for beginners Easy knitting baby socks – easy beginner – birth gift – easy knitting baby shoes İdeas

for beginners Easy knitting baby socks – easy beginner – birth gift – easy knitting baby shoes


With time and dedication, I think about topics and how I can best explain them to you, step by step. I enjoy it so much and I …
i recently went for a girlfriend. the end customer has gorgeous baby. knitted socks i got you the best. and the simplest instructions on the internet. selected that I could find and that. A beginner can also do that. typical things are stitches. stop and wash add decrease. right and left make more needed. he doesn’t need to play a needle for that. a total of 1 needles, 3.5 mm thick. and baby want a favorite color there. a discounter, I’m really from. schachenmayr I think that’s very good and. in the color gray there is one too. trend color on the back then. Of course, the coal number again. and the whole thing is called baby I’ll show you. I cast on very briefly in the mesh. got that with this bird’s beak. learned and I just always find it. still yes has simply proven itself as. navel through the loop and next to it. lying around and we always leave first. down the thumb up the index finger. down and then we go too. thumb down again and first. machine sits and soup but in front of it. up and back under the ladies. it works best on the finger too. along father and then you take. I had a total of 32 machines. always learned that with two. Pick up pins so that you can then. One can pull out and one better in. The mesh then comes in and we work. now here a little contrary to that. what you know when we don’t knit. right off but we just lift them. under which is then at the end. knitted and otherwise you always have that. last machine taken over and. then put in the case the second. first stitch is then knitted on the right. and villas continue with one. left stitch right left to the end. has almost reached the end. penultimate a purl stitch and the. the last one is knitted as a right stitch. and taken over. we turn and then start with the.

take off the first stitch and start. then with a right stitch. make a tally sheet for this that is. now here row number two I have. also made it easy on the note. make sure that you then also for them. second sock work exactly the same. can and you need here now. a total of ten rows of the centers. corresponding to about 3 cm to 25 cm. take something to tie we come. now it goes straight to the second part. done and now there are x 3 cm. stocking right lifts the first again. just take off and wear this series. make completely rights. . the back we have to start with. the lifting of the last stitch around in the. connecting all stitches are left. knitted the thread lies in front of the needle. . if you go to the end of the left. do not forget of course it is. also need the last stitch on the right for this. we again a total of 10 3. that is, alternate between right and left. so far ten full should also have. again be about three centimeters. this is how it all looks like it works. now further and to whom we do our work. split up and take the next. twenty stitches which we then again. knit the first one on the right. again on the rest of the needle. there are now twelve stitches left. we don’t need there now. could for example the needles up to. to push in the middle or also. in the back of yours already. I have knitted it. then at the second made he turns. the work in the middle and now lifts. the first now and then with this first. a total of strictly eight stitches purl. namely, he takes the auxiliary needles for it. rolled nail number three. . in total you were working your tenth. again high knit stitches for a while.

purl stitches one row alternating. and so the whole thing looks finished then. knitted from the thread should now be with. cut off with a pair of scissors. get so close 20-30 cm. now you take the stitches from yours. auxiliary needle on all main nail over. the eight pieces. we start with a new ride and. knit the first twelve stitches. from. always arrived now. and here you have in the. middle part high if now. looks by the fact that we always keep the mesh. on the right end and on. the other side have decreased. now everywhere wonderful holes and. you tell yourselves now was the 5 holes. and in the holes would then have to. pick up stitches as it sticks to her. quasi through the empty machine through the. thread through and now also has it on. the right knitting needle your stitches. and then the middle one could be. Then continue stretching the stitches on the right and. now he comes to the anti since I was here. you have to stitches five again. record, tape. you can check that with the needle. where are the holes and anyway. yourself through and take their stitches. land quasi on that goes with the main. knitting needle not good. the seats also hang there as dogs. I just take the auxiliary needle again. because it would be far more relaxed there. is also really tight it is about the. winkel um work that is almost possible. don’t take the nails and help you there. when you have knitted them then pushes. the other end and take it all on. main needle back over and then you have. you also on it and of course then. do not knit the rest. always forget the last thing of course. Law. . and now you have 42 stitches too. the needle lie.

now you are five rounds that is. ten rows only on the right so every choice. here on the right is the pattern that you. then gets is called curly right. this is what looks like all night ten. and now let’s start the meshes. off to knit and it goes like this. so follow you take the handbag. down and stretch 17 stitches on the right. coughing up counts 18 machines. on the needle and now you have to. put two together. you stab through two people. at the same time picks up the thread takes him. make two and two become one. then he puts two stitches in the normal way. knit and again two stitches together. then the rest of the row could be on the right. stretch out. in the next row we take them. edge stitch back down and knit. then the next two stitches so in. in this case stitches two and three. together. the rest of the strict then and. continue on the right and two stitches before the. last stitch like the penultimate one. and the last one was still stuck together and. the last as right against here now. a bit quick it looks like that. out. you now have 36 stitches on the needle. starts again with the first edge mesh. and then carries 13 machines. right off so that there are 14 stitches on one needle, then two stitches. stretching together here you see the two. Mesh worse by taking with the. thread forward and then really pulls through. you can see both machines through now. that is also very good, that is good. record and then take off. then again in the middle part sex machine. knit right and when he has it. should also be two stitches together again. stretch. the rest of the part you then too. just turn right. now he’s already in the last row. once arrived the first rand rises mass.

and knit two stitches afterwards. together if you don’t go like this right away. you also tighten the stitches a bit. Wiggling a little helps then mostly and. then it goes quite well. the rest of the row could then be on the right. is the last three stitches come. continue knitting and advance the two masts. stretch the land mass together on the right. at the end. so now are already with ours. almost reached the last step. we would have to be from now on forever. pierce two stitches and you pull. a thread through as if it were you. together then strictly puts the. staked out mesh back on the. left needle and start again with it. To chain two stitches off increases. remove through power together and the. He lies on the staked out mesh again. the left needle and so on to you. just one more stitch on the nail polish. should be a stitch on the needle. he cuts the thread from loads long. went. the thread ended up then she was through. last machines carefully together. and then is our first knitted piece. finished. you also do the second sock in the same way. and so you can do something quite well. detect. first of all I sew the thread cook for you. just in case there are a few. I now say holes are easy. make them a bit big and. I’ll just go through it again and you. That little bit for me. the so laid you right sides together. that means the later outside is. inside and then you sew your remaining ones. remaining threads and thereby that we. who made edge stitches differently. there is no blanket bulging. you often like it with parts of the city but that. it gets pretty even there, too. don’t work in loops over it. but just stick it straight through. and then the next two.

opposite stitches again. connect and then sew it up nicely. underneath, of course, also the back. awarded. for the conclusion is sure to know. that with the needle again the. formed loop is pierced and then. you did your shows and sewed them together. it will now be nice and flat afterwards. look still comfortable for the baby. that he did that and then did that. do you have such a little dwarf. done great. nice that he was there I wish. have fun copying, see you soon. your opinion. .


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