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for beginners  Knit garter stitch in the round |  Knitting for Beginners


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. hello dear ones that comes in today. little basics video again for. beginners who are just learning to knit. and that’s the topic today. kraus right in below more videos for. there is also a topic of knitting for beginners. you also in a playlist in the. I introduce you to the basics of knitting. below in the video description or. also up here or iran. in garter right I already got you one. video shown how to do this in a. knit that it’s easy by being. just in the sky and the back. as well as watch right stitches strictly and. now how does it work though. feel that it is a little different. the next sample piece what i get one. you see here that should be dangerous. this typical stockinette right had to be. It’s whole when you walk in rounds. The only thing that was simply knitted was the right one. meshes and this chaos on the right has to be. you always get two rounds. that I have this garter stitch pattern here. results. and that goes like this for round knitting. you can use either needle game. or a knitting needle or this one. trios which are also suitable for and. knit around now in garter stitch at the bottom. knit when I got her going with this. you just strict the first round. enter mesh as a stitch and we. knit only judges human rights. mesh is hindering my work life. needle brought the wish carries one. right stitch. as I said to mesh the videos. stop suspicions under left strictly. you can find everything in the basis today. there is only a short video via kraus. at the bottom right strictly and you do that. the complete round here is the one. next needle and here, too, strictly you. all stitches on the right. when we are in round stretches we are. us always on the front page that is. different from the rhine where we knit. then always turn.

and he’s doing that again up to. at the beginning of a round only knit stitches. knit. but if you are not around it. round comes the customer number 2 and. You just wear deer now. there are little rooms with people on the left. I take the thread to the front. you put work phases before work. from right to left into the mesh. song in me about it and purl. and you do that completely. whole round. after the next needles and on another. Knit four purl stitches and. that also back up to your round. start so I’m back to round. around and this is what the pattern looks like. and these two rounds are repeated. now there is always a round. in which he strictly and only right stitches. in the second round you knit again. so purl stitches are always a round. with right and a round with left. alternate mission and this is how it arises. I had to hope this garter right. Video didn’t help much fun. when imitating. see you soon your meshes marine.


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