for beginners Easy knitting baby jacket / cardigan – knitting for beginners İdeas

for beginners Easy knitting baby jacket / cardigan – knitting for beginners


Everything is explained step by step: knit rib, knit in stocking stitch, knit increases and decreases, binds off, buttonholes etc.
this will be mrs coli this is my country. and we have over cute kids for. we like to stretch things ourselves. but has a beautiful one in the middle. small jacket in ringlet cardigan pants. jackets sweaters everything and that. beautiful is you can knit and crochet. I can do that and I can write. and take pictures and imagine that. then all with instructions and wanted. accessories on ben potter point de for. So have fun after. stretch what are we doing today. today we’re doing this cute little one. rings cardigan today I’ll show you something. what must be taken into account is that sees. But it’s not complicated at all. today we will all do them. poor are ultimately with weight gain. we will knit the back piece and. knit the fronts and these. countries here we will wear that too. that looks very nice, that’s all. I would have been knitted right left. now come with that a smooth one. surface and easy to handle. and yes, and that’s where it all becomes easy. sewn these items together. you show that today so you can show it. I’ll show you how to do it right and left. I’ll show you the cuffs here. you can see this strictly piece quite well. So this cardigan goes from zero. up to 18 months now we are at one. in the largest size I knit whole. normally already a stitch on the left. I stretch out quite normally from today is a. a bit very loose here so far difficult. to show. so streaked normally and then take. I’m finally doing the first now. i right ok exactly that was right and. then I wanted to put a left one. I put the thread here. if you in front of the needle and go. here so clean from the back from behind. so from behind down through and get me. the thread. that’s a bit complicated from me. do it so that everyone can see it and.

let’s get it through and then take it. I’m the mass below so I’ll show it. okay again i’m basically reading now. I have to do one right today. always alternating exactly with it then. do you see this structure that comes next. so again so that we are the right one. now the left thread comes in front like this. go through the back and now I’ll get myself. the thread around here. I hope that you will go through ok and. then you get this structure of this. fine, exactly. so that’s just a look now. complicated but more complicated than. so it is not more than focus. and always a right one for every household. use that if you do that more often. then it turns into flesh and blood. so the colors automatically lie again. in the back you make a right one completely. normal shows a leaves the thread. lie in front and where is so through. sometimes it goes so fast that you even do it. don’t know how I actually got it. made but because the result is correct. that is much more important than anything else. yes so what you’re striving for right then. do you have a nice structure and that is. ultimately all the witchcraft at. stretch right left and now want to. we come to the point where we. do the whole thing a little further here. that means I take stitches to do that. i am at the beginning now i am of course. here in the middle the piece of rope. that’s why I would say sometimes. small cut and then I show that. To take a stitch so now we come to. the point where we knit the sleeve and. we’re gaining stitches on this legacy. that means we’re working our way here it is. still straight and then we go. just up so that we can run this course. get it here. has the appropriate rating. that means I do exactly as normal. i make a completely normal edge stitch. by that means how to do it. and now the gag is that I am at the beginning.

and at the end of this series. make two out of one mesh and. that’s how it develops as I go. normal right and now I go. again from behind, that’s the way it is. so get me the colors here. Don’t call rebel berlinade exactly. and now i get my pension and now. I made 2 out of a stitch. You see now I have it and now. strictly I continue right and normal. on the back on the return journey. I do it in the back room did that. left. so that’s right it’s right. left understands everything in the instructions. a home one right one left and one at the beginning and one at the end there is also one. description in there in the end. make 2 out of a mesh that makes. close everything and then it will come to an end. and then i can wear this this sleeve. then sew together as normal. with that and then it goes on in. the part and then I’ll show you right away. how to do these questions so now. we come to the aperture the aperture is. that here what we also call a collar piece. and then you do it. and then it looks pretty nice me. would like to have buttonholes for this. you can see that in the. manual. that’s very important maybe too. can I just show you how. one makes such a shutter so there me. now this this cardigan not as. pattern here i have a whole. normal strictly taken piece. just to show you how to. this blind power I have one here. contrast thread and show you now how. that works this is leading the ball. thread. I’m going through the fast one up here. I thank you for having the handbag. completely right what you are now exactly. there and back plan again zack. and go back to the next edge. stitch and get me the thread.

okay that means I have a number. in the contrasting color but here i have. assume yes exactly you support now. just completely normal. depending on how you want here you see. You just keep talking about it here. and when you’re at the end you go again. back as normal and strictly knit. knit and then you can. decide how you do it here. we because we want it to be the same via. We always make cuffs on the right and left. successively. so if you have all of this here. played through that after so right left. right left right left so you get this. tour for once this a series like that. as you just wrote it and afterwards. I do the next one on the right and left. then with the lied beautiful piece of elling. get a key and then I would have at the end from and at the end you can and is. finished with it and you can see these here. how to make buttonholes. can make. that’s all werner locher de. and then it’s done with the whole thing then. if you take of course you go all. pieces together and then you have yours. caddy and ready and have a whole. great product super complicated from and. I think everyone knows it by now. is not really complicated otherwise. I couldn’t.


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