for beginners Knit 2 needle cloth from 1 strand İdeas

for beginners Knit 2 needle cloth from 1 strand


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I had a stressful one the other day. time than usual and wanted something. knit. i wanted to distract my mind. can my hands occupy me a. beautiful wool to please that feels good to her. knows that. and it should also be strictly new project. I already had three in the works. but I wanted to do something new. simply for in between with one. simple knitting pattern and small and. manageable. the result is this cloth that fits perfectly in a few days. on strike and how it is knitted. I tell you, stay tuned. . hello and welcome i am. claudia has been a strict designer for 30 years. and this is my little one. in between, a super soft cloth. cotton which was really good for me. and has had a very difficult week. the key data for the. cloth are as follows i have one. strand cumulus used. in the color with here behind you see. now here you don’t see it yet me. spread it on the. workplace but i believe i strictly. never again what is green that works. with my greenscreen just not. but in the background now looks like. said a strand of cumulus is 100 grams. 230 meters the cumulus is available in three. variants and all three are from. material and the barrel length and the. I checked in and. once in rainbow stripes. the pattern is a two needle rib. pattern is not a new pattern but. which knitting pattern is it new. but is very simple and very. effective and the size. it is very very long but not like that. high so it is 80 cm and a meter 10. So 110 centimeters at the tear-off edge. in this form long and narrow. I’ve wrapped it around here twice. and always a little knotted.

you can find the yarn in my shop. moment here. this is where the plain colors start. cumulus this is the mint thing. I have used you know that for sure. screen colors are always one of them. a bit different from the screen too. screen in reality this is it. a little brighter a little braver the same. but quality is also available as cumulus. Checked in twice, stuck or. in cumulus rainbow. these are 100 grams and are available in these colors and we even have them at the moment. all colors system I can do the whole thing. you also here at my workplace. demonstrate. three draws this is my color us. mint from cloth I’ll take it. off so you can see. so this is my color and i have. only used one strand and this is it. a small remainder that is left over. I’ll knit you right with that. I was still wondering if I wouldn’t. take it again but finally had it. I want something fresh and have that. the good thing about this scarf is that too. should that be too small for you. you just keep knitting. the cloth is big enough or yours. wishes corresponds. so just keep knitting. until big enough I have this little one. size is enough for this case though. sometimes i also love huge towels. but always huge is not always good. you could also start with the mint and. then continue knitting with the flyer. so you would have had in two colored book. I didn’t speculate either but did more. then one strand passed communist. apples is also nice I had you guys yes. shown in the shop is somewhat mottled. striped and there are beautiful new colors. this season and the cotton is. crazy soft so I’m really so perplexed. wait softly a very, very light one. voluminous cotton.

there are six percent piles in it. and this fluffy soft cotton. stabilizing yarn but feeling it does. one the six percent me and still here. times the rainbow same quality same. softness but in the rainbow stripes. of pastel. over blue ocean tones for the gray. black lover or rainbow as well. now now knitted away at the bottom in. the point at. as always with three stitches and knit. then and now that’s special about it. this pattern with one thick and one. thin needle what strength that depends. of course from the wool I have with. cumulus uses the number 9 and number 5.. 49 and of course there is a gap. nobility very practical because a strength. are inside and you can get a rope. take and to one is countries that screw in thick nobility and to the other. its end. the thin one then has both. Needle tips needed on one. to take two different needles. single needles is of course also possible. a bit annoying when it does. but of course it also hangs around the back. or whatever goes for them. don’t buy a whole set right away. want you to needles individually. buys single ropes and single needles. there is also a gap I show. belongs to you again. that would be the rope here. reached 60 centimeters 80s was up. in any case, you can do everything. pushing together from stretching and on. this is write you two buy. you two additional times in a 9 15th and screw that on and then it comes. Much cheaper of course than if. you bought a whole set right away. which are also very beautiful then. there is no knitting you take them. thick needle so the nine millimeters and. cast on three stitches then strictly you. one stitch on the right one stitch on the left.

once to the right and now she comes back. basically knit the stitch like you do. appear one stitch on the left. right a machine so that was now. just the preparation and now it works. with the right pattern going on we have. so one stitch to the right one stitch. left to the measure for right and in. this pattern strictly you also continue. one right and one left one right and. left and so on the left strictly. her right will be completely normal. knitted right twisted the edge. however, I have normal stitches. knitted right could see it here. i always have the edge stitches like this. knitted as they appear. and the increases occur at the end of a. sufficient at the beginning of a series. at the end of an outward journey each row. and at the beginning of each back row the. last stitch doubles that means edge. mesh right a marshall in the last. made double by the once of. in front one from behind a piece of work. Turn first double stitch. but from the front once from the back. prick see what’s next pattern. moderately it would be a left stitch and. now i have the first right stitch. which is no edge stitch and knit the. crossed then comes the edge mesh. I knit them like them on the purl. appears so next row edge. mesh right left right crossed. Find double last stitch on the left. double first stitch. left right crossed left. right crossed edge mesh left and. that was it all over again. we are now in a row again. hand mesh as it appears. right left right crossed left. right crossed left last stitch. double if the first stitch. double. left right crossed left right. swiveled left right. edge mesh as it appears so on the left. so two rows to show and then.

It should be clear in the edge of the mesh. so show how it appears then. left right crossed left right. crossed left right left last. Double the mesh and the return journey. double first stitch. left right crossed left right. crossed left right crossed. left right hand tools. so appears on the left. so you can see how fast the cloth. grows and how loose and fluffy this one. rib pattern will it has two. different sides from the back. it looks like this. are the right ones doing a bit. smaller to the side or from one of them. From the right side you are a. bit bigger and have this nice one. interesting twist by that. reinforced knit so much to mine. small scarf I hope you like it. wish you a lot of fun. after knitting until then it’s fine. .


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