For beginners HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAKE | birthday cake Ideas

For beginners  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAKE |  birthday cake


Ingredients for 1 baking sheet: • 300 g flour • 200 g sugar • 3 eggs, medium-sized • 200 g nuts or almonds, ground • 1 packet of baking powder • 2 packets …
. wanted. happy Birthday. . but mr. . hello dear hungry at the moment it comes in front of me and all over the world. birthday would have been from my acquaintance-. and there are relatives, for example. today a 7 tomorrow a 70 birthday. and since the word got around that it can be baked thanks to youtube. I am not in denial. such festivities, of course. asked it shouldn’t return the cake. while with the number on it so i have. considered and researched and am with me. Find this birthday cake here. become. I don’t want to be with strangers either. feathers decorate the recipe comes from. Tobi who come to kuchenbecker there. blogs successfully and from this point. also my thanks to her for this great. suggestions. we need vanilla baking powder for this. sugar milk sugar flour cake exam. or a couverture of ground hazelnuts. but also through, depending on your taste. normal mandl can replace and. chocolate lentils and whether he is the smart vmware. Of course, you take completely different ones. left. a completely different alternative would be in. We put gummy bears in a bowl. the eggs and sugar with it and. vanilla sugar and stir everything together. frothy with each other. then the people come to and. everything is mixed well together. we put this in another bowl. add the flour and the ground hazelnuts. and add the baking powder and mix. everything thoroughly together in stages. Now let’s add the mixture to the. sugar mix and mix with the. mixer everything until a smooth one. batter has emerged. we prepare a baking sheet by. are laying out baking paper and me.

in this case don’t recommend any again. usable to use. we now put the dough on it. distribute evenly and help. if necessary with a dough scraper. a little bit and now comes the. preheated oven at 180 degrees. convection 160 degrees for about 25 to 30 minutes. now we need numbers templates or. you can of course also free hand. but I’m not that good just have it as large as possible on din a4. printed out and me your templates. cut out. these are now on the record. and placed along the edges with a. dough wheel or sharp knife the. corresponding number from the dough. cut. another note at the point should. When baking, the file may surface. but have become a bit hilly. then just turn it over and put it down. stencils whether the formerly ours. side of the plate. what he does with the dough load for you. immediately asks cake pops from it. tinkers and that they are for bad. times freezes remains completely breaking. but let bad times come, yes. no more. straight lines can of course be used. easier to cut out at a zero like. here you have to look at it. leave a bit of formula 1. and when we are ready and they. numbers cut out have melt. we the couverture or the. cake exam give this in stages. Paying for the dough occurs to me. maybe I should have a cake. in other words, according to the principle of baking by numbers. back again. chocolate on the dough and the number. generous a surface and the sides. brush with the chocolate. and now the funny part comes. consider the outside and inside edge with. colorful chocolate lentils you can buy here.

of course, also set a power. or outer edge one color into one color. I like the clock and a little one. tip if the chocolate like here at. the 7 has already become a bit firm then. just hold the hair dryer on it for a moment. it melts and becomes smooth again. proceed with the chocolate lentils here too. repeat and then he can. birthday table to be set. i like this idea i think that it suddenly stops and is something. other. I hope you guys too birthday children will be happy about it. I wish you a lot of fun baking. and have a good appetite. but if he has something for his birthday. Maybe I wanted to bake completely different. mini cheese cake or a filled one. chocolate cake heart then look. just into these videos. I still have to say until. next time at. b. .


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