For beginners I bake my BIRTHDAY CAKE # sweet18 🎂🥳🤩 (going wrong) / Änni Ideas

For beginners I bake my BIRTHDAY CAKE # sweet18 🎂🥳🤩 (going wrong) / Änni


In this video you can see how I bake my birthday cake! btw. it tasted better than it looked. leave a subscription, …
highlight and welcome too. this is a video of me today. we are in the church and that lies. the fact that I like to make up today. I will do tutorial but I will. bake a cake today and i will. I don’t bake just any cake. will make my own birthday cake. bake because my birthday is tomorrow. in my 18th birthday and i have a lot. time alone at home that’s why i have. I just think about the cake myself. close. I can tell you so much already. have never had a cake like this. so clearly made smaller. making chocolate cake so got that’s for. I don’t really work but I do. would like to have a biscuit cake with me today. Make a cream filling and I am. very very excited like the whole thing then. if yes, we’ll look forward to how. the whole look is then accompanied. I really like today and still. looks at me to be up eventually. a nice one or a rather not so. nice cake and yes give up. any case of the median thumb still. rewrite few comments we you that like the video and then we start too. straight to the cake. I already have all the ingredients. I’ll be weighed with the biscuit batter. start because it really takes a lot. long to bake so 30 minutes. bake and then he has to. Let it cool down for a long time before continuing. can use and definitely will. I’ll quickly add the ingredients to you. I’ll show you the recipe too. simply link in the infobox if. her to imitate it someday volt. and yes. . . . As you have seen, I have just put in the oven. I’ll just be a half there now. leave an hour inside if there is any. someone asks what kind of jump shape I am.

So there have to be with the diameter itself. not but I guess somehow 26 cm. if it is less than 30 cm, it cannot. don’t know my way around like so. I will definitely do something now. simply the kitchen in the meantime. clean up a bit out of eat and. then we will continue. . so i have it out of the oven now. fetched and that’s really nice. Opened up, but I still have to. let them cool i will guess them. I put outside because right now. are the temperatures outside too. suitable to let something cool down. that’s why I’m just going to take it from now. I think sheet metal on a plate. or I will indirectly with the sheet. turn out i’m not sure. anyway, i’m just going to be. look how I put it outside. will. and then i will think i will too. pull on and a few more things. go get worried because i don’t have any. things here. for the filling or this. creamy cream because I kind of like me. shopping for it wasn’t exactly that. thought because I haven’t been there yet. once knew what kind of cake I had. make that he now I knew again. go but in any case i will. now do everything quickly. I’ve seen some in the last few days. watched videos on how to do so. bake a cake for everyone. if I have myself I’ll show you. I want to talk about things like that for a moment. can cover the cake on it. I hope it will look cool that has to be. still harden so I already have it. made yesterday is finished now and. it will end up when everything is fine. runs on the cake so needs to stand. what will i be stuck on is. the package fell in here. .

so people it looks like me now. I thought I might. do something else now. because somehow you see if now. you don’t look at that okay, yes. now that there are 15 white people here and that. is from the table as you can see from the side. now off I’ll just be the one. remaining exercises the whole cake. give and then it’s actually already. finished I’m not sure if that. I should hear that with the cream cheese. because you see these white ones here. globules these are the duty cheeses. pellets from the crunchy cream cheese, however. i have some prescription on the internet. found where you can also find cake with that. Cream cheese he makes is so grainy so. yes it will definitely fit. tastes very, very good and I think so. you can then bring a look away for what I’m doing for the first time. . this is how the good piece looks now he has. just score this way. but i have to say it’s easy but because of the grainy cream cheese. I think it doesn’t look bad now. from or so that even looks good itself. off so i am really very proud of. me that it turned out that way and yes. now I can do it a little longer. because smooth here and when can. I started you too. the customer here. .


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