For beginners FREE Pickaxe 🍰🎂 Fortnite Dance in Front of Birthday Cake | All places Deutsch German Ideas

For beginners  FREE Pickaxe 🍰🎂 Fortnite Dance in Front of Birthday Cake |  All places Deutsch German


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birthday of his two year olds. birthday people who have birthday. challenges are activated I’ll show you. the ten cakes where you have to dance around. the pickaxe among other things. to unlock or let’s fly completely. short are one of the first cakes there. steer at junction right at the top. at that place you just go to the. middle in front of the cake loads in fashion. run and you already have 1 of 10 um. definitely collects those too. Pie slices a little bit because of you. have to charge shield and condition. you can do the challenge too. join in with one you will find the second. in blow miners and if you guys. I’m looking forward to my birthday here. of course just as happy if you are here. a quick hit a like button. but it could also of course but was. and activate the bell pleasant park. is the second place you need for it. especially for this ten. i will of course you guys in these ten. people are always actively helping. produce content and and and and on. you can find more birthday cakes in. schiff die chefs here too. zone is people you can even go to one. skateboard ship the bosses there the place. should be clear right next to the two. vices is available to retrieve. you have another place there too. grazed birthday cake number 4. you will find a lot in veddel down there. on the southern side of vettel fell. between the two barns you will find. a piece of cake there too. dance from authorities the beautiful. two year old half am also looking forward to. in any case, curious about the pickaxe. show the remaining to the next location. I replay you times but when loading. place right next to the ball on this. small islands. that’s exactly what you’ll find there the fifth. cake where he can dance and also a. can and would nibble a bit now. mean I have to go to every place. now its a cake but apparently.

one does not seem actually is not. so some places have none the next. cake is on this at loni lodge. something higher mountain country is should. to be known is far to the right. the map but on this mountain it is. then the little one on top of it, too. box is you have to do a little bit. but build loni lodge exactly on that. the place should be his number 7. you can find it at the racetrack at the. There is also a racetrack again. these little rocks the racetrack it. something south of loni lodge and something. south of the main hall is also there. the main hall with the probably the beginning. the narrow route. mountain do you build yourselves up that i think. also in other cakes in such. springs is also another cake. I have such a suspicion that you can. dismantle cake because just in one. round I know should bring this up. did not drive past this cake. seen but clearly on the. was blind but it should have been springs art. just like a cake exactly on that. north side. at this one brick house here and. on the overturned car you will also find. another cake number eight. meter cake is in waging village at. the viking town on the far left on the. map next to snow bishop between nowy. shot and kills. if the cake number eight is right there. this viking longhouse and between. these little ones more or less or. are you said on the back of the. bread you can also find a cake. and because that’s south of the racetrack. you can also find the next cake and. that is next to between the song big. house and paradise post at. You can also find solar systems again. a cake or should just belong. be ten and so I have them all. completed. I don’t know if there is any more poison. so they are actually a.

a bit better hidden than expected. if you have other cake locations. takes place today gladly in the. Comments. i hope i could help you guys. last helped one such case. but wait activate bell today. night comes another video for the night. active do not miss and sea flowed.


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