for beginners Knit beautiful cloth edges with the double edge stitch İdeas

for beginners Knit beautiful cloth edges with the double edge stitch


Welcome to our new video – today I’ll show you how to knit a double edge stitch. – This is a permanent commercial …
i want to come to our new video. today i want you one. I think it’s pretty chic. showing us conclusion was a margin. finish with two stitches. here you can see the one from the left. and here from the right side. i have something small or something. smaller knitted items prepared with. thicker wool then you can do it better. see. that is the front view and that is. the back view as I find one. pretty nice finish also for towels. for example if you don’t have a nike. want to knit on the outskirts. I turn it again very slowly. flop the knitting needle over the table. by the way, you’re here on the canal. gabriele from voléro liga landed or. a hand dyeing is quieter. bremerhaven this video can be viewed as. Understand permanent advertising if you can. if you want to show it now. I like you once like this like this rand. do this double stitch. works focused on the industry. not the first machine is lifted off. the next stitch is also part of the. double edge madjidi we knit. right. I just have a little one. problem knitted about no idea. ten or eleven marshall that’s why i push. now not on a break but at an angle. together with you at the end of this whole. short row the last two stitches. belong to the double edge mesh again. that means the penultimate stitch we. imitate the thread. the mesh is simply called up here. and the last stitch in the row will be. knit right then turn the. first brand is lifted and the. next stitch is knitted in. In my case, knit on the return journey. I now make left as I smooth. right stretch but it’s about how. the edge stitch also has two stitches. the needle because double edge stitch. the thread lift off the mass to the front.

knit the last stitch on the walls. Take off the second mesh of the ground. double edge stitch on the. stretch right front and again. until the similar stretch at the end of everyone. row at double the edge of the mass. we the penultimate stitch with the one with the. just thread from the last one at the front. machine is turned to the right. mass lifted off and the second mesh. the double edge stitch will be right. knitted then you speak your pattern. or whatever you’re so strict about at the moment. a scarf and at the end of the row when you have two stitches left on the needle. the thread lift off the mass to the front and has. the question split. the last stitch as a right stitch. knit. if the crowd takes off the first. machine the second mesh litigation. and again until the end. if you don’t have any tips but can. if you said no already when you at. lines or no new video none. strict tips want to miss more. but then leave it there and activate it. bell and you will automatically get over it. informs that we have a new youtube. uploaded video. that’s pretty handy i have to. better findability of the videos too. all videos are themed in playlists. packed so you won’t be long. just have to look for. under the playlist tab and then. you can do many many videos. themed so find it now. a very short video deleted again. until the end of the row end of the. series are always the same whether or not often. on the front or the back or the. lift off the back to the penultimate mass. last stitch with the thread to the front. knit right, take off first piece. second stitch of double edge stitch. knit on the right and another one. knit row. if you make a scarf with weight for example because in the end you would.

So now you are in front of the double. edge mesh with two machines yours. make gains making it a nice one. variant of a qualification knew and if. I didn’t knit in stockinette stitch now. that would not have been either. try to roll up so it’s up to you. the knitting pattern between the two. double edge mesh. I wish you a lot of fun. try out and stretch yours. gabriele from bolero league.


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