For beginners Diet failed ❌ Kiki’s chocolate bomb 😍 Chocolate-vanilla festively decorated / birthday cake Ideas

For beginners Diet failed ❌ Kiki’s chocolate bomb 😍 Chocolate-vanilla festively decorated / birthday cake


Hello everyone, today there is a great cake. I layered vanilla and chocolate bases with a delicious chocolate cream cream and made it nice and chocolaty …
hello dear ones today it’s back. actually a birthday cake from me. birthday cake is nonsense because you. You can use this postage for any occasion. but I think it looks like that. festive that just fits on the. birthday table that’s why I now call it. just chocolate vanilla. birthday cake but that’s more like it. chocolatier wants to see why me. have already prepared the floors this time. I have an extra basic recipe on one. channel so videos like this one. for example not so infinitely long. go and you feel bored of it. gives these basic recipes and based on them. I have two of these recipes. stages prepared hans idea was one. vanilla and chocolate bizkit to bake. I’m curious to see how that too. Behind it, the section looks and exactly. I am writing to you all in detail. Quantities as I do now for this. purposes used here below in the. infobox just like all the others. quantities and a small one. note i would prefer a small one. and therefore have high cake. I baked 18 cm bases here and we. but now start directly with the. need the next ingredients first. we have bitter chocolate here you can. also like to take cuba door as well. whipped cream and butter, dear ones. we only use these creams at the end of the video because we are doing now. we then use a kind of foresting. later also for the outside but it. makes more sense to prepare now. the nickel time lasts up a bit. bz on the stove and in my cooking pot. I now just cream and butter and. that it boil once. . that butter cream mixed that cooks. now and at this point I’ll do it. stove out now we go that act bitter. chocolate in a large enough size. bowl like this is a bit too small. and that are just pour over it then. the whole thing is melting a bit.

and now I’ll give another one too. plate over it so the whole thing. can melt a little better and that. five minutes quiet then the whole thing is nice. around. . so it’s still totally fluid and you. Can’t even imagine that. Later a nice party that. Frosting is possible but it really is. wants you to complete them now. There is also cooling in the. fridge and then bit himself with the. the rest of the cake is ready too. cooled down and then have a finished one. frosting and on with ours. filling I’ve thought about we do it. a chocolate cream floss and I’ll do it. all a bit creamier with help. Many say of double ram cream cheese. I think you can taste it. personally not at all if that bothered me. so unpleasant and taste and if. you ask how you can set that. I’ll write that to you in the infobox now I don’t want to go any further. Tense up the torture and show yourselves. the ingredients we need cold. whipped cream double cream cheese. powdered sugar also vanilla sugar. cocoa and cream solid and for the chocolate. I cream the food processor now. of course you can use your hand mixer. use around counts just as well and now. First of all, I give double ram. Put cream cheese in the bowl and add it. I still have great sugar and vanilla sugar. And now he stirs up the three ingredients. low speed something like that. a few seconds 20 seconds are enough. already and then later she read that. Pour in cocoa. Gradually add the cacau then. So no drinker in the back. competitors and that is strongly revealed. that means he is very dry and if. you notice it’s all a little bit. too tight and not so good anymore. rhön as well as now, for example, gives her. little by little the cream with it.

payment to be freezing cold. and i still do the machine now. times out and some very big things too. explain yes the cream with it and. you then hit them to the fullest. upgrade really nicely but not to. otherwise you will get mother and that for a long time. It would be a shame, I still give it. rest to it everything went well. connected with each other. as I said, the highest level and then that. trickle in. . it didn’t last longer than a minute. here with me with one. hand mixer can possibly be a. two may take a little longer. minutes. but as I said, don’t hit too much. otherwise it would be a real shame. and the cream is now ready and we. keep it up the cream is ready. and now we just have to look at that. I dedicate floors I am cutting now. through and I’m just thinking about it. otherwise you always have a normal thickness. floors to two and a half centimeters me. would like to have several burdens this time and. thin and due to the color on the have. she got me through this. color differences they then correctly. cool from the start when the floors stop. are thin and alternate quite often. my floors are now 4 cm high. or four and a half me. but orient me on the four. centimeters and every floor snows like that. about 1.3 centimeters of pants are missing. it will pay very many but he. sure understands what I mean the whole. after back that means I share both. floors through 3.. . . so the floors are ready I have them. cut him nice thin slices. the female is now really exaggerated. but they are already thinner than normal.

