For beginners How to decorate a BIRTHDAY CAKE Easy – Italian cakes Ideas

For beginners How to decorate a BIRTHDAY CAKE Easy – Italian cakes


Today we bring you an easy to decorate birthday cake. Simply prepare a cocoa cake with a diameter of 20 cm and our mascarpone cream.
Hello everybody. In this video there is We show how to decorate easily. a birthday cake .. in the video vi the recipe of the cream we show that. we used to stuff and decorate .. cake preparation and decoration .. now we remind you to subscribe to our channel and. click the bell to activate Notifications .. after the acronym we start with the video .. for this birthday cake we have prepared a cake from. 20 centimeters in diameter .. at the end of the video we give you two cocoa cake recipes .. we have prepared a cream for filling and decorating. add 250 milliliters of fresh cream. 250 g mascarpone .. with these proportions the cream is suitable for both. the filling used for decoration with sac a poche. when the cream starts to thicken. add 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar and frulliamo. at maximum speed for 3-4 minutes .. from the cocoa cake we got three identical hard drives .. each layer is moistened with maraschino and filled with mascarpone cream and raspberries .. then we cover all visible sides of the cake with mascarpone cream. with a spatula we get rid of the excesses of cream until you get an effect. pleasant aesthetics .. we dyed the remaining cream with dye. liquid food. and decorations made very easily with sac à poche and a. spout with a star .. to finish off, we garnished with fresh raspberries. if this birthday cake is simple you liked it easily. we ask you to. leave a comment so we have your impressions. to like that I click. and subscribe to our YouTube channel ItalianCakes. Thank you and goodbye..


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