For beginners How does Harry Potter’s birthday cake from Hagrid taste? Ideas

For beginners How does Harry Potter’s birthday cake from Hagrid taste?


Harry Potter and the tastiest chocolate cake in the world! Today I’m baking the cake Hagrid brought Harry Potter with him for his 11th birthday. I have …
yorkshire terrier harry hello people me. there were also times to get too. a new episode of how it tastes today. a very special episode and not only. we would have father with birthday coffee. but because I do this week everyone. day upload a video until sunday then. i have on 9.9 on saturday. birthday and that’s supposed to be. birthday week at once. forehead bot. guys i do it i swear i like it. with a bit slippery here. let’s have a lot of fun this week. together and here we go. what I now find out on the internet. it was possible that helmut made google himself. that it is made of chocolate. and only buttercream on top and that. harry in writing we should im. war very small and important. information at the edge today is so different. cloud sun clouds that means the light. with changed all the time. stop no kitchen no so i don’t have one. studio in which I have been in there because of it. we are also more authentic on youtube. let’s start with the dough it has. customer made that is what it means. should actually be a british recipe. I don’t know how to be. the forest lives or there on the edge of itself. a recipe that he gets at all. can cook. honestly if i’m not that good. manage like hagrid then i doubt. found a recipe for on the internet. a pan-European chocolate forced bacon. until you make it the city should. sell on windows on it killed and. then you made because this format is real. my rent. yes, we need a bargain now. one moment they still need sugar. and butter from a cow’s mother. now it will be exciting safe racing. flower there is in britain the usa. is that already baking powder and soda. inside has like in germany. handcraft that’s why we make flour. baking powder soda and resolution has.

itself and very importantly cocoa powder. the gugl bensdorf more dutch. faithful to tradition since 1840 from vienna. cacau would buy the lord or he. wouldn’t so fancy brands buy the. drk or so then also the classic. would not have resorted to it either. so we can do magic in peace and quiet like normal people, yes I do. but I have to say the recipe is a. little adventure because I have three eggs. should weigh and because of that. then weight the other ingredients. there should be no mix specified. It’s all down to the eggs Accusation. people have to go for my balls. oh my god what here we have 180 grams of eggs. do you know what new plan heck and has. these blatant recipes are also determined. kept and this recipe is real. strange I now know roughly what is inside. should and how just go heavy. rain in his body put us how much. he could have taken from what I know. definitely that’s a good idea it. for a liquid dough use the protein from. Separate egg yolks and add foam. write and I think we live 4. because the haters want god too much. lure videos or actually these. videos not only sometimes when you mine. suggested then take a look too. four training sessions our protein and egg yolk. where I’m getting better and better. Will definitely do it again. the chefs also have a very stupid idea. to separate him i think hettstadt. simply in the kitchen has its. yellow and said here in. garding lovelier determines the hit market. sweet things definitely a little one. Sweet tooth of the hedges and he thought. Harry has been too long. probably no candy. got or did he know that it was him. bad there is just real for me. not so. sure because i dont know this will be the one. so all fun fact and so right one.

birthday child’s a little cranked up. this is about my ladies and gentlemen. when sugar is added to it. now in this bowl of flour baking powder. Mix the soda again and then. is to give the eggs would be. it with wehrheim baking powder roehrig the. dry ingredients we are a bit. crazy because I think I would have too. is crazy and make the cocoa powder. be in the egg mix. we make up a little bit like. Tiramisu. I think we should use the butter. add now think of a number. off i think i’m taking 200 grams. butter a mixer gave me this photo. can definitely show one more. A shot of vanilla milk tolerated so now. let’s go a little bit by bit. mix flour into our chocolates and. stir them in. okay guys because it was like me. but this dough is. so far just perfect so if that. what will i just have one. recipe found. I don’t have the ball yet. tried it and we will continue to do that. Please beat the egg white once until stiff. at some point read that with one. pinch of salt would be better a pinch of page. in the ai weiweis is completely stiff and. now comes naturally to ours chocolate mission hello. it looks a bit like cream that. gotta get up now and get up. that just looks like, why do I have to. you have to look into one of these. cake pan I don’t know, of course. what size is that i think it is. 26 can now also measure but I. have no life yes I definitely want to. I now do trick 17 and down there. so do baking paper so you can give them later. well out again for this trick. the paper lies on the plate. the other for a few now. cut off beautiful land and done. the skirt for your cake pan.

