for beginners I-cord ribbon – knit cord İdeas

for beginners I-cord ribbon – knit cord


In this video I show you how to knit an I-cord ribbon. This I-Cord is pretty easy and quick to make and can be used for a lot …
I’ll show you today how to do a quad. Ribbons can knit a cord. The whole thing could be two three four five. or maybe even six stitches. I do it here with three and. cast on three stitches. the whole thing is very easy, by the way. then I take the battered one. mesh and slide them on top of the other. side of the needle used for this. be sure to blunt your needle with one. driver’s side needle to it works. not then I just knit three. stitches on the right. the next row goes right here. there is again over and strictly all three. Meshes right off with time will become. So find such a cord repeatedly. as long as you have the cord. wanted. and I already have a ribbon. prepared from chains through here all the way. normal i push it back on that. other side and remove a stitch. the next and pick up the first. second I do the same with the. third and ready is my cord and. looks nice too. the cord in purple now i have it. Incidentally, I knitted with two stitches. I hope I can help with that and. I wish you all a full day.


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