for beginners Knit egg warmers from scraps of wool İdeas

for beginners Knit egg warmers from scraps of wool


This is one of the mini projects that I really love! In addition, my self-knitted egg warmers are also really great gifts. To the blog post: …
. hello and welcome back to. one channel. I have instructions for you today. I shot that before in 2018. But there are always inquiries about whether. I do that in a bit more detail. I can do it again today. do and it’s about really sweet. egg warmer made of wool scraps the whole thing is. according to instructions from susanne von. paul m. she really does really great. knitting instructions and I want you there. really take a look over a link. for your shop I pack in the below. infobox and also a link to. my blog post at the time is there. everything again in great detail. then it starts so you need. about 80 meters or just under 50 grams. rest and a game in size 41 to the. all and if you want a pomper. maker and then a bomb. to put on and that is started. Of course, the whole thing is done by hitting. meshes. and I take my normal one. long needle and cast on 28 stitches. and then spread the whole thing over that. play like this here. then it’s going to start. that you trick six down to the rhythm. so one stitch to the right and one stitch. the cuff is always alternating on the left. finished with that and now looks like this and. so that there is news about the cap. when folded down comes a round right one. meshes. then it goes on with a ride. pattern something from two links and one. make right so you have now. with 28 stitches. one stitch too many that means in the. row strictly c’t you somewhere now. just go two stitches together. it goes with the knitting of the rhythm. one stitch on the right two on the left one. stitch on the right two stitches on the left always. nice alternation and the whole 19 rounds. long if you are in the round with the.

forgot right stitches two. knit stitches together. then of course you can do that here too. in the round make the first and. otherwise it goes lively now. row by row and the hat rex and. text and get really nice ones. structure and a great pattern. of course you can also enter here. vary a bit and the whole one. knit a bit longer or shorter depending on. after how you like it and how I have it. the whole thing now really mostly with. renault left knitted and there I have to. say it all works out great and. fits really well. in the next round it goes with. get rid of the decrease and you keep talking. the one stitch on the right and then the two. purl stitches together afterwards. then a round with a right and. a left the stitch alternately and. in the final round. again and again two stitches on the right. put together so exactly thinks. where did all the instructions. again on my blog the link is. and in the infobox. exactly because that can also be completely. simply read omission. writing and knitting the whole thing. also just like that at the end then. simply cut off the wool and then. comes the fun the needle and. then just everything by the bad guys. go through and do together and. grades. pull exactly the whole thing inside and. then hide the thread and i like it. then always happy when the hat. another gets that always looks real. sweet and gives the whole thing right to the. cute touch as it is called. then you can also use different. combine colors and you can. of course also while knitting. here different roles leftovers. combine that is also not at all. problem. and then the whole thing is already finished.

. there they are and I really find them. totally cute and they really are. really cool gifts that you get too. really fast if you get the hang of it. hand knitted if you like the video. then see you. hopefully next time again. I’m also happy about a subscription. yes also actually redirects. I strictly only do the at and up to. next time. .


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