nonetheless, I’m still doing the. rand a little butter very stupid idea. to do it with a knife and now you can. we our elderly flew dough there. rhine-main. it now comes for a good 40 to 50 minutes, then it needs 80 degrees in the. oven and then let’s see if there. what happened after 50 minutes later. that is our beating only burst open. and that’s why ultra still means should. let’s let it cool down first. and in the meantime we make the delicious ones. buttercream now the question arises. what a buttercream so the slope. join in and the answer is complete. simply a ready-mixed buttercream. from holland because he is with his motorcycle. once on the move very quickly and from. england he comes to holland. fly over and I know that is actually netherlands and i hope i. my worth determined enough in the forest too. can still do buttercream here. big, however, is 250 grams of powder. and with the coke is now on the. next birthday party and do it. a real party is really full. well right so a buttercream should. buttercream is also 250 milliliters. water and now we’re putting this in there. we have to know that together now. this one consequence. it has to rest for an hour now. so until then it will be slow outside. dark that shouldn’t be us. stop because I give you my birthday today and I want this cake. take away and that’s why they do it. quick more now looks like so. make a silicone mold that it is me. now thieves do packing then is or im. turn on your head okay we should now. Beat the butter until frothy. next to me and a mixing bowl with it. 300 grams of this stuff used and. know with 350 grams of butter I think. I don’t have that much butter anymore. today my god. therefore making a look also bears because.

since there is so much bitter in it, then let it be. Beat the butter until frothy and. educational policy look at me is then. let’s take some of this butter. pretty glue the cattle to help. that’s like our buttercream has to be. now also turn pink and feel. when we are here in pinkl only fuss. must definitely have a little bit of dollars. think tightly because we still have that. I will have to write this time. take very little because they are packed. I’ve done it this way before. bad yes is the color that we use. need kids it’s a bit over. that’s why one lies now. we belong to the scripture and for it. we need green now some excited. whether it will also be green that green I will. could pack it now, but I do. would like a very small knife point. blue to make it because it is rather. it has such a bluish tinge to mine. it was dark. therefore it can also be in real life. a bit more critical is fits. actually already or is already good. colors with one thing absolutely have. not counted and I have one. cardboard bought by the customer. can pack in. this is such a real box to look at. transport. I now have the top one of the cake. layer taken away because he stops like that. A little bit wrong is now nice. right now and now comes the pink panel. on it and I wasn’t, I am me. not a super fans device had bought. spread around the creams. similar to sun is places selects. it doesn’t even work that way. bad too many cellists world videos. I’ve seen the feeling for it before. how to do it so people look at you. that on so could see that better full. well i am i am really proud of myself. I have to say a little else. Took everything like that to distribute and so. but if you try hard then you will.

what is coming now, however. the most difficult part and that is the writing. I didn’t let myself go and. have bought piping bags time i have. that is all dry world. seen there she doesn’t do it that way. a glass in and now you can do that there. just introduce. so you come here we can do that. yo we can do that i’m like that. nervous. Not that bad. gotthard because god i’m proud. on it do not know it turned out perfect. the writing is not one to one either. but you can copy that. bring it to the birthday party. that’s really cool this ball holder. is not quite as big as that of. hellgate but people are happy. i’m so proud to be around soon now. face us again of course. most important question how tastes. harry potters birthday cake from. hellgate I can’t do that now. answer because I take a look. so the party and I don’t want to. that then piece of missing i will. try to take the camera with you and to. film otherwise tell you again tomorrow. tasted but I will probably. Recommend as I tried it but quite. honestly fuck it again. tastes it just looks cool. put the lid on and let’s go to the party. I would say. . finally these three books came here. build valuable power. . .


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