for beginners How to knit a blanket – step by step İdeas

for beginners How to knit a blanket – step by step


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Knit Aid to show you how to knit a simple blanket by sewing knitted squares together. It’s super easy and also perfect for …
hi, my name is Shahnaz, I am the founder of KnitAid .. we are a company that enables knitters to help others in need .. today i will show you how to make a thick woolen blanket out of many knitted squares .. we collect these squares, sew them together, and make blankets out of them, which we. send to refugee families whose countries were destroyed by the war and who are now living in refugee camps in cold Europe .. I will show you how to cast on stitches, how to knit straight stitches. and bind off, and sew the squares together .. I use 15mm knitting needles (US 19), Crazy Sexy Wool and a sewing needle .. let’s go !. First of all we have to cast on stitches .. take the ball of yarn .. look for the beginning of the thread .. you will find it hidden in the middle of the ball .. to cast on stitches, you make a running knot .. to make the running knot, you put one Loop with the yarn, like for a normal knot .. pull this loop through and pull it tight .. the running knot is finished .. push the loop with the running knot onto your knitting needle .. this is the first stitch .. now we knock Stitches with a single cast on .. to do this you hold the yarn in your hand and then wrap the thread around your thumb .. almost as if you were showing someone the way with your index finger .. stick the point of the needle under the loop and pull it onto your needle .. this is the first stitch you cast on .. we repeat again .. hold the working thread like this .. wrap it around your thumb .. guide the needle down .. we will cast on 14 stitches so that we have a 20c m or 7.5 ” wide square .. again .. check that you have a total of 14 stitches .. so that we can start knitting, we take the needle with all of the stitches and hold it in our left hand .. take the empty needle in your right hand .. to knit the first right stitch, you have to pierce this first loop .. so, from front to back .. so that a cross is formed. Hold both needles with your left hand .. take your right hand and put the working thread under and over this needle, and hold the needle and thread together .. pull the right needle down and away .. then bring the needle back up so that another cross forms .. let the stitch slip off the needle .. this is your first knitted right stitch .. I’ll show you again .. like this, from front to back, so that a cross is formed .. hold both needles with your left hand, then you take the working thread with your free hand. hand and put it first under and then over the needle, pull the lower needle out, like this. that the lower needle is now on top and a cross is formed again .. and then let the stitch slip off the needle .. this is your second stitch .. again, from front to back .. under and over ..

pull the needle out, up, and let it slide down .. repeat this over and over until your row is finished .. make sure that you knit at the end of the needle, where it tapers .. you shouldn’t be too wide knit at the top or bottom of the needle, because then you will either find it very difficult or the stitches will fall off the front of the needle .. you knit the last stitch that was originally your running knot in the same way as. all previous stitches off .. done .. the first row is finished .. to knit the next row, take the needle and turn it so that it is. all stitches are in your left hand again, and you have the empty needle in your. right hand .. these little knobs are your last knitted row .. make sure that you do not stitch into them, we want to knit in this stitch here .. knit this row exactly like the last row .. when you knit knit stitches in knitting every row is called garter stitch .. that’s the pattern we use for this blanket .. knit all stitches until your piece is 20cm long .. the finished square will be 20cm x 20cm .. it may Look a little strange right now, uneven, but don’t worry. just keep knitting, I promise you that it will look really nice in the end .. this is the last stitch .. our square is finished .. it is 20 cm long and 20 cm wide .. to bind off, you use the needle as usual with the stitches in your left hand. and the empty needle in the right hand .. so that we can bind off, there must always be two stitches on our right hand. needle .. knit two right stitches .. one .. two .. we now take the first of these two stitches and pull it over the second stitch .. we have now cast off one stitch, and on the right needle there is only. one more stitch .. to repeat it again: We need two stitches on the right needle .. so knit another stitch on the right .. there are two stitches on this needle .. take the first stitch with the point of the left needle and pull it over the second. stitch .. knit another right stitch so that there are two stitches on the right one. needle .. pull the first stitch with the point of the left needle back over the second stitch .. here you can see that you have started to bind off, you have cast off three stitches .. continue until the end of the row .. knit the last stitch and pass the first stitch over the second stitch. so that you only have one stitch left on the needle .. so, I’ll pull the needle out now and look at our square .. these are bind-off stitches .. cut the working thread at arm’s length .. pull the thread through the last loop ..

pull the thread tight .. the square is finished .. now we sew our squares together with a large sewing needle .. thread the yarn into the sewing needle .. when we knit in garter stitch, the pattern runs horizontally, like here .. when we sew our squares together, one square is always aligned horizontally. and one vertical .. so that we can sew two squares together, we have to find the little knobs at the edge of this part, and the vertical knobs at the edge of this part .. you sew from these into these knobs .. start on the right side and stitch with the needle straight through the first loop .. then put the thread on the other side and pull it through the first loop of the other square .. stitch through the loop at the edge of the next square .. then you sew through the corresponding loop on the other side .. you sew the last stitch through the last small loops .. that’s it .. that’s now sewn together nicely .. we simply sew the ends together .. when you sew the ends, you should use the original pattern hide .. then make a knot and cut the ends .. 35 squares later .. here is a blanket that we finished knitting a while ago .. the blanket is finished and is now going to a refugee camp in europe cleverly..


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