for beginners Knit baby hat – preparation * PART 1 * İdeas

for beginners Knit baby hat – preparation * PART 1 *


A simple and super cute baby and children’s knitted hat that makes every mum / grandma / aunt’s heart beat faster! You can knit them striped or …
I’m knitting a super with you today. sweet am very simple children and see. the hat he either monochrome or. two lanes can knit. in the first part you can see the preparation. for the hat so how to get the right one. size determines what you need everything. and how to make the stitches cow i. get this striped with you guys today. knit hat. you can if you want to. complicated with the stripes you can. make them monochrome as well, of course. to make this bobble and how it is. you see attached in another. video I link that to you in the window. I have that concerns the size of the hat. me to a table from the network. held. I’ll briefly hide the biggest ones for you here. table 1 and link the. website at the bottom of the infobox. I want this hat to be one for this. one to two month old baby is and. take a head circumference of 40 cm more. calculate how many people I have. below need and a cap in the amount of. about 13cm in terms of size. but it is still so that every child and. every human being, too, of course. individual I have myself therefore with. had to intent for the chaos right. decided because I am very far away. beautiful is stretchy and also down. so it can still be pulled easily. right is the perfect had to be about mine. children with knitting and also with it. the children’s hat a little more. I can grow with you down here. I didn’t have to start with my back. but right with the circle on the right because. I just believe it is a little. It is much more comfortable for babies to lie down. will and will lie on the pattern. when all of this is even and spread out. feels the same, however, I have in the. in retrospect that it has to be optional. you don’t do it but I think very much. practically here in the first two rows. a fine rubber sewn in because so. even if you are abroad with a little bit.

she still has time down here. a good tension on the combination. i just got it from the textile business. for the bbc i use two. different colors. this time i have the linea purer series. by lana grossa I think that’s one. beautiful wool for children. to make because they are super super soft and. delicate it doesn’t scratch at all very much. is easy and not so. because it is not made of wool. but from a mixture of silk. She is cashmere viscose and polyamide. even though they are thick. also kind of cool that is actually. also more like summer wool and none. winter role. that’s why she has a little bit. temperature compensating effect in case. you want a different volt than that. I definitely want to go here, of course. make sure that they are very soft. and tender is really not I scratch. would make sure they at least. is not made of 100 percent plastic. and maybe some marine wool. or cotton or one. mixed fabric is made of both of the size. you can take what you want for the wool. want this is actually for one. ten needle i found it much too narrow. for a needle of ten and knit it with. an eighth needle is much thicker. but I wouldn’t be able to do this either. the stitches just don’t work that way. grow tall and the hat is more comfortable. if the child is on it i link. a few more in the infobox below. want to use that as an alternative. if I didn’t take you here if you buy 1 of each color. then you have 100 grams of wool like that. a cap weighs around 35 km each. according to what size you do. anything between 30 and 40 grams. you could open the two bulbs. in any case two girls make it or also. just like me a bit smaller. maybe for newborns and those here.

a bit bigger for a one up. two month old child. in case you just have a solid color hat. volt definitely knit one. almost 50 grams. because as I said, my knitting needles. are a size 8 they are with. paddle in the symphony line with one. property should be that is itself. one meter long. then could be a bit smaller. you could also take 80 centimeters. to take. you then need a tape measure. also needs an hour stop needle around. to sew the ducks or to maybe. in the end to take the elastic that. elastic band does not have to be but I think. very practical I link you below. in the infobox where he once got it. can just mean it from the. textile business then we do as. first again a mass rehearsal for it. I cast on ten stitches. here are my toes and wash them. I now knit in a circle. pattern up just a couple a house. right means when you are strictly. like me now at the mass rehearsal. so with a front and with one. back where you have to turn. strictly your everything in the right mesh. every side in right stitches because yes. what on the one hand a right. mesh is is on the other side. a purl stitch and this is how it is created. automatically shopping right pattern. later when we knit the hat and. want to have exactly the same pattern. we always have to change a series. Knit and purl one row. now press the second row. I have turned and also stretch. again right stitches are now easy. a few a high to a piece about. my mesh sample will be as high as soon. is now done and I am now measuring. how far it is to whom I do that. piece something because the cap is on the head. something is stretched to make it.

not extreme so so mediocre. one comes here to 10 cm approximately and. can then write to me. my toe stitches were ten. inches wide. I calculate this by this 10th by 10th one comes out so one mesh. per centimeter. I take 40 centimeters for the head circumference. so 40 x 1 are 40 meshes 40 meshes. meets excellently because the number. should either be by five or by. sex being divisible doesn’t matter. five or six but it’s very important. that the mesh number is either through. is five or divisible by sex if. your score not exactly by six. or five is divisible then rounds it up like this. far up to the next number. those through five or six so partially. I now cast on 40 stitches. so you are now perfectly prepared. to knit this hat and because of that. we can in the second part. carry on where you see how to do that. weekend and of course how to get in. strip strictly.


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