For beginners Juicy lemon cake recipe – confetti cake – baking birthday cake – easy & fast Ideas

For beginners Juicy lemon cake recipe – confetti cake – baking birthday cake – easy & fast


Hey everyone, this time there’s the recipe for a juicy lemon cake with a colorful load of confetti! You can also use it quickly and easily as …
hello here everyone and welcome to. I had a new video of me. a very colorful confetti cake for. you guys with lemon flavor like I did that and everything here for that. I need to show you that now. have a lot of fun watching. you need flour for the cake. cornstarch the abrasion of an organic. lemon the juice of this lemon one. pinch of salt soda sugar room warm. butter eggs and vanilla sugar for the. you will need some more sugar later. confetti I have that with me, for example. rewe bought powdered sugar and again. some lemon juice all over. but I will also give you quantities. again under the video in the infobox. to link. First comes the room warm butter. a mixing bowl and will be short once. pitched before then gradually. the sugar is sprinkled with it and then. let the mass continue to serve you. after a few minutes the. Lemon rubbed for a short time. let mix in and then comes. always 1 1 after the other to the mass. added. before the next one is given. Always leave the previous one good to you. stir well into the. butter has worked in if then everyone. eggs are well incorporated into the dough. come the salt and the vanilla sugar. add it and then you can. the starch under the spoonfuls. cake batter to be stirred. immediately afterwards can also. already the flour in about two. portions are added. this is how the dough becomes. pretty viscous and then come. about five tablespoons of the fresh. squeezed lemon juice with it. then leave the dough to you again. Mix properly and then come. we already to the exciting confetti. part. here you just have to look how much. should want confetti in the cake.

definitely not too much but also. not be too little. I think I put around 50 grams in the dough here. the confetti must of course also. can be worked well under the dough and. then you can already have one. Prepare the box shape you. Grease properly and with plenty. dusted with flour and then you can have yours. Enter concerts and smooth them out. so that your cake is not a ball. You can get baking with me. the dough just a little deeper than that. so really only press in very discreetly. and then it goes into the preheated oven at 165 degrees. top and bottom heat for 30 to 40 minutes. after baking that you can make the cake briefly. cool down and you can see that it too. there is no hunger and then rushes in. the balls on a cooling grid and. let it cool completely. fast. then it goes with the bus walter for the. her icing sugar in a bowl. and always some lemon juice with it. there looks best like that. consistency changes feel your way. so really carefully and slowly. Ahead. until the bus is finally nice. closes but is not too fluid either. depending on that you can either. add some liquid or if so. the pour should have become too fluid. can also have some powdered sugar. be stirred in. now I have a piece of baking paper. Untermain laid off perpetrators so none. there is too much mess and then can. the bus on the cooled cake. be distributed. let the kiss pass a little too. over the edges so that he really is. can run down nicely. last but not least comes on the bus. more confetti and there just has to be. the pouring from herten and a lemon. Watching confetti is done.

that was now down with lemon cake. with confetti in it. I hope you enjoyed it if so. I would go to myself in after. look forward to the top. and don’t forget to subscribe when. you don’t want to miss any more videos. then we’ll see each other in the next. video again bit then bye.


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