For beginners Craftupdate / cards / birthday cake kit Ideas

For beginners Craftupdate / cards / birthday cake kit


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hello together with your own. strength day. i have been back in the last week. I wanted to start tinkering with her. show and what has wobbled there. we should ask something about the post. for one, I started with these. small birthday cake builds there. I have taken over the packaging. fiddled around a bit and with that. i am now satisfied with the end result. in there then sits so from yes this and that. I simply created on the pc and. printed out and then I have another. few more wrappings crafted. portion of this one that we bought in greece but then i did. ever as a pioneer then i have. nor that she ever did and this one. that the completely finished and then have. I don’t finish a couple of those now. are I have no more magnets and. then you just have blanco first. calmly. that’s that then i have this. packaging made for a friend. where tomorrow is going, I have. just give me some bath salts. Candles to relax took place in this one. thing and I wanted you to have one. Unfortunately, little things can be added. pack. then has besides long for the birthday. I wanted it for free then. try it out and just have this. little books here I made that. you guys from them not yet because I. wondering if I will give this away soon. there I stop yes I can someone the. at the beginning a few little goodies. with plugged in, maybe raffle that. might want and therefore I show. you that not even now but. just from the outside and then have. I just got a few more cards. I only did one two others. but did things for one. surprise spot therefore important the. not yet show actually. to be started again a few days ago. I was just like that.

I had the course today. the hole and then just got to the beginning. so it makes completely completely completely the poster. it’s not nice that this engagement. I got mine from sandra. advent calendar from her and then have. just a little bit glued here. a bit pronounced as I said. really nothing big then i have. this commitment has taken advantage of that. also in the advent calendar and a saying. on it stamped indesign paper. selected and a few stones and. then came so slowly so slowly came I could have had it again then. we serviced this card there it had. I was given such a rose. prefabricated and which admitted the. can assemble it myself that has. out of it then I have this little one. map made here then exactly that. the urus lamps that i just got. I got this card. my mother belatedly for her birthday. when i visit they drive for lures. that’s all just a little. difficult because this one person regulation. right now exists and yes i have one. few more siblings up to us. alternate and I probably farther away from. therefore it can then be retrospectively. with that disks occean worked and. stenzel. I have to buy a few more. on stan initially but little by little. stop then I still have this one. simple map made that is too. already gone for post and then i have. this one made that was this stamp. time from exile I’ve never had that before. used by then and I just thought. I have to use it now and have it. made her this card and then had it. I’m on my advent calendar. creative and this denzel and have it. I have to wrap it up. look exactly once I have this one. I don’t open it right away. the card on it and at least I’ll do it. Aufleger there alone is health.

Only because the alcohol brand is through otherwise. press on the cards and yes there comes. also with the briefly the present. then i did this i got myself. so in love with this stenzel that I am. really, really lust for it is waiting for something. close. so this video proves past 72nd make new year’s eve cards but that struck me. also not so much I have there too. no sayings to stamp and then. I just let them celebrate and. the system just a nice nice one. I like the birthday card very much. this says readers are out of action das. I have the tape at the depot and the. stamp is from colic and too good. Finally, I still have this card. made the same as the two. cities his colleague the stamp set. from mama elephant I still have it with me. you that i believe this title. don’t know exactly i just got it. At that time I had also been through. piece in the advent calendar from sandra. and I had one because creatively colorful. I think the advent wreath is so cool. very happy about it and I will. of course try to work with. yes you live what we say that was it. but now I only have one. little something done and who one. think about what else to do. I’m working on a photo album. I think he can show it. quickly by no unfortunately not because there. are still no photo sony so wishes. first of all I have a nice rest. sunday and we’ll see you then uci.


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