for beginners Headband CHARITY knitting – easy – for babies and adults İdeas

for beginners Headband CHARITY knitting – easy – for babies and adults


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Hello. I’ll show you today how to make this star. when strictly from a knoll willy hacks. charity it runs 100 meters to 100. gram is washable at 40 degrees and. consists of 75 percent coal 15%. polyamide and 10% polylactide polylactide. is a milk fiber that makes it whole. That’s why it’s called pleasantly soft charity. because 25 cents per knoll to the Lebenshilfe. go what we do with it is under that. video linked I am using. usually needle size number. three and a half to four and a half for these. if I wear the headband I take it now. not just a three year because i. would like to sit well and on the head and. so I knit it a little tighter for him. just two games of knitting needles from the. . folder with the needle game and then can. start it already. i’m knitting a smaller piece now. it was also suitable for baby size. but say for a prisoner headband. then always how much do you do. You have to start here in the. back center and knit so he has. never more than 25 people on the needle. or with the headband for the baby. you actually only cast on 13th stitches. he is just posting for the big 25th machine. 12 13 and you 25 then the handbag. always take off the rides in front of the. work with lead and then all the stitches. knit right so embroider the whole thing. headband with gray straightening mesh. and the pensioners on the left. also knit right from and on the. right side just lift off the thread in front. working with lead and then everyone. knit stitches. an ash on the right and so it goes on. I come to the third row. and to the fourth row I can. you guys from my group where the hacks. tell on facebook she is under the. video linked just have a look. there is a lot of information about all the new ones.

videos or even exchange at all. there the members from so and now. don’t be frightened here is the moment. you can press a video on piece. because you are actually only now. have a little hard work ahead of you. your strictly for the baby size 30 rows. you can rip that well on these. count each rib are two rows if. So you can count 15 ribs here 1 2. 3 4 5 inso 15 are then the start. decrease and also with the big star band. you still have a lot of hard work. because you have more to do and here. Strickmann 42 wine so 21 lifts in the picture. and then the acceptance begins. and that you lift the handbag again. from the next stitch on it becomes completely normal. knit the third stitch on the right. lifted off and the fourth smells. knitted and cover the stitch. the remaining stitches as usual. knit right. The only advice is that I just do it now. only have twelve to do and at. big headband only 24. for and I repeat the whole thing now. four more times in every fourth row in. every sixth row for the for the baby headband for the adult. headband I repeat the whole thing. six times in every fourth row two. I have knitted now. so now knit over it as normal. without decreases. this is now the third row in the. the first one I took off. the second I knitted the back. wires is again a sufficient one. I do nothing and the fourth is again. one retro and one of the two. adult star burns I would now. remove one stitch again and at the. baby headband I’ll knit again. two rows over because I’m only in here. every sixth row a stitch. customer. only now I’ll show you those again. acceptance I have six radii here. knitted the first fire mass over it.

take off. Knit one stitch the following. Take off the stitch as if to knit. knit one stitch right and the. pull the peeled stitch over it and. then finish this row again. and then five more rows without. knit decreases. as I said with the adult model. strictly you only three more rows because. it decreases every fourth row. and he keeps repeating that up to now with the adult model only 18. have to work in progress and with the baby. model only eight meshes of the. the only difference is with the baby. models every sixth row and at. adult model in every fourth. line. lose one stitch. and now again 2. for and now there is again a decrease. I lost weight here for the first time. then 24 come over and the return journey. just then I have here again. removed and 24 rows over it and the. return journey. and now there is another decrease. handbag one mesh right one mass. take off and knit the next stitch. knitting helps I still have 3 4 5 6 7 8. 9 10 stitches in work I repeat. so this off and took twice more like this. that then I only have eight jobs left to do and work on the big model. it just like that. then I take after every fourth row. meshes as you can see there were some. knitted together then I only have two. just cloudy and the following return journey. and then two stitches again. knitted together two stitches again. Strictly two rows knit on the row. and again two stitches. knitted together there in everyone. fourth row until I only have 18th here. so now i only have eight stitches left. work on the big headband. they wear off so much until you are only 18.

people in work and then strictly. her frontal bone up to the front. now just rent over these eight. or 18 so we knit at the beginning. just make right out and after. 72 row after stop. are you in the front tenant. you that in the forehead almost at the star. band and then 92 rows from the stop. there will then put a mark on you. I’ll show you how and then it works. namely against immediately further. So now knit until you have 92nd or 72 rows so 36. rap or 46 here as I have. now 72 rows were knitted here were 7. 92 and now you can get one here. attach mesh markers or me. I can just take a bath. it’s up to you how he prefers to do it. once forwards and once back and then. I already have a marking phase. inside. and now I keep knitting. now I’m in the front center. that means I have to go again now. first knit a few rows straight. then to finish the part against the same. so now i count here i had here. after 30 rows with the decrease started. So here 130 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48. 50 52 54. After 54 rows, the acceptance was complete. finished then I have 2 4 6 8 10 12 14. 16 18 ryan that is true 54 plus 18. that gives the 72 rows that I admit. had to knit. that means I knit from the mark. now also another 18 ryan simply. especially for that I also buy here. opposite side 18 straight. rows are then here the increases. begin. and here you were until the beginning. of the approvals there were 42 pure. They start here 44 46 48 50 24 68 60. 62 64 6. and 60 after 66 rows were the approvals. finished and then for the 92nd

then I have to put it in a row. count 66 76 86 26 rows up to. marking so you have to be here now. after the marking knit another 26th row and here just after the. mark 18 I have 18 rows where 46. 18 12 14 16 18 37 26 and now works. one the headband area is about to end. So now one takes again here. in addition, lift off the edge mass. knit the next stitch and. at the next stitch in the one below. are carpenter’s stabbing than in. this voice from the left must be the. pierce created by dekra and. knit on the right. now i have gained a mass and. I repeat that in everyone now. sixth row how again 13. people have at work and at. adult model I repeat it. just in every fourth row like yourself. do 25 again. in work and then I’ll finish it all here with 30 rows and at. adult model with 42 rows such as. you have just started and then you are. just back in the back center. arrived and then just have to. chain stitches and close the seam. I’ll show them again now. I have to go back that increase. You can find written instructions at. linked to the video. so. one stitch right in the. pierce the mass underneath and. knit the loop off and. now the whole thing in the sixth. series repeat this rally. break up. a series a series a return journey there. row and a return trip and then. to repeat. in every sixth and in the adult. model life in every fourth row. until the original number of stitches. one has struck again is reached. so now I have 72 rows again. mark like I did at the beginning 72.

rows up to the mark and had. develop two each now I would have. the stitches off. and still sew the stop to de. together. and the next headband is ready for you. now basically have two sizes. get this video once. adult size ladies size head circumference. 52 to 56 cm and just baby size. first size 50 to 56. then split off the thread so that here. they still hold in any case. can be used straight away for touring. pull the whole thing through on a needle. . and now i see this on this. right together author. always a loop from the opposite. lying side. so I sat here one more time. form nodules as in the garter stitch. this then results in a beautiful seam. so this is really the right side. that is on the outside. so the whole thing looks then far before I see. now the threads on the inside. here looks so looks the inside. out. and then I lose the other. also drove and then you are. headband finished the marking i can. remove and that’s how nice it is. practical that you just over the ear. headband higher and at the front just on the. forehead shorter so I call the video has. made by fun then subscribed to mine. channel. i keep coming up with new ideas. hopefully see you soon. verónica.


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