For beginners FORTNITE BIRTHDAY CHALLENGE ► Dance in front of different birthday cakes Ideas

For beginners FORTNITE BIRTHDAY CHALLENGE ► Dance in front of different birthday cakes


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hello everyone and welcome to this one. video calls nice that you like the. tenant at since today is the 24th of july. 2018 and calls has our birthday. get a free one for it. backpack for free, however, we have to. complete a few tasks in the game. one task is called dance before ten. different birthday cakes and. we will now undertake this task together. so people solve a lot of fun. we are in the area for now. from the hessenpark and you can see them. first guard cake so be careful. before that, red skin out as a cool dance. next we will continue in crises. course here you can see the second cake or. the second cake is there too. one more dance out now we’re in. near lud lake between ludwig. and kill the world is equal to that. see map right here at this point. there you will find another cake. we do the second one near by. lacie on the left you can see another one. cake if you are lucky you get. because a car grabs you a car the. this makes it much faster. you can see right now i have a car. found we are now close to. lewis carrolls on a small hill. there you will find another cake. now are in la rocha is also again. find such a very, very small hill there. you the cake here you can see it on the. map. you have to go there and do another dance. cut out. next we are in ried where exactly. in the middle you will find another one. cake. next we fell in vettel. here you can also find another one. beautiful cake almost there again. in the middle there is also a ball. a hot dance out then it goes. further in the bottle factory here. you will find this factory one. more dead. you know what to do face up. then a dance out.

and the last words can be found in. paradise holmes just flies there. world you have hardly seen here you can see that. knocks out one last dance and. so you have accomplished this task. folks if you liked it last. another easy subscription for day for. we’ll see you next time. until then, get on well, do it. good and bye.


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