and I think it’s really good for me. I already like the look. we still have to fill the cake. So the floors and that’s what I have now. just take a great record here. just the ones I like best. take it a high so that the even higher. will be the cake and I will help. my cake ring and my story now. step by step cream with bottom and. i’m a little crazy today because I just want that to be accurate and. evenly that’s why I have the. cream bent and take each layer. five intermediate layers are in total. over 220 grams that is a fifth. my little ones each and layers. now very easy. . . . so I’m already quite far north. arrived so it’s the last one now. layer of cream that still defends. and I wanted something really good for you. show and you can see the here. cake ring really likes him. But the trend is going more and more now. cakes that are too high or I want the trend to be too high. cakes and prefer the diameter. smaller cakes and there will be something soon. completely new I will then, however, still. so don’t worry and inform now. I have the cake ring a little higher. pushed so that I also mean here. but may soon have to spread the cream. we don’t, but I look forward to it. don’t want to reveal too much yet. the last layer of cream is on and now. I still put the lid over it. here i just have the light floor. as I said, always alternate and here. I really have the floor because that’s one. nice straight conclusion is gives him. now on it and I’ll wrap mine. bizkit cops would always like to be in. cling film one because up. that’s just the way it is when the air is pure. then they become dry.

Unfortunately it is like that, but you can. counteract and I have the. slide from grado I throw it away from me. but then you just use it again. because they are still totally clean and. just cover it up really nicely. also down here the pages and then. we can do the whole thing for 30 minutes and. then we go on. . this is what the cake looks like now i like it. already naked really good but we. we want to dress now and. now I wanted you to be ours. frosting show i now have one. a little with a little effort. touched but he can see that it is frosting. got really nice and firm and still. so smooth that you can make a cake. so that now can increase. and that’s exactly what I and I do now. don’t make the layer too thick either. but just making it chic. looks like. . . the chocolate cake is now right. smoothly and as I said. the cream is really very firm. you can use them when you are in the kitchen too. is still warm for ten minutes in the. But you don’t have to do a fridge. So it wasn’t my case. necessary although she is always very experienced. through all the light and now cure. I do the whole thing according to the motto. chocolate chocolate chocolate i. now I have this chocolate one time. don’t even know how to show it. see yourself from very close to them. namely look really pretty and she’ll. I’m down here at the cake now. place and they adhere properly. good through the cream. . all right the sprinkles hold right. as good as before and now we’re doing it. For me there is no such thing as a pompous grip. cake without grip i always think so. nice we had the chocolate that.

I just have chocolate. melted in the microwave hotel too. start writing exact quantities. I of course like you in the. infobox simply cuts the front. tip off and then we do the grip. . so I had the cake again. for ten minutes in the fridge of the mit. the trip also really nice festwirt and. now we go on now i’m taking. with my cakes one piece got here. twelve parts and now I press once. very light on it so that I do not. put marked and take next. I have my piping bag, I have it. the rest of the frosting. entered you will have enough left. don’t worry about that. then you don’t have to do something new. touch and here I have one. open place and there I inject. now it’s easy to pile them up. . . so i actually have mine now. think about it from the beginning. plan that I still have waffle sheets. put it on top and I’ll have that. team tried it out, I’ll do it. I would love to have an extra. plates in the lease tip and watch. I like how it looks like. not so good anymore that’s why I leave. that because I am perfect for the cake. and in case you’re wondering today. should be enough for twelve people. very small but because they are wrong. Chocolate is a bit powerful too. but not in such a way that they say born too. a bit i’m top says i have. yes my cutting technique is so for me. I found that little bit and I did that. Divided it into twelve pieces and at the same time. but always a bit again in the. middle that means this cake die. is actually only 18 cm in diameter. a fairly high one, it is enough for 24 people, but I will show up right away. once again.

. . . you saw the connection to me. he really likes it at the point. thank you have the idea i have for that. did not think that I was so real as. i thought this looked so good. thank you so especially now. with the cut that you cut the animal in half. that’s all so tips you can. like to take away. you can find your loved ones on the. surprising or maybe for the. birthday but not for birthday it. there are no longer enough events. certainly. I will write the exact quantities. as always in the print below. the whole team is desired. we must now see how motifs. birthday cake for men. we had to be exactly if the pinka. version but there are also more pink ones. I like to say that too. so I’m happy if the whole thing. after having power for the people i have to. show you that someday like that. upgrade to derrick camera when. next time so now i would be whole. have fun baking the delicious ones. cake and I’m definitely looking forward to it. via photos with the hashtag of the kitchen. send me all yours on instagram photos i want to see here i want. absolutely know how you did it. have and then I am happy if you. next time again. turns on clichés kitchen.


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