For beginners Chocolate cake with smarties like in the good old days I birthday cake Ideas

For beginners Chocolate cake with smarties like in the good old days I birthday cake


Hello my dears. Today I have a chocolate cake with smarties for you guys. I still know him from my childhood. Always like to …
hello dear ones today i have one. super juicy and tasty. chocolate cake with chocolate kiss and. smarties for you there are going on right away. the ingredients and the preparation. As always, you can find the recipe below in the. infobox. first of all we need that should. ideally the room should be warm. it continues here with buscher die. should be warm in the room we need. besides, never here i have sugar and. vanilla sugar also baked cocoa milk. and baking powder will be the first. now bushes with sugar and. vanilla sugar stirred until smooth. little by little the eggs are now. stirred into it. now of course there will be flour. Baking powder and bacau belonged in and. just before all the ingredients are used. the milk comes with it. the chocolate dough is then cut into a. box shape I already filled it. greased and selected I have the. length of the box shape now unfortunately not. in the head but then write it down in the infobox where you can find the quantities. takes place at 180 degrees above and below the heat. the cake then comes into the. preheated oven for about 50 to. The random sample opens for 60 minutes. in any case because it could be that he. just not finished yet or just. it takes a little longer. I already have kuchen glasow. melted and it is now on the. Overturned cake that has already cooled down. distributed and of course at the end. smarties sprinkled over it but I think. gummy bears always look great too. it could also be complete. take other. the delicious chocolate cake is ready with. smarties I hope you have the recipe. like. please send me your photos with the. hashtag bakery on instagram and. facebook and then hopefully up to. my next video.


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