time. sauna bath added. with a dollop of rosander. food coloring i want that. cakes cream in pink but you could. also any color green blue. would definitely look cute too. now i’m already putting that on myself. lower biscuit bottom right. there is a bib and drum again. the cake ring thanks to the concert is. the bite war floor already. motley now comes in alternation. sunscreen with the dry floor. then yes I put the cakes. cream for about an hour in the. fridge just like the rest. cake cream so the time is up now. the cake ring can also be removed. and now i deny the cake completely.

thick on all sides with the pies. cream. now i paint it with a palette. edge and the surface a little smoother it. doesn’t have to be too smooth because I do. another pattern in the dead. prank. . yes now let’s take a little one. angle palette at hand if you have this. you can also like to have something away from home. take a small spoon for it and. stroke the edge with the pallets. along until I arrive above approved. . i prefer the pattern. surface further to the middle and. if something goes wrong or it doesn’t. looks the way you want then. just paint some dead cream. over it again and then you can again. continue with the pattern. to decorate the cake i use. it completes the rest. I look after the lower margin. . yes i already have his. opened in a piping bag. filled the cake with swabs. decorated yes and in the end I have. the rest of the confetti over the. dabs scattered and so is mine. cute, motley children. birthday cake ready. that was an example of how to get one. simple children’s birthday parties there. can produce. I hope you enjoyed the concept. and then I say goodbye until next time.


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