There are recipe information on my website: Cake base: 240g flour 300g sugar 100g baking cocoa …
[Applaus]. namely a first second to this day. print the cakes are so soko. load. .
[Applaus]. . the crows bruno buttercream is mega. 50 percent of the arena. even that can be just as difficult. his running processes but he. will be at your request of the green. cake. the victory is this schlecker was in the. descend as you will notice right away. world for those there would need animals. to make flour sugar and cocoa baking powder. splatterfilm mal extract eggs feels. hot water and feed net so now. should actually only have to do this. I just demonstrated how to mix together the best way to put all the dry ingredients together. live in the bowl and mix well. then you get a little hollow in it. mail mix and give the whole. liquid tide waiting in for the. hot water again good. mixed until a thick consistency. originated. I would have forgotten that with the x6. yes also to give one and then that. hot water very carefully. send in while constantly stirring her. don’t want any pre-cooked dough so much. funny yes with a case I would have to then. sells the dough yes saves your shape. a well i have three small shapes. of course you can also take one. take normal spring form with big. a springform just asks. any wall. they always asked where at least. Dough in the jumps warm and bactus at. 180 degrees just five minutes after that. baking time would be the cake base now. look that cool then. can you prepare and. Was when I made the cake bases yes. to stack. therefore the upper part should be straight.

be as possible. for this he wants to be picked up and trot tyler. the links to the devices i will put on. any case in the information head. fall. all of this is what you are doing now. times. only the top hard one could ever have. snails while you prepare 17. for this you need lactose yellow. or powdered butter and raspberry so far. potions are already preparing the polling. masse does some cattelaens for it. before the powdered sugar and wii 2 egg yolks. elements well and there in the boiling. Milk will take so long to get there. makes you fat becomes better. cool and feel the pudding water. best in another ship. for that we put a little more. fresh death over it with it. no skin can form on the pudding. then after cooling off you can already. beat the butter until frothy. and as I said, a little butter here. so a pack that has cooled down. pohling masse you can do that now. give.
[Applaus]. so now again with your device nice. Stir creamy and then you have them. most perfect quarters bremen friends me. so now we can actually. start building the cake together. I’ve already opened the cake for that. and advised basement laid but of course. you don’t necessarily need it. I’ll start with that on the bottom of the cake. the himba sauce to dispute and make friends. always use a potion when you. pie crusts fold up soon that will do. the cake is not that much juicier. really a stand up from the mother gm. I also make the cake base. like the second layer to. . Stabilization requires four economically. tips that I put in the cake. so that I really have the security. then cannot slip because of the.

cake is already quite high. so now you can start with that. complete cake with the pudding. Then you can spread buttercream. So you can work it out you have to now. also doesn’t look perfect this ride. is it optional i have a finished one. heated chocolate icing from the supermarket. and doused on the cake and. let the side margins from the 5. remained effect and yes as a decoration I have. took a few raspberries and then with. of course you can take funny walks. this spot is really freestyling as well. you may write recordings of. she writes the to your birthday child. balls I would have baked myself. great room to look at your results. namely the hashtag support at. instagram and facebook and of course. if your video convert or more one. .


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