For beginners I bake BIBI a BIRTHDAY CAKE 😳 Ideas

For beginners I bake BIBI a BIRTHDAY CAKE 😳


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have a good day and warmly. welcome to my new media today. if you see this video we will write. the 6th of february so from the point of view the video like. then not so is yes. has legal sixth february today. birthday and who times in the 5 february. in any case tomorrow birthday and me. am going to give me a birthday cake now. baked it’s no surprise the. bible gave me the shopping list. sent because I am too accidental and stupid. but i can give you all of them today. especially give that this one. birthday cake i’ll be beautiful too. believe that I pack to do because I do. can now my image purely yes. I’ll say what it looks like now. should be on my head so would be optimal. the end result from these ingredients. have the courage that was the end of them. Ingredients continue to write something there. come in or and i have the concept. not seen yet but something very important. we have to get away from our good one. try the ingredients as well. are durable and then afterwards the men. to assess visually. 500 grams of butter we need 500. a young Brit drew. alternatively, there was a good straight display. still a lot of sugar that no more rice. really i think you need you no pack is a game or. wasn’t too much sugar 500 on that. head full of blatant my videos. professionally you can see the 500 grams. pourcel straight on the tooth or by the way how. bibi just got me japan per minute. she has put herself into action as part of a plan. and looked to see if I notice. I forgot. ok 8.
[Applaus]. now we finally have to you. different colors have what this here. can ever before. the last thing i take from my house. would make money I thought why. should I have no other time now.

color red let’s günter behnisch. now so green is going to be so similar. at the moment not at all like that. a lot first. not three parties joint. decision closed you weren’t closed. have a lot of fun with thorsten’s player. we don’t even fill it up for that. between i thought or birthday. sits down over the no idea. this is how the first layer looks optimal. dosed will be received soon. but now to the banking the problem. between us from a cream or. don’t you want such a cream in between. have what you still have a meter and a half. If you didn’t see the worries expired. are not starting we have to be safe on. large cabinet in the left refrigerator. intelligent and even under load for a long time. yes it will expire again 16 just. there are has two piece you can do it. yes, try that is also cover. that’s good then the sun will be. later for your news. yet when yogurette spilled too. so free as well as the following problem. I haven’t forgotten about that. to write shopping list and not. but I will just put it in my head. have no money and name stripe. replace in the man to it came with. We want cornstarch now. made like we try together. to get asked you just forum. read. . forget that. about three hours later the birds. are done that this is now green. money that’s think that’s good skiing. they look completely different but i think. we can count with daughters. further questionable who are ugly have. customers green now that it is ours. and none of them have to do everything. I should stick a discount on it. taken now need a party with me. spatula in catania is cool on it.

therapy. unfortunately we really have far too little. saying power learns so healthy healthy. the other cake is correct I have. Here it applies although it looks healthy. like xxl gut, roth has a great chance. every evening then we pack now in the. transition that rudi already shows. then we have a cream again. always so close to the edge of the village or. I want to say green now next. when I hadn’t thought that she would. Julia succeeds so well that is a. calorie born. there are contracts i give you that is again. a bio. but if that is not professional. looks like. but I also arrived that way. but really wants to be able to stick to it. I did not take advantage of such a cliff rushed. we are supposed to have food glue. but everything was around it. I’ll just look at this now. maneuvering on board. that will now be a cramp than that. julia falls like that too, you have children. but also always sold out. . can you guys us inside was very joyful. sven rademacher. I have to generate a pack. come now that the real world he. maybe we are unfortunately doing with duplo. I would say come now. current reeled teeth and the last one. is not there it fits perfectly. man is that cool really blatant that. also okay now no longer pay attention to how. everything is finished but this is how the good looks. turns out to be exaggerated and now. I will do that together with you. smarties a piece you stay here like. yummy, please see that you are me. spontaneously still thinking that I just. Little chunks of chocolate for children. So just a throw of these little bags. chocolate still missing I would say. you can tell it has almost been done. giving up hurts a really horny one.

I will take a picture of it. I’ll take the cell phone again. Recordings. looks like this. hot. okay we are happy then yours has. husband made that’s how I should just do it. cut out a corner cut out a corner. out and the wiesn pieces of cake is that. Now I get them because now. from that pulls out nice I had to there. can i have to now i’m hungry. can you give my birthday cake wife. stopped by your own cake. we have this recording in the cake. jo I just have the. cut noticed that I even cooked. I didn’t turn a kart that means. i saw this cake was like this. focused on this cake that me. my video didn’t finish has been sick. what a little sugar can trigger. a bit of sugar here was just mine. Ordered food here it had to be something. be healthy that such a nasty rice and. cucumber and I still live here like that. I really paid attention to it but that. cake that is incredibly delicious and. actually it won’t be eaten until tomorrow. if you see the video the bi has. birthday must also take a look. babys video over because the bibi has. me today apulian the world has me. yes tested with soko implants and. carefully looked whether I notice that. not that it is also an attempt. Switched on first. you can also use the information series. happy to wish a happy birthday. you love is a good hand then would. I say until the 6th no idea how that had to laugh. .


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