for beginners Knit neckerchief for babies İdeas

for beginners Knit neckerchief for babies


we knit a neckerchief for babies i. got here 1 it’s already finished easy. a triangle we knit here. at the bottom and will always be at the sides. do it together until we get up here. have landed and it is approximately. 18 cm. if you want you can still do it. longer you can do it the highest. from meissen forest child up here you have to. make another opening for the button. those who turn the button after me now. not tuned here yet and then. you can close the whole thing like that. so you have a scarf for that. baby so we’re starting happy metal. strength three and a half can also. increased. then I don’t have so thick wool. taken and we hit two. meshes. I’ll make a knot. and then we always stretch to the right. front row right back space right. the gray is created here as had to be. first row we knit two. human rights start with everyone. the series an increase. the increase we knit the right one. 12 with three stitches. then it continues to increase again. we knit the increase on the right. other stitches also knit four stitches. as you can see it is getting more and more too. if every row starts with a row becomes one. stitch increased and continue on the right. stretched. because so can a piece with the first name. is getting bigger and bigger. to take a stitch that also knit. and right strictly to the end. until he has 18 cm or still completely. to continue we swept right and. do. to the sides. and again at the beginning of the series an increase. and on the right you have that now. understood so far and if you do. arrived up here at 17 cm. makes a buttonhole on the side. what are you doing so I’ll show you.

we knit 12345 stitches on the right. make a yarn over and knit two stitches. together you have your buttonhole open. the return journey is strictly her. just keep the envelope on the right and open. the opposite side do you. because a button if you want can. Crochet another wrapper on it. or leave it simple.


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