For beginners DIY I birthday cake Ideas

For beginners DIY I birthday cake


Hey guys, today we’re going to bake a really cool Green Lantern birthday cake for Patrick together. Do you enjoy baking as much as I do and should I in the future …
hello dear youtube today we are testing one. new fitness equipment for women. once and we have fun baking today. cool & dre green lantern. birthday cake patrick. we have some of them at home. i have very old child to take care of and. the part now on the three bowls. in the same way I need three. wrench three spoons and catch now. so far. i have here pro gel from rainbow that. indispensable that you are really good. color takes and not this dark as. is actually wanted to have. wrap up what makes my whole whole thing. show hella or just darker. now you see three different green. and now it actually comes down to them. active people and I have three. machinery. stack and with buttercream so the. layers of buttercream will be between and. then one side and finished on top. handhelds is the name of the company. easy and. just become. like a really cool coach. now the rest must. Of course you also have to have the sides. criticize users. so now I have to get the one from there. from all six is ​​called the roll off the assembly line. 13 euros but also a huge one. party in semi-professional fits i did that. once did it with so it couldn’t. works. today i’m mega happy that is pretty good. worked it is not perfect and. the site looks a bit like that. dirty but it’s a first dated. domplatz and for that I think it’s ok ok so. And now, of course, comes Finland. on two weeks I have one more here. The pack we tear off now. roll out because I still need it. defend district managerin. oh, right, have to say hello to boys. yes, on. and the two girls from berlin, clara. louise and she let’s watch the video.

not in the face. so this and that would still have. I still have special deco. specially devised and one. places won. yes is 122 x sheets of paper of two. pages reminded. now i have three little triangles. cut out. I see more and now I can. what to write on it, for example. Patrick, I just stink. picnic or I’ll do a lot of 26. now you take a needle and thread and with. on the one hand. and now you go to the area. once formula 1. I hope you enjoyed my video. I hope you are the same from me. impressed how I got to share with me what that. with the cake and. then hopefully write to me diligently in the comments. no and yes I hope you are looking forward to it. then maybe turn it too.


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