for beginners Knit cloth patent ribs – with a great structure! – Part 1 İdeas

for beginners  Knit cloth patent ribs – with a great structure!  – Part 1


You can find the written instructions here: Part 2 can be found here: …
hello how to strictly show such a scarf. I to you today who I. once again the problem in which you. can see how I worked here. so far the edge on the left with the first names. I really like it too. is really a nice clean one. edges have become where the increases. take place and that I’m here so little. I have to form little holes on the other. side also an edge with small ones. little holes worked and if the book. is done you can do it as well. one can turn right and one. finish the edge of the hole. otherwise patents alternate here. Pattern left right purl stitches from and. I show how the whole thing is done. you guys now in the following video. you need for that I have here. so the doubles could do 10 doubles. could use you can of course. the xl also use the charity as he does. in principle, the cloth can be used with everyone. any can work. I show such a video with the cherokee. just to make her a little better. can see what I am herewith. make stitches because that because they do. data from opel is quite thin and so on. you can just see it better then. I got entangled while strolling with. needle number three and a half and here take. I now give everyone a 4 for the charity. and then off we go. . mesh markers I would you still. Recommend offer the cylinder rows. i post six people. what else I wanted to tell you there is. so a weird cloth man beats. every machine stays on one side. straight and here the slant could. that is then the one that will be on the neck later. is located and then left a return trip. knit stitches in the back area. purl edge stitch the first. and the last stitch on the right then the. turn work. now we are in a straight line here. the quick the first take off then.

knit twice. make the following two happen here. now they always increased so if you. still have three loops on the needle. then always the increases work yes. stich now stands in the two make. a like when you wanted them together. knitting pulls in the thread. a bit high then put an envelope. on the needle and stitch in again. both stitches 1. now you have this stitch out of here. three loops worked and now. the stitches come from the needle and the. then knit quickly then the. turn work. and here in the back the edge mesh. purl and the following stitches. the following three stitches as well. purl and then knit twice. and the rand I make to see you too. orientation again the rows of numbers. then if you rewind is that you can find your way better. we are in the third row again. in a right row so the edge mass. Then take off the next two stitches. knit together on the right. and put an envelope on the nail. then knit one stitch and. now I’m back with them. last three make including. so I knit these. two times together again and lay down. put an envelope on the needle and prick. one more time to get through the rides. and then I knit the quick one. So from the fourth there was a place. I stretch more freely for you on the left stitch. and the following three always do. Left. and knit the next three stitches. me not. . in the fifth row. Lift off the edge of the piece and in the 35th the first three stitches in garter stitch. so make three stitches on the right. and now the first stitch begins here. from the park and muster there but now.

only start knitting with one stitch. I take it off with an envelope as. the stitch off with an envelope and. now I’m back with them. the last two I knit as usual. and their stitch on the right and in the. sixth row a return journey dirani. purl the next three stitches. always left the stitch with the. I knit the envelope on the right and now. if i’m here on the straight, that could be. the three meshes are gray. are knitted on the right here too. knit three stitches and the edge stitch. in the seventh rank. this is again a series of perforations. here on the right edge forms here. So a hole could be the first here. knit two stitches after the edge stitch. together knit an envelope on the. put the needle and the next stitch. then do not knit one stitch again. take off with an envelope. knit the next stitch and. now I’m back with them. last two that I stretch together. as described as out of the two routes. I three stitches out. and the handbag not sick mesh. purl and the following three. stitches always streaked to the left. so now i am at the patent user. I already do two so now. take off the first stitch with an envelope. the next stitch with the envelope. knit together and here I am. I do the last three stitches. front stitch the stretch always on the right. Always knit right in the back. I have to do the rows for these three. mesh just pay attention to it in each. in the second row there will be a little hole. incorporated in the new series die. edge mass lift off. And now here three stitches on the right. I used loosely in the previous one. round. and now I have three here. make the first stitch in the patent pattern. take off with the envelope.

the next stitch with a yarn over. knit together and knit the next. take off again. and these two stitches again from these. again stretch out three stitches. ash right. and we are in the tenth row. at the beginning it goes quickly the rank. purl and the next three. stitches are always left and now. we here at the park and mesh them. stitch together with the envelope on the right. knit the following stitch with the. Take off the envelope and make the next stitch. together with the envelope on the right. and knit these last four stitches. always right in the back area. including ashes in the. first row lift off the edge mass and. now a smile again a work. when he knit two stitches together. knit. and an envelope and the following stitch. to the right the blind is formed. then we are with the patient. take off the first stitch with an envelope. the following stitch with the envelope. knit together again then with. take off the envelope and the following. stitch right and now back out of the. two make three marches out. knit and the rhythmic right. here you can already see how. a beautiful can formed with the. increased. . in the twelfth row the edge mesh. purl and the following three stitches. up always left you can do that. actually notice into the into into the. always move the first four stitches. left and the last company always. right. so now comes the patent pattern. first machine with the envelope take off. the following stitch with the envelope. knit together, lift off right. knit together and now I am. the last four stitches. So the one on the right in the back room.

now I’m back to a row. the crowd take off the rapid and the. the following three stitches always knit and. now the patent pattern begins again. Stitch with envelope lift off the following. Knit together with yarn over. take off, knit together and off. the two stitches before it stitches three. stretch out meshes from their meshes. right and here we have another one. return here than for the first four. machines always purl 34. then we are the ones with the patent pattern. stitch with envelope right the following. take off with envelope take off right. right and I’m back to the. last four years the route here in. the back area always right and now come. I to 15 the row. take off the edge mass and come back. a book the previous row was. your only big right so was the mesh. knit a yarn over on the right. one stitch to the right is the blind one. then comes the patent had to end. take off the machine with the envelope and. knit the following stitch together. take off on the right, stretch together on the right. take off and the following mesh has yes. no envelope yet. just right and then here I am. back to the two of whom I make. three marches out of track. As always, the series begins with 4motion. left 1234. now i’m the mother of the patent. mesh that has no envelope. I start with an envelope and the full. behind the mesh stretch with the envelope. right together so can memorize. with the patent pattern you never strict one. left stitch step all stitches on the right. and he lifts the others with one. envelope from now on i’m with the. the last four stitches come in. the rows are always on the right. 17.3 you stand out in crowd and three. mesh right that for small was in. the 15th then the patent pattern here the mesh.

has no envelope so considerably she. with an envelope from the present. stitch right with the envelope and such. I knit the bishopric of Aachen with the. envelope are used up and this. mesh here considerably with the envelope. abdi is now at the patent. samples included and from the full in the. two I work again an increase. against the back area the first four. machines always left now i have. here is a stitch with an envelope. knit right take off knit right. take off right knit take off right. knit and the last four marks in. the back always quarreled on the right. new tenth row whose masses take off. and now a little hole comes along again. Knit two stitches together. an envelope and a stitch on the right and. then the patent pattern begins to die out. his stitch on the right I am one. stitch on the right into a stitch on the right. take off. one stitch to the right and out of the last. two years stretch out three more. so to take a scam. 2 and 6 3, as always, the first. Finnish left then he starts again. the patent muscle with a mesh without. envelope as considerably the one with envelope. with an envelope and then the. take off the next one with the envelope on the right. right take off right against right and. the last four stitches. as always right in the back. the first in the back the first four. always left and the last four. always try a little. system to explain that you get him the pattern you see here forms. the blind with the loosely and here. a blind man also forms with her. just by the mass of me. three stitches out stretch is formed. also like a quick little sample. And now the patent sample is slowly coming into effect. So of course this book only lays down when you’ve already knitted a few rows.

are and then come this way. but now we are already with that. twenty-fifth row then changes. here the patent pattern on the. stripe pattern.


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