for beginners Knit a simple sock pattern İdeas

for beginners Knit a simple sock pattern


. hello world I have one again. socks must be one for you. a hole had to. the report goes over eight rounds. and there are actually only rights. knit stitches really whole. I hereby simply have the covenant. one stitch on the right one stitch on the left. knitted in a row and in the. second row I only have rights. knitted stitches over it that’s time. Another possibility to tie the covenant. knit and then always alternate one. stitch right one had to left and one. I mean round, of course, and round. only make rights. after the covenant then just become. knitted two stitches at the bottom and. then you start right away. the hole pattern. namely the first two stitches. which are now strived for on the right then. an envelope lifts the following stitch. you from the second strictly the right and. then simply lifts the lifted one over it. again two stitches a yarn over. the following mass take off one mesh. right and pull the lifted one over it. that’s a simple cover that’s. masses. the pattern that always goes through divided. we then again two massed one on the right. hit a crowd take off a crowd. right and pull the lifted one over it. and knit two stitches envelope size. take off a crowd to the right and the. pull lifted over it. next time again two human rights. take off the envelope. one stitch on the right and the lifted one. pull over two masts to the right. and the cover again two masts. take off a stitch on the right envelope. right and pull water over it. let decay right and again. between the right and the lifted one. pull over that you do over now. all four needles are now 2. over my round is now finished. second round of the report there.

just knitted the right stitches. first two again on the right then the. envelope also to the right and from covered the. one stitch also right all stitches. Knit including the yarn over. the whole round. the round is finished again i have. now the whole round only knit stitches. aspired and in the third round of. rapport now begins with the. envelope so to because in the first. I started round with two. knit stitches and then fold over and the. plating and now do it exactly. conversely, you only start with. So just turn the thread on the envelope. the needle lift off the next mass one. mesh right and the weighed. pull over it just like before. staggered and the next two stitches. knit on the right and take off the yarn over. right and reduce and two masses. right. two measure right. then the next needle again with one. envelope start to take off. one stitch on the right and the lifted one. pull over it two masses on the right envelope. don’t forget that so again. whole round then that was it. third row the third round from. rapport and now you just stretch. still exactly five rounds only right. stitches 5 and knit stitches and then. you start again with the first row. knit an envelope with two stitches. take off a mass and then a coating. one stitch to the right and then yes begins. only with the envelope and the cover. and then knit exactly two stitches. offset. a nice but very simple one. Hole pattern well that always ready for. today. then I hope you guys enjoy the video. liked that you liked the pattern. I like trying it out and then. Hopefully we’ll hear from you again soon.


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