For beginners Get stamina or shields from birthday cake | Fortnite 3 birthday challenge German Ideas

For beginners  Get stamina or shields from birthday cake |  Fortnite 3 birthday challenge German


Fortnite Battle Royale: Get stamina or shields from birthday cake | Fortnite 3 Birthday Challenge ALL PLACES Task German In this …
he keeps condition or shields from. birthday cake this is our next one. before envy third birthday. challenge not to you just once. the places where we can do the whole thing. is also with the whole. birthday cake and we beautiful and. conditions of this birthday cake. can actually get super super. easy task shortly on site my daily. skin winner has that was going on today. go elisa say hello go out and. if you want to win on the chin. just subscribe to the channel and off to the. write comments. i’m here at citizens they have now. i showed you guys like this. birthday cakes look like this. those from have a 3 on top is stop. has the third birthday from the beginning and. here before if your really right there. lands first or second so if. you are not all gone already you can. these little birthday cakes. consume. this is what it looks like then it says here. just stop using it and there. then just clicked and then you see. you get five sign the whole. also works with stamina if your. stop below 100 and you have to. just all birthday cakes. use up and you see above it counts. also get conditions or signs. from the birthday cake. you can of course see that above because 20. of 50 is also below with me. schilden 30 out of 50 and always told. with the top so that it is again the same for him. first again and then we have. already all eaten then we have 40. of 50 you can’t do all of that. on one you have to finish it. finish at least at two or. you make the goal in the next game. of course, even if it’s the same. power because these birthday cakes spawn. every game new but also if already a. enemy was here and who ate. then they are gone then there is nothing. more and you can just make the cake.

also do not eat. by the way, we didn’t come either. So definitely smash each other. whenever it was. and if the birthday cake is here. change the plate downstairs then it works. no longer because then they are gone then. have to look for others again briefly. marked and I have that. other video already shown at the latest. should springs naughty dogs then. also through the dogs bogens domain here. then dirty jobs the tv lady was with. emails lobbies from reports and molly. hatchet we find one each. birthday cake and we can too. eat these little birthday cakes. that we there conditions or shields. that was it now for the first time. video definitely i have you guys. helped if any questions are happy in the. Comments. otherwise until the next video and. look